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New Book - Ready to Ship!

Keep the Gate
Guarding the Soul Against Sin
by Rev. John J. Williams, S.J. Impr, 1923. 169 page book.
“Oh, the value of a human soul!” The purpose of this book is to contribute in some degree to the success of the Spiritual Exercises, in their God-given work of teaching men the value of a human soul. By presenting anecdotes and passages of Holy Scripture in keeping with the Exercise under consideration, new food for reflection will be presented, without diverting the mind from the actual stage of the retreat. While this treatise might serve as a handbook for a private retreat, its primary object is to provide matter for reading at meals, when the Exercises are given to a number of exercitants.
Only: $17.60

Great Lent Books
Check out our other devotional books for Lent here.

When Sorrow Comes
by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. The saints dared to call sorrow a beautiful thing. And Christ, in one of His most startling paradoxes, cried out, "My yoke is sweet and my burden light." Sweet and light? Not, surely, when we struggle resentfully against that yoke and burden. Then it chafes our shoulders and rubs them raw. But when we let Christ place that yoke with His gentle hands, we know that a yoke is born by two, Christ and ourselves. Then we remember that even Simon of Cyrene did not carry the cross alone; he bore it behind our Lord, who carried the heavier share of the burden. Impr 1931. 32 page booklet.
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A Doctor at Calvary
The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as Described by a Surgeon by Pierre Barbet, M.D. Very inspirational! Examines the physical tortures that Our Lord endured on the cross for our sins, all from modern medical analysis. A heart-rending account that goes into deep detail of exactly what occurred during the crucifixion, what the Romans commonly did to prisoners. Clearly separates facts from theory. This book will make you have a deeper appreciation for The Passion. You will never be the same. 192 page book, Impr 1953
Was: $14.90 Now: $13.41
Come Follow Me
The Way of the Cross for Children.
Suggested ages 2 - 7 years. A very elementary book printed in full color. A sweet little pamphlet that mother or father will enjoy reading with the young ones of the family and children of the first few grades will enjoy reading by themselves. A friendly, full-color picture for each station along with a short “Think:” and a short “Say:” in simple language that will be easy for children to understand.
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Stations of the Cross for Children
The Religious of the Cenacle who has arranged these pious pages has found the way to the heart of the child, and what her devotion has here brought together may also serve to kindle a spark of fervor in the colder hearts of children of a larger growth. In the cross is sweetness, in the cross is strength, in the cross is joy. May these simple reflections on the sufferings which our dear Lord offered His Heavenly Father for our redemption, bring all who use them to a fuller participation in the strength, the joy, and the sweetness which countless souls have found in the Heart of Christ opened for them on Calvary. Impr 1920. 32 page booklet, 3.5”x 4.25”.
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Great DVDs for Family Time

Miracle of Marcelino
Restored 1955 Version A Grand Prize Award Winner at the International Cannes Film Festival and a heartwarming film, “Marcelino Pan Y Vino,” is about a little orphan boy who causes a miracle. Left on the doorstep of a monastery as an infant, Marcelino was raised by the monks. One day he found a special friend in the forbidden attic... hanging on a cross. A friend that would repay Marcelino’s kindness by granting him one heart-felt wish. Shown in Black and White This DVD contains the following language options: Spanish or dubbed in English . 90 min. b/w
Was: $19.95 Now: $17.96
Highly recommended as a “sensitive portrayal of a very moving story that deserves a wide audience.” Shot on location in France w/ a beautiful music score. This film was chosen to be shown daily at the shrine in Lourdes.
Was: $19.95 Now: $17.96

Only 1 Week Until Easter

Crucifixion Print
8"x10" picture
Was: $10 Now: $5
Sorrowful Mother Holding Christ
8"x10 picture
Was: $10 Now: $5
Holy Lamb
8"x10" picture
Was: $10 Now: $5
A First Life of Christ
By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1952. Mary speaks to children about the story of Jesus from the very beginning to the time of his resurrection into heaven. Each page is beautifully illustrated with a total of 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. 
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Easter Stickers
2 sheets of 20 stickers (40 total) printed in high-quality weatherproof polyester. Each sticker is 1.6" diameter.
Was: $6.95 Now: $6.26
Easter Sunday Prayer Laminated Holy Card
Easter Sunday Prayer

