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New Father Lasance Book!
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Very Rare!
With Saints and Sages

A book of reflections. Compiled and edited by Father Lasance.
Impr, 1928. 624 page book.
“Holy thoughts and tender words Are at best mere leaves and flowers, But the fruits are generous deeds - Where, O coward soul, are ours? Soon, too soon, will come the end: God forgive what’s past and gone! Mary Mother! Angels! Saints! Pray for me and help me on!”
Here is a garden of spiritual flowers gathered in our rambles with saints and sages while the sun was shining as well as when the rain was falling in our life.
An abundance of Passion-Flowers will be found therein. Are we not the followers of Him Who has said: “Whosoever doth not carry his cross, and come after Me, cannot be My disciple”? Shall we not gladly wear the livery of the holy passion of our Divine Master? But Roses too are here, and Lilies, and Carnations and Daffodils, and Violets and Forget-Me-Nots, each one teaching its own lesson respectively of patience, love of God and love of our neighbor, innocence and purity, obedience and perfect conformity of our will with God’s most holy will, industry and sanctification of our ordinary actions, humility and piety.
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Madonna and Child
This unique Madonna and Child plaque is a beautiful piece to display in a home or garden. Features a keyhole hanger on back. 8" W x 17.5" H x 2.5" D, made of resin.
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St. Michael Statue
12" tall. Precisely sculpted and beautifully painted by hand with utmost care by master craftsmen, each resin statue is a true work of art.
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Vintage Ceramic Plaque with Love Poem
4"x6" ceramic hanging plaque with ribbon.
"Love works its wonders wherever it goes,
there's no end to the things it can do...
Whatever love touches, especially a heart,
will be changed or created anew."
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Gold Framed Plaque
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Watching an Hour
Impr, 1914. 262 page book. By Rev. Francis P. Donnelly, S.J. The following thoughts have been written to supply fresh material for prayer and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament. The spread of Communion, the practice of the Holy Hour, the frequency of Exposition and Adoration of our hidden Lord, the long and repeated Visits, which have been so wonderfully stimulated by the Eucharistic Propaganda, and many other religious services connected with the Holy Eucharist, all call for new presentation of the truths in their bearing upon the presence of Christ in the Tabernacle. The presence of listeners is supposed, and it is hoped that the directness of address will make the book suitable for public reading without rendering it less suited to private reflections. The substance of the thoughts is taken from the Gospels, and an endeavor has been made to follow our Lord along more lowly paths and to study His words and deeds in some less hackneyed aspects and with new bearing upon His life on the altar. At the end of the book will be found an account of the Holy Hour and its indulgences with an order of exercises which can be altered to suit one’s devotional tastes. Thoughts, prayers, hymns, everything, in a word, necessary to the proper carrying on of the Holy Hour will be found between the covers of this manual.
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By Mrs J Sadlier. Impr, 1868.500 page book. Of all the divine truths which the Catholic Church proposes to her children, assuredly none is more acceptable to the pilgrim race of Adam than that of Purgatory. It is, beyond conception, dear and precious as one of the links that connect the living with the vanished dead, and which keeps them fresh in the memory of those who loved them on earth, and whose dearest joy it is to be able to help them in that shadowy border-land through which, in pain and sorrow, they must journey before entering the Land of Promise, which is the City of God, seated on the everlasting hills. This work is divided into five parts: The first, Doctrinal and Devotional, comprising extracts from Suarez, St. Catherine of Genoa, St. Augustine, St. Gertrude, St. Francis de Sales, and others. The Second Part consists of Anecdotes and Incidents relating to Purgatory, and more or less authentic. The Third Part contains historical matter bearing on the same subject, including Father Lambing’s valuable article on “ The Belief in a Middle State of Souls after Death amongst Pagan Nations/’ The Fourth Part is made up of “ Thoughts on Purgatory, from Various Authors, Catholic and non-Catholic,” including Cardinals Newman, Wiseman, and Manning; the Anglican Bishops Jeremy Taylor and Reginald Heber, Dr. Samuel Johnson, William Hurrell Mallock, Count de Maistre, Chateaubriand. The Fifth and last part consists of a numerous collection of legends and poems connected with Purgatory.
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