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New Book!
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Pastime Papers
140 pages, Impr 1892. This book, written by Cardinal Manning, is compiled of his thoughts and musings on the meaning of certain words and how they relate to morality and the human conscience. He talks of honour and its definition; "it was the value others set upon a man: not that which he set upon himself.", setting examples on what it means to actually have honour and how it defines a person. He touches on other topics and their meanings such as consistency, pride, vanity, selfishness and more. He ends with "Dæmon of Socrates", saying, "Whether the estimate I have given of the Dæmonion of Socrates be true or not, the inquiry in which we have been engaged is manifestly not a barren speculation. It sets before us a great moral example, it teaches us a great moral law, necessary to men at all times, vital to us in these declining days. ... It tells us with a thrilling human voice, and in the accents of our common humanity, that man's supreme rule of right is the moral reason or conscience ... In such a public state Socrates lived and died, bequeathing to us this lesson- that Conscience is the Voice of God."
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Feast of the Assumption
is August 15th!

Our Lady's Feasts for Children
by a Religious of the Sacred Heart. In this little booklet we are going to follow Our Blessed Mother as her feasts of the year tell us the story of her life. No one on earth ever loved Our Blessed Lord as she loved Him. Very reverently, then, we are going to look into Our Lady’s heart, so that we, too, may learn to love Our Blessed Lord. 32 page booklet. Impr 1933.
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Ark of the Covenant
or A Series of Short Discourses upon the Joys, Sorrows, Glories, and Virtues of the Ever Blessed Virgin Mother of God. By the Rev. Thomas Scott Preston. The following chapters have been so arranged as to be suitable to the month of May. But they have a general interest and may by useful at any season of the year, since devotion to the holy mother of God is always fruitful of piety and a great means of sanctification. 252 pages.
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By Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Pohle, Ph.D., D.D. Impr. 1919. 185 pages.
"Mariology" is the theological study of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Bearing the same name, this work discusses the Dogma of Mary's Divine Motherhood as clearly and explicitly contained in the Holy Scripture. The unique dignity of Mary's motherhood makes her an intermediary between God and the universe. While she is the most eminent member of the human family, she is also the spiritual mother of all men, especially those who are living members of the body of Christ. "She is the ladder by which the Son of God descended from, and by which men ascend to Heaven."
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Liturgical Novenas and Triduums
for All the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
by Father Lawrence G. Lovasik.
The aim of this booklet is to unite souls more closely to our Heavenly Mother, Mary, that through her they may belong to Jesus Christ in a more nearly perfect manner. It offers a two-fold means to attain this end. The first is the use of the Liturgical Novenas and Triduums, which have been drawn exclusively from the Church’s Liturgy, namely, from the Roman Breviary and the Missal. Liturgical Novenas and Triduums was prepared to extend almost continuously throughout the year. The second means which this booklet offers to unite souls to Mary is the entire consecration to her as explained in Part II. May this consecration to Mary be the happy consequence of thinking of her daily in terms of the Liturgy! Impr 1941. PB, 128 pages.
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Declaration of Dependence

By Msgr. Fulton Sheen. Impr. 1941. 140 pp.
Monsignor Sheen starts by speaking of “The Spirit of Revolution” and its 3 characteristics and they are: irrational, violent, and atheistic. He next talks about war as a punishment. He says, “We will not start with the assumption that we are innocent and therefore assert that all our misfortune is undeserved,” and that thought eventually leads to a brilliant chapter: War As a Judgement of God and the many evils of our country are compared to those of others, foreign or domestic. And what would he say after over 50 million abortions in our country alone which started 32 years after publication of this book? Perhaps the most important chapter is : A Declaration of Dependence in which he states: “The Declaration of Independence is a Declaration of Dependence. We are independent of dictators because we are dependent on God.” Later in the same chapter he adds we are also dependent on the law, and explains what is happening in our society today. He says, “Freedom is a moral power; not a physical power; not the right to do what you please, but the right to do whatever you ought. But ought implies law, and law implies order, and order implies justice and justice implies God. This book will explain the seriousness of the violence now plaguing many U.S. cities (and also world-wide) and what may occur next.
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Closeout Devotional Candles
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7 Day Clear Plastic with Cross Paraffin Devotional Candle
24 candles per case. These 7 day sanctuary/prayer candles are superior performing devotional candles designed to be clean burning and used in a glass container.
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7 Day Red Plastic with Cross Paraffin Devotional Candle
24 candles per case. These 7 day sanctuary/prayer candles are superior performing devotional candles designed to be clean burning and used in a glass container.
Was: $89.958 Now: $72.80
6 Day Green Plastic with Cross Paraffin Devotional Candle
24 candles per case. These 6 day sanctuary/prayer candles are superior performing devotional candles designed to be clean burning and used in a glass container.
Was: $79.95 Now: $68.80
5 Day Clear Plastic with Cross Paraffin Devotional Candle
24 candles per case. These 5 day sanctuary/prayer candles are superior performing devotional candles designed to be clean burning and used in a glass container.
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Slightly Defective Books
Other Slightly Defective Items Here

