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Spanish Infant Jesus

Genuine Spanish made Infant Jesus with Metal Rays and faux fur blanket.

4" long, made of plaster.

Vintage stock! Very limited quantity!

Only: $24.95

Genuine Spanish made Infant Jesus with metal halo, Plastic crib, and faux fur blanket.

3.5" long, made of plaster.

Vintage stock! Very limited quantity!

Only: $22.95

Start the New Liturgical Year Out Right!

Butler's Lives of the Saints
Slightly Defective - Covers for sets have darn blemishes from shrink wrap machine.
Individual volumes have covers that have been scuffed or bumped or the UV coating is defective.

The abridgment of any classic work often seems to many persons a sort of profanation! Yet the abridgment is itself a splendid tribute to the excellence and utility of the original! Few people in this hurried and harassed age have the time to wade through bulky tomes however valuable, and it is to provide the busy man and woman with what is best in the production that abbreviated editions of famous books are issued. Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints, which first appeared in 1745, is a very good example of the work that will serve a larger purpose in a less extensive form. Side by side with what may be called the outstanding Saints, are many notices of holy persons whose lives and deeds have not caught the imagination of the majority of readers. This, of course, is no disparagement to the canonized individuals in question. They are sufficiently well known and publicly honored chiefly in their own localities, but for some reason, not always to be easily explained, they have not come conspicuously before the eye of the Catholic world. Moreover, many of their salient achievements and virtues are abundantly represented in their more famous brethren, some of whose histories and glorious examples are recorded in this book. Imprimatur 1936.
Was: $165 Now: $100
Liturgical Year
15 Volume SOFTBOUND Set. Individual Volumes Available. By Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B. Translated from the French by Dom Laurence Shepherd, O.S.B. Imprimatur, 1910. The Sacred Liturgy is the life-blood of the Church, the society dedicated to the praise of God and the salvation of souls. From it all men draw life as from life’s source and through it they attain their final end. As the eager and devoted Catholic follows the liturgy and Dom Guernger’s incomparable commentary on it throughout the year, he will receive all the instruction he needs in Catholic doctrine, in dogma, in the Mysteries of the Faith, in the Church’s most venerable traditions, in world history, the history of the Church and liturgical history, in devotion and in other practices of the Church, while at the same time praying the prayer of the Church, the prayer that, as Dom Gueranger writes, “is most pleasing to the ear and heart of God, and therefore the most efficacious of all prayers.” St. Therese of Lisieux immersed herself in this book growing up and look what she became! Readers of these volumes frequently comment that they are worth their weight in gold. There is no better way to sideline the distractions of the world, the flesh and the devil than immersion in the life of the Church. Finally, (from the Preface) “We beg to remind our readers, that in a work like the present, the success of the writer is absolutely dependent up the holy Spirit …We venture therefore to ask the children of the Church, who desire to see her prayer loved and used above all others, to aid us by recommending our work to God, that so our unworthiness may not be an obstacle to what we have undertaken, and which we feel to be so much above our strength."
Was: $239 Now: $219

Christmas Books Perfect for Children!

The Man Who Really Was Santa Claus
By Daniel A Lord. Learn the truth, that there really was a Santa Claus, that the real Santa was a great Catholic Bishop and his name was St. Nicholas! Learn about how an infamous poem changed the custom of an entire world. Learn all about his history, his tradition, his legend, his death, his story, and how it all started. With so much to learn about this wonderful saint it is easy to see how the whole world loves St. Nicholas! Impr 1954, 71 page booklet.
Only: $6.40
The Sweetest Story Ever Told
This book is intended as a gift book and as a series of prepared Christmas sermons for busy priests. It contains the Christmas story as found in the various Evangelists, and seventeen sermons actually preached throughout the years, with some extent the sermons form has been deliberately retained, but it is hoped that the sermons have been sufficiently adapted for ordinary reading. It is the fond hope of the author that it may make the Christmas story, and what it implies, better known to both Catholics and non-Catholics, and by doing so, bring them closer to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ. Pictures covering the life of Christ have been chosen to make the matter more vivid and real. May the book go forth with the blessing of this same Christ upon it! Impr, 1947, 131 page book.
Only: $10.70
The Wonder Story
By Maria Ames Taggart. A Birth and Childhood of the Infant Jesus in Word and Picture Simply Told for Children. Would make a great bedtime story for adults to read to their young children. Ages 6-12 can enjoy on their own. Many beautiful full page pictures!
Only: $12.90
The Christmas Story
According to the Holy Gospel. Retold by Catherine Beebe. Cum permissu superiorum, 1940. This small book, written in simple language for a child, is a "retelling of the Christmas Story is offered to the greater glory of Him Whose Birthday it celebrates!" Ten full page line drawings keep the interest of the child. 48 page booklet.
Only: $5.95

Great Christmas Gift Ideas
Check out Our Other Christmas Items

Guardian Angel with Child Cold Cast Bronze Statue
lightly hand-painted cold cast bronze, 8.25”.
Was: $79 Now: $39
Our Lady of Grace Statue
36" statue, made of resin.
Was: $345 Now: $295

A beautiful, heirloom Haydock Bible that would be a great Christmas gift.


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