O GOD, Who, this day by Thine only-begotten Son, vanquishing death, hast unlocked for us the gate of eternity, help us to attain the desires to which Thou hast led us by Thine inspirations. Through the same.
Taken from The Sunday Missal by Rev. F.X. Lasance, Imprimatur, 1936.
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First Communion Season is Coming Up!
Check out our other great First Holy Communion items Here.

Our First Communion
This First Communion book imparts the necessary knowledge in a simple and attractive way, and makes it easier for the teachers and parents to reach the child mind. It’s sentences are so phrased as to be understandable to children in the lower primary grades. Regard for the tender age of the children has prompted the substitution of simple forms for the Act of Contrition and the Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Every effort has been made to provide illustrations that will appeal to the child. The Decree of Pope Pius X and Canon 854 of the Canon Law has been used to determine the knowledge that a child must have before receiving First Holy Communion. 64 page booklet.
Was: $12.25 Now: $9.80
First Holy Communion Stickers
2 sheets of 20 stickers (40 total) printed in high-quality weatherproof polyester. Each sticker is 1.6" diameter.
Was: $6.95 Now: $6.26
In Remembrance of Thy First Holy Communion
11x14” print. Recreated from old print. Available certificate only or framed.
Was: $15 Now: $13.50
Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine Figure
Made of bisque porcelain. 4.5” tall. Limited Stock.
Was: $8.00 Now: $6.40
First Holy Communion Greeting Card
Inside left reads: Soul of Christ, sanctify me Body of Christ, save me Blood of Christ, inebriate me Water from Christ's side, wash me Passion of Christ, strengthen me O good Jesus, hear me Within Thy wounds hide me Suffer me not to be separated from Thee From the malicious enemy defend me In the hour of my death call me And bid me come unto Thee That I may praise Thee with Thy saints and with Thy angels Forever and ever Amen I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever; and the bread that I will give, is my flesh, for the life of the world. John 6:51-52
Inside rights reads: May God bless you on this very special day as you receive your First Holy Communion
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Crucifixion Holy Card
Pack of 10.
Blank on reverse. Printed in USA!
Was: $2.75 Now: $1.38
Pearlized Sacred Heart Statue
12" statue, made of plaster in Italy with rhinestone halo.

Limited Stock!
Was: $120 Now: $89


The Reign of Antichrist
By Gerard Culleton. This first edition of THE REIGN OF ANTICHRIST has been printed at the request of and exclusively for several persons who own and appreciate a copy of THE PROPHETS AND OUR TIMES. It is a second volume along the same idea. Apart from being the first attempt in any language to give a complete picture of the Antichrist of prophecy. It is issued as a printed manuscript but as noted at the end of the Editor’s Preface, it is issued with the bishop’s permission. 227 pages.
Was: $18.50 Now: $16.65
Commentary on the Seven Penitential Psalms
Join St. John Fisher as he takes readers through the Penitential Psalms, some of which follow King David and his sins and repentance. Rather than just reciting the Psalms word for word, St. John delves deeper into the context in which he seeks to bring understanding to these Penitential Psalms. This book quotes Latin phrases of Psalms and provides a translation and explanation. For example, he translates a phrase into the following: “It were vain and unprofitable to pray for them that be dead, to the intent they may be delivered from the pains deserved for sins” and expands on that with the following explanation, “It is without doubt that God accepteth the prayers, sacrifices, and other good works offered to Him for the souls in Purgatory, whereby they may be the sooner delivered from pain”. This book is sure to bring better comprehension of selected Psalms. 2 Volumes, 232 pages total. Impr, 1914.
Was: $22.50 Now: $20.25