Thoughts on the Patient Endurance of Sorrows and Sufferings
Compiled and Edited by Rev. F.X. Lasance
Originally printed by Benziger Brothers in 1937. “The patient man is better than the valiant: and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh cities.”
 Very useful for meditation and to help us understand the meaning of patience! Contains beautiful poems and prayers as well as stories, councils, and maxims. Impr, 1937. 148 page, softbound book.
Slightly Defective - Defective coating on cover stock caused the toner to flake off in small areas. Inside text unaffected, does not affect readability.
Was: $15.50 Now: $12.40
Mass Devotions and Readings on the Mass
By Fr. Lasance. Impr, 1901, 704 page book. This book endeavors, in the first part, by means of thirty-one readings and examples, to explain the doctrine of the Church on the Mass in a plain and interesting manner. The second or practical part offers a variety of devotions for Mass and for Holy Communion, so that the book may be more beneficial and useful to the masses. It discusses practical questions on the Mass from a dogmatic, moral, ascetic, historical, and liturgical point of view, as may be gleaned very readily from a cursory survey of the index. It was planned and compiled with a view to making it useful to inquiring Protestants, prospective converts, devout Catholics, and zealous religious. It aims to exhibit the jewels of the Mass to better advantage; to unfold its hidden treasures before the gaze of all classes; and to stimulate the faithful to a more earnest and constant endeavor to appropriate and apply to themselves its rich and abundant fruits for their temporal and eternal welfare. Slightly Defective - Cover may have small specs on spine where toner has rubbed off due to printing imperfection.
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Closeout Books
Check out other closeout books here.

Know Your Mass
The traditional Latin Mass, described in detail, presented in an exciting and enjoyable comic book format that both young and old with understand. An old classic from the 1950's. Black and White pictures. A perfect gift for First Communicants. 96 page book. Impr 1954. Size about 5" x 8".
Was: $12.95 Now: $6.48
Our Way of Life Must Prevail
by Rev. Herbert O’H. Walker, S.J. Although this was written 70 years ago, the topics that Father covers are very relevant for today, including discrimination, democracy, the rich and the poor, economic ills and remedies, and many others. Father Walker says, “If the West is to be saved, Christianity must again become our predominant culture.” He seems to discuss all of the problems we face today and offers solutions. He even discusses totalitarian governments. 32 page booklet, Impr 1943.
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Blessed Mother Bust Statue
5” tall, bisque porcelain. Limited Stock. Excellent Quality. Made in Taiwan.
Was: $17.95 Now: $11.95
Crucifixion Holy Card
Blank on reverse. Printed in USA! Pack of 10
Was: $2.75 Now; $2.48
Infant of Prague Statue
6" tall, made of plastic. Vintage stock, limited quantity!
Was: $16 Now: $9
White Douay Rheims Bible
Since it was translated quite literally and with great reverence for each individual word from the Vulgate, which in turn reflects the structure of the original languages very clearly, the Douay-Rheims Bible can give great insight into the minds of the sacred authors. Slightly Defective - Scuffs in gold page edges, see pictures.
Was: $74.95 Now: $59.96

St. Philomena
Feast Day is August 11th

Life of St. Philomena
Notes to Serve For the History of St. Philomena and Manual of the Arch-confraternity,  
Translated from the French by Agnes Sadlier. Imprimatur, 1900. 
The writer states that he “differs from most historians in refusing to recognize as canonical the pretended revelations in regard to St. Philomena. . . Imitating the wise reserve of the Church, he will state legends merely as legends, and he feels sure that the love of the faithful for St. Philomena will not be lessened.” 
Contents of this book include chapters on: The Christian Cemeteries, Invention of the body of St. Philomena, Invocations to St. Philomena, The Cord and Chaplet of St. Philomena, Mass of St. Philomena, Prose, Hymn and Canticles, etc. 
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Lectures by Cardinal Manning
By Cardinal Henry Edward Manning. Imprimatur 1899. Three books in one with multiple lectures in each, every book printed as they were taken down at the time in the late 1800s.
Each set of lectures has an average of about 130 pages, total pages 420.
Was: $22.95 Now: $20.66
Third Spiritual Alphabet
By Fray Francisco De Osuna, Introduction by Father Cuthbert and Notes Showing the Influence of the book on St. Teresa. We are told in the Gospel that the first law of life is to ‘love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy strength and with all thy mind.’ The end of contemplative prayer - or prayer of recollection - is naught else than the fulfillment of this law. When this fact is realized it is surprising how little attention is given to the acquiring of the habit of contemplative prayer amongst those who aspire to something more than a mere servile obedience to the laws of God and of the Church. The merit of this book is that it does address itself to the beginner and keeps in view their special need. Fray Osuna starts out with the principle that contemplative prayer is for the many, not for the few; and he is at pains to encourage the normal good Catholic to practice it. Impr 1931, 490 page book.
Was: $27.96 Now: $25.16