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Holiness and Happiness

Compiled and Edited by Rev. F. X. Lasance. Impr 1934, 281 page book.
Thoughts of Many Hearts Together with Reflections on the Life and Virtues of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus Besides Mass and Novena Prayers in Honor of the Little Flower and Communion Devotions.
    Our habitual thoughts make us what we are. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Sooner or later a man’s habitual thoughts come out in his life and character. What his thoughts are determines what he will become.     The sayings of saints, and of wise and holy men and women, if read day by day, with prayerful reflection, will cheer us and sustain us in the conflicts with the enemies of our salvation, will help us to do what is right, to press onward and upward, valiantly and persistently toward the goal of perfection.

Impression of the Stigmata of St. Francis
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As the Morning Star - The Passing of St. Francis
The Life of St. Francis of Assisi has been the subject of many books, but in none has there been so reverent and so intense a focus on the last two years of the Poverello’s earthly career: the divine privilege of the stigmata, the months of welcome suffering, the wait for Sister Death, and the final bequests to his followers - in his day and ours. Striking features of Father Habig’s story are his comments on the consoling blessings of St. Francis, an analysis of his Last Testament, and a vivid arrangement of the festive commemorations of his life during the Church year. 212 page book, Impr 1947
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The Story of St. Francis of Assisi for Children
Francis of Assisi is a great saint. Even though he became great, Francis was once a child just like other children. He found it just as hard to be good as other children do. This powerful message of devotion and sacrifice will translate to all youth that are given the grace and opportunity to receive his message.  61 page booklet. Impr 1928.
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Slightly Defective Books
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The Heroic Aloysius
Patron Saint of Youth By Bartholomew O’Brien. Aloysius was a real boy who could fence and ride a horse and even shoot a cannon! He was a real prince, both by birth and by nature. However, he wanted to serve no earthly king, but only the King of Kings. Thus he dedicated himself to God as a religious of the Society of Jesus. In taking care of sick during an epidemic in Rome he became ill and died at the age of twenty-three. 83 page book, Impr 1954. Slightly Defective - Page 1 has text slightly cut off of right side.
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The Mystery of the Crown of Thorns
Written by A Passionist - PB - 400 Pages. Contemplating the Holy Face on the shroud of Turin, one sees a deep wound on the forehead of our Savior where one of the many thorns of His cruel crown punctured that very spot above His eyes where His members in the Church are marked who enter rightly into the penitential season of Lent. From the many figures of that spiny diadem in the Old Testament to the reality of the instrument of torture beaten into the head of the Son of God amidst insults and spittle, this terrible book, unforgettable in its endearing pathos, will surely help us to understand something of the true ugliness of sin and the awesome price the Just One had to pay in conquering it. Slightly Defective - Covers are scuffed.
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