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Christ the King
Feast Day is Oct. 31st


Holy Hour for the Feast of Christ the King
Impr 1953. 59 page booklet.
Taken from Holy Hours by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.
For the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday in October, and also for special occasion, social crises, and threats or attacks against the Divine Kingship of Christ.
Only: $4.98

All Saint's Day is November 1st

Pictorial Lives of the Saints
An Inspirational saint story each day helps us grow in our understanding of what the saints so bravely endured. It is humbling to read lively stories about the horrible persecutions the saints endured and how strong their faith was. There is also a section for Movable Feasts. His holiness Pope Leo Xlll expressed his great satisfaction in this book through a letter sent to the original publisher on his behalf. This is a great book for those that don’t have time to read the Butlers Lives of the aints, but want shorter similar stories. There are beautiful line drawings throughout the book. Impr 1878, 630 pages.
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Patron Saints for Catholic Youth
Imprimatur 1906. 198 pages. This book is written in language that a child can understand and yet will be appreciated by adults as well. Includes the stories of St. Bernard, St. Martin of Tours, St. Blasé, St. Michael, St. Cecilia, St. Helena, St. Monica and St. Bridget, told with suspense and excitement. Also includes a black/ white color picture for each saint.
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Della Robbia
Our Lady of Lourdes
 Holy Water Font

11.5" tall, made of resin/stone mix.
Only: $37.00

St. Benedict Crucifix
lightly hand-painted in cold cast bronze, 8"x14". Back side of St. Benedict medal shows on the back of the crucifix.
Only: $75.80

November is the Month of the Holy Souls
& Nov. 2nd is All Souls Day!
Check out our selection of Books on Purgatory and the Holy Souls.

The Prisoners of the King
Thoughts on the Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory by Father Coleridge. Original Printing 1878. Two or three years ago it fell into my lot to preach during the Octave with which the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls is accustomed to celebrate the annual Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. It occurred to me that some of the miracles of our Lord might be usefully applied in illustration of the doctrine of Purgatory, and this the substance of some few of the chapters of this book was put together. The Holy Souls are sufferers to a degree and in a manner which are but faintly pictured in the bodily maladies which our Lord so lovingly relieved, and they are sufferers whose case He has left very much to the charity of the children of the Militant Church. His Sacred Heart looked further than the outward disease or privation for which He used His healing or restoring power, and, if it is most natural to consider all bodily evils as shadows and images by which spiritual infirmities are represented, it is not an exaggerated extension of the same principle of accommodation to consider the sufferings of Purgatory, all of which are caused by sin or negligence, as included under it.
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Purgatory and the Means to Avoid It
Martin Jugie, translated from the seventh French addition by Malachy Gerard Carroll. Impr, 1949. 203 page book. Now Purgatory can be looked at from a different point of view, which without excluding the first, tends directly, however, to another end. Other books have been written with eyes primarily on the dead. This book is written with eyes on the living - the faithful on earth - and we strive to foster in them a salutary fear of the pains of Purgatory, and point out to them the means of avoiding them.
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Life Stories of Dying Penitents
Originally printed in 1891 by P.J. Kennedy. 366 page book. Consists of 16 different stories of dying penitents. The stories are diverse to include the rich banker, the poor, the drunkard, the miser, the wanderer, the burglar and 10 others. Each story is told as a novel and each is replete with Catholic lessons to be learned about the moral pitfalls that can happen in life and the effect on dying penitent. One customer told us, "these stories are more exciting than any movie or sports game, yet with spiritual benefits as a bonus!"
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Watching and Hour - A Book for the Blessed Sacrament
Impr, 1914. 262 page book. By Rev. Francis P. Donnelly, S.J. The following thoughts have been written to supply fresh material for prayer and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament. The spread of Communion, the practice of the Holy Hour, the frequency of Exposition and Adoration of our hidden Lord, the long and repeated Visits, which have been so wonderfully stimulated by the Eucharistic Propaganda, and many other religious services connected with the Holy Eucharist, all call for new presentation of the truths in their bearing upon the presence of Christ in the Tabernacle.
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Last Supper Framed Picture
By Juan de Juanes.
12”x18” with ornate frame.
Was: $76.90 Now: $69.21
Mother Poem Framed Canvas
8"x10" framed poem on canvas board.
Was: $15.95 Now: $11.95