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First Holy Communion
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Our First Communion
This First Communion book imparts the necessary knowledge in a simple and attractive way, and makes it easier for the teachers and parents to reach the child mind. It’s sentences are so phrased as to be understandable to children in the lower primary grades. Regard for the tender age of the children has prompted the substitution of simple forms for the Act of Contrition and the Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity. 64 page booklet.
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Act of Desire Before Holy Communion
Laminated Cards. “O Sweet Jesus! How glorious is Thy Name! Be to me, Jesus; be my Saviour!...”
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St. Joseph the Worker
Feast Day is May 1st

St. Monica
Feast Day is May 4th

Go to Joseph
By Rev. Alexis M. Lepicier. Considerations on the Life of Saint Joseph, with examples for each day of the month. This breathes forth an unctuous piety and sheds new and fuller light on the hidden life of St. Joseph and the Holy Family. We shall investigate the reason why God decreed that His beloved Son, our Redeemer, should be born of a Virgin espoused to St. Joseph. 272 page book, impr 1923.
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The Life of St. Monica
The Mother of St. Augustine. By Lady Herbert. First published in 1901.
114 page book. A biography like this which we are about to present to our readers should not be written. It should be sung, for it is a poem. It is the history of the most beautiful and the purest love that has ever existed; the tenderest and at the same time the strongest; passing through twenty-five years of trial and of fear, without faltering for an instant in its course; becoming only the more ardent as difficulties increase; and finally ending in a flood of triumph and of ecstasy, of glory and of joy.
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Blessings on Your Confirmation
Inside Verse: May God's goodness and kindness be with you on this special day and all the days of your life.
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Preparation for Confirmation
Compiled by Rev. John Overend, C.S.P. 32 page booklet. Impr, 1936. The purpose of this booklets is to give those who are to be confirmed fuller knowledge than is found in the Catechism on the Sacrament of Confirmation. It also contains the rite of the sacrament with suitable prayers and hymns. Contains everything necessary to prepare for Confirmation based on the Baltimore Catechism. Appropriate for all ages.
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Abortion Stops a Beating Heart
5.5x8.5" notepad, 40 sheets.
Was: $6.00 Now: $3.90
Angel with Baby in Highchair
5" tall, made of bisque porcelain.
Was: $15.95 Now: $11.96
St. Philomena Relic Card
Laminated card with Prayer to St. Philomena on back with relic cloth.
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.21
St. Benedict Relic Card
Laminated card with Prayer to St. Benedict on back with relic cloth.
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.21

Vintage Bisque Porcelain items!

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine
Made of bisque porcelain. 4.5” tall. Limited Stock.
Was: $8.00 Now: $6.40
Praying Boy Musical Figurine
Vintage stock, ceramic musical figurine. 5" tall. Plays The Lord's Prayer tune. Made in Taiwan.
Was: $25 Now: $10
Guardian Angel with Girl
Beautiful, vintage figurine with gold paint. Made of bisque porcelain.
5.5” tall.
Was: $11.95 Now: $8.95
Guardian Angel Decorative Plate with Stand
Plate will stand or hang. 7" tall bisque porcelain. A NICE GIFT FOR CHILD'S ROOM! Great as a First Holy Communion Gift!
Was: $8.95 Now: $5.37

Mother's Day is May 12th
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Mother's Day Greeting Card
Inside card: Lord Jesus, I plead to Thee on behalf of my mother. Always she loved me; now, and forever more, envelop her in Thy infinite love." One card with envelope.
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.36
A Selection of Prayers for Mothers, Including Special prayers to St. Raymond Nonnatus. Includes Prayers Before Childbirth, Prayer for a Woman Desiring a Child, Thanksgiving After Childbirth, Prayer of a Mother for her Child, A Parent’s Prayer, A Parent’s Prayer for His Children, A Wife’s Prayer, Prayer of Husband or Wife, Prayer of a Mother Whose Child Has Died After Baptism, Prayer of a Mother Whose Child Has Died Without Baptism, the Blessing of Women After Childbirth, plus other prayers and Devotions. 50 page pamphlet.
Was: $5.90 Now: $4.72


Explanation of the Epistles and the Gospels - 2 Volumes
For the Sundays, Holydays and Festivals Throughout the Ecclesiastical Year to which are added the Lives of Many Saints. This book is divided into two parts, Part I contains, as the title suggests, the explanation of the epistles and gospels. Part II contains instruction on the veneration and invocation of Saints with explanations of the epistles and gospels proper to their feasts. It would be difficult to find a book more suitable for the laity, imparting fuller instruction in faith and morals, or giving more lucid explanations of the ceremonies which the Church employs throughout the Ecclesiastical year. It is no surprise that this Catholic treasure has been warmly recommