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St. Nicholas Prayer
God, Who hast glorified blessed Nicholas, Thine illustrious Confessor and Bishop, by means of countless signs and wonders, and who dost not cease daily so to glorify him; grant, we beseech Thee, that we, being assisted by his merits and prayers, may be delivered from the fires of hell and from all dangers. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
An indulgence of 300 days. Raccolta 551, Impr 1950.

New Books!

Speaking of Angels
By David P. McAstocker, S.J. Impr. 1946. 200 page book. Everyday Christians are under constant attack from Satan. We pray to God for help, but we should also be praying to the angels for their protection from such attacks. The will of this book is to help familiarize readers with angels such as “Michael, the, strengthener of our wills and protector of the dying; Raphael, the healer and friend of pure souls”, and more. To understand the purpose of such angels is to better prepare oneself from the enemy's attacks in today's society on which McAstocker also goes into details. Readers seeking to learn more about angels would benefit from this book.
Only: $18.70
By Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Pohle, Ph.D., D.D. Impr. 1919. 185 pages. "Mariology" is the theological study of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Bearing the same name, this work dicusses the Dogma of Mary's Divine Motherhood as clearly and explicitly contained in the Holy Scripture. The unique dignity of Mary's motherhood makes her an intermediary between God and the universe. While she is the most eminent member of the human family, she is also the spiritual mother of all men, especially those who are living members of the body of Christ. "She is the ladder by which the Son of God descended from, and by which men ascend to Heaven." In addition, the author describes Mary's special prerogatives, both negative and positive. Specifically, the negative are the removal or absence of all defects and blemishes incompatible with divine motherhood, such as exemption from original sin, immunity from personal sin, freedom from bodily pollution (her status as ever virgin) and exemption from the dominion of death (her bodily Assumption into Heaven). The positive are the certain, special privileges which God conferred upon Mary with a view to adorn and exalt her in a manner befitting her sublime dignity - her secondary mediatorship to her Divine Son and the unique and special worship owed to our Blessed Mother. As a bonus, this book includes an appendix, which details worship of the saints and the related subject of the veneration of holy relics and images.
Only: $16.90

Great Gift Ideas

Holy Family Window Cling
5.5" Diameter with beautiful vibrant colors.
Was: $3.95 Now: $3.56
Beauty and Truth of the Catholic Church
5 Volume Set, 1858 pages total.
By Edward Jones. Imprimatur, 1911.
“These sermons of Heinrich von Hurter are highly prized, wherever they have been hitherto known. They are accepted by competent critics as masterpieces of sacred oratory - correct in doctrine, apt in practical application, lucid in form and style.  These sermons were preached in Vienna in the early 1870s, produced a profound and lasting impression in Austria, and cover practically the whole field of dogmatic and sacramental theology.” These sermons, from the 1800s, have been highly prized, wherever they have been known.
Was: $110 Now: $99
St. Michael Eyeglass Case
lined with faux velvet inside - 6 1/2" x 2 1/2", about 1 inch interior depth. gold detail around the box is hand painted. Icon is decoupage. Made in Russia.
Was: $21.98 Now: $19.78
Battle Rosary
based on the pull chain rosary commissioned by the US Gov. and issued to military in WWI & WWII. 21" long.
Was: $20.95 Now: $18.86
Our Lady of Grace Cameo Rosary
7 mm Faux Pearl Bead, 22.5” L.
Was: $18.95 Now: $17.06
Madonna and Child Eyeglass Case
lined with faux velvet inside - 6 1/2" x 2 1/2", about 1 inch interior depth. gold detail around the box is hand painted. Icon is decoupage. Made in Russia.
Was: $21.98 Now: $19.78

Beautiful Traditional Christmas Cards
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Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings
Inside right: May your remembrance of His birth bring peace and joy with every Christmas thought. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Inside Left: Luke 2, 8-15
25 cards with envelopes.
Was: $18.96 Now: $17.06
Madonna & Child
Inside right: May your heart rejoice in the greatest gift of all this Christmas season.
Inside left: Behold a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Matthew 1:23
Pack of 25 cards and envelopes.
Was: $18.96 Now: $17.06

Christmas Books
Check out other great Christmas books here.

Christmas and the Saints
Ever since that night nearly two thousand years ago when the Infant Savior of the World smiled up from a manger in a poor village in Judea, men’s hearts have gladdened at the angel’s good tidings and their eyes have turned toward Bethlehem for a glimpse of the Divine Child. This is the story of how those good tidings reached us, of how they passed from land to land and from saint to saint, of how Christmas customs sprang up from the hearts of people of every land. From the lands of the Magi back to the fourth-century Bethlehem of St. Helena, and on to the Emerald Isle of St. Brigid, to the thirteenth-century Italy of St. Francis, all the way to La Navidad in the New World - so the good tidings were carried. And with them came, one by one, the tree, the gifts, the crib - all the customs which bind our own time and place with the Bethlehem of long ago. In a beautiful blend of history and legend, Hertha Pauli weaves together the story of the world’s Christmas. 190 page book, Impr, 1956.
Was: $12.90 Now: $11.61
May Your Christmas Be Merry
This pamphlet tells how Fr. Lord, when he was a young seminarian, decided “Merry Christmas” had a frivolous sound, so he wished his friends instead “A Happy and a Holy Christmas!” Later in life, with more maturity, Father explains why “Merry Christmas” is, in fact, the perfect expression. A very interesting history is given, even starting with the birth of our Lord and throughout the ages. There are many practical ideas in this small pamphlet. “The holy are happy, and the happy are merry.” Father concludes, “Mankind is rightly merry. Christ has made it so.” By Father Daniel Lord, S.J. Impri 1945, 24 page pamphlet.
Was: $3.90 Now: $3.51

