Father's Day is June 17th
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True Men as We Need Them
A Book of Instruction for  Men in the World.
By Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, L.D. Impr, 1878. 460 page book.  Since the father in the home takes the place of God, this book gives the ideals of true manhood and in an easy to read and enjoyable way,  helps the father reach those ideals. Unhappiness and Home Destroyers are discussed, along with their solutions. Also discussed is Paternal Authority - both in regard to Home Education as well as Public Education. There are chapters on Boyhood, Matrimony and “Obstacles to true Manliness.” Finally, to make the book complete, different occupations of men are discussed to include the Laboring Man, The Business Man, “The Toilers of the Pen”, The Statesman and The Professional Man. We have never seen a book, written for men, that so fully helps men to reach their ideals in life. Any man will be able to profit from this excellent book.
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The Christian Father
What he should be, and what he should do.
Together with a collection of Prayer Suitable to his Collection. Translated from the German of Right Rev. W. Cramer, D.D. by Rev. L.A. Lambert. This book will naturally instil Christian habits, impart a moral tone, and infuse a religious spirit into his family; and as the family is the foundation of society, we must make the father truly Christian would we reform society. It is no mere ideal father we have here, aspiring after unattainable or fanciful saintliness. It is a father such as God intended all fathers to be, such a should and might be found at the head of every Christian family. Impr, 275 page book. Originally printed by Benziger Bros in 1883.
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Father's Day Greeting Cards
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Closeout Statues
Cold Cast Bronze
Guardian Angel

A Veronese Guardian Angel with child in lap statue in lightly hand-painted cold cast bronze, 8.25”.
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Cold Cast Bronze Madonna & Child with St. Francis
A Veronese Madonna & Child with St. Francis statue in lightly hand-painted cold cast bronze, 8x9".
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Marble-Look Busts
These beautiful busts look as if they are carved from stone but are very reasonably priced! Made of Resin/Stone Mix.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Plaque
6x9” sculpted plaque. Looks like a framed sculpture!
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The Wayfarer's Friend
By Courtenay Savage. Chronicles the details; How St. Christopher was taken from the tents of his mother and her servant girls as soon as he was able to walk. Also, how he was taught by his father's warriors to fight until he outstripped them all, but left it all to seek the Kingdom of God. The familiar story of St. Christopher is retold with drama and excitement enough to make it feel as if it happened just yesterday. 121 page book. Impr, 1946.
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Radiating Christ
An Appeal to Militant Catholics. From the French of Raoul Plus, S.J. To be a "Christ" is the whole meaning of Christianity. To radiate Christ is the whole meaning of the Christian apostolate. Everybody knows that the Christian is bound as far as possible to be a living "Christ," another Jesus Christ. But to be Christ for one's own personal benefit is not enough we have to Christianize those around us; in a word, we have to radiate Christ. 149 page book, Impr 1944
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Paradise Hunters
We once had paradise here on earth: we lost it and we want it back. Not even the promise of heaven dulls our hunger for happiness here on earth. We crave wealth, comforts, renown and power: we think these will make us happy. We are paradise hunters by our inborn demand for happiness here and now. We even risk losing happiness to get happiness here and now. This great drama of our lost paradise and our restless striving to get it back is the theme of this book. The curtain will not fall on this drama until one by one we shall have gone forth into everlasting success, or everlasting failure, in our search for happiness. It is the part of wisdom to study the problems that arise from our being paradise hunters. Impr 1946, 291 pages.
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Unless They Be Sent
A Theological Study of the Nature and Purpose of Preaching
By Augustine Rock, O.P., S.T.D., M.A. This book is an attempt to analyse the theological concept of the preaching office in such a way as to shed some light on what preaching is and precisely what it is expected to do. The text should prove interesting, instructive, and edifying to many priests. If the thoughts of the great doctors here presented should help priests to enter the pulpit with a clearer consciousness then the efforts of this little work will be compensated a thousand times over. 208 page book, Impr 1952
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