Write your friends and loved ones a personal note on beautiful Traditional Catholic Stationery
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Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe Stationery Set
Set comes with twelve 8.5”x11” sheets and twelve 4.25” x 5.5” notecards with 18 envelopes.
Was: $10.95 Now: $8.76
Song of the Angels Notecard
4.25x5.5” notecard perfect to include with gifts, or as friendly notes, and are great as postcards! Each card comes in a pack of 32 with 16 plain white envelopes.
Was: $10.95 Now: $8.76


Guide for Catholic Young Women
by Rev George Deshon. First published in 1868, this book contains 83 chapters that would seem to deal with every important subject for the young lady. There are the usual chapters one would expect on Prayer but some unusual chapters like, "How to Behave in Sickness", "The Devil’s Pretexts for Lying" and others. Often a particular virtue is covered on one chapter and then the advantages of that same virtue are shown in the following chapter. The author brings in examples of saints to show how they would deal with spiritual problems. 310 pages, 4" x 6", PB.
Was: $18.60 Now: $14.88
Catechism Stories
A teacher’s Aid-book in five parts with references to the Baltimore Catechism No. 2 This book is meant to be used with the Abbreviated Catechism, which forms the catechism-course for ‘senior’ children (elementary schools). It is, of course, no substitute for the doctrinal aid-book covering the same ground. 480 page book, impr 1939.
Was: $26.45 Now: $21.16
Thirty Days' Prayer
This pamphlet actually contains 3 separate Thirty Days’ prayers as described below, plus other prayers. Imprimatur 1924, 47 pages. First, The Thirty Day’s Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary In Honor of the Sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. . “By the devout recital of this prayer, for the above space of time, we may mercifully hope to obtain our lawful request. It is particularly recommended as a proper devotion for every day in Lent, and all the Fridays throughout the year.” Also included in this booklet is The Thirty Days’ Prayer to St. Joseph, Litany of St. Joseph, and the Thirty Days’ Prayer to Our Blessed Redeemer in Honor of His Bitter Passion, the Litany of the Sacred Heart and Short Method of The Way of the Cross
Was: $4.60 Now: $3.68
Catholic Bible in Pictures
This is a Catholic Bible Picture Book with a difference. There are over a thousand illustrations with a simple text based on the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Version, so designed that the Bible lives. The pictures are packed with action, and flow into one another in such a manner that the movement of the story is clearly seen. The whole is so presented that children as well as adults may see and understand.
    In this book we have selected the main stories of the Bible, and used the pages as a screen on which to project their movement; keeping, in the briefest possible captions, the essential parts of the story in language based on the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Version, but tuned to our modern ear. There are three sections: “The Story of Jesus”; its background, “The Story of  is People”; and its sequel, “The Story of His Church.” 320 page softbound book. Imprimatur, 1955.
Was: $19.96 Now: $15.97

Reading for Advent

All My Days for God
Reflections and Affections from the Spiritual Writings of Saint Alphonsus.
Vol. 1 - Advent - Sexagesima
Selected and Edited by Reb. J.B. Coyle, C.Ss.R.
Father Coyle hopes to give us, for every day of the year [in four separate volumes], some of the most beautiful and helpful things for salvation that St. Alphonsus ever wrote. These volumes will give us the Refiections and Resolutions and devout Prayers that helped St. Alphonsus himself and made him a saint. Surely they will help to sanctify ourselves, too, so that all the days of our life may be for God and for our own eternal welfare.
This volume is a timely publication, especially in an age when men the world over have let their hearts on material things and have thrust God into the background. Men to-day have plenty of time for pleasure, plenty of time for study and research, plenty of time to seek for riches, but they have no time for God. Fools that they are, they are only wasting their time when they fail to make God the end and object of their life work.
In these volumes St. Alphonsus is going to confide to you his secret of success and happiness. He is going to teach you how easy it is to give all your days to God. Impr, 1946. 230 page book.
Was: $18.20 Now: $16.38

Reading for the Season
Save 50% on these volumes

Liturgical Year
By Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B.
Translated from the French by Dom Laurence Shepherd, O.S.B. Imprimatur, 1910.
The Sacred Liturgy is the life-blood of the Church, the society dedicated to the praise of God and the salvation of souls. From it all men draw life as from life’s source and through it they attain their final end. As the eager and devoted Catholic follows the liturgy and Dom Guernger’s incomparable commentary on it throughout the year, he will receive all the instruction he needs in Catholic doctrine, in dogma, in the Mysteries of the Faith, in the Church’s most venerable traditions, in world history, the history of the Church and liturgical history, in devotion and in other practices of the Church, while at the same time praying the prayer of the Church, the prayer that, as Dom Gueranger writes, “is most pleasing to the ear and heart of God, and therefore the most efficacious of all prayers.” St. Therese of Lisieux immersed herself in this book growing up and look what she became! Readers of these volumes frequently comment that they are worth their weight in gold. There is no better way to sideline the distractions of the world, the flesh and the devil than immersion in the life of the Church. Finally, (from the Preface) “We beg to remind our readers, that in a work like the present, the success of the writer is absolutely dependent up the holy Spirit …We venture therefore to ask the children of the Church, who desire to see her prayer loved and used above all others, to aid us by recommending our work to God, that so our unworthiness may not be an obstacle to what we have undertaken, and which we feel to be so much above our strength."
Volume 1 - Advent -  Slightly Defective - Cut too short, no text cut off. N-LY1-D - Was: $21.87 Now: $10.94

Volume 2 - Christmas Book 1 - Slightly Defective - Cut too short, no text cut off. N-LY2-D - Was: $20.68 Now: $10.34

Volume 3 - Christmas Book 2 - Slightly Defective - Cut too short, no text cut off. - N-LY3-D - Was: $24.50 Now: $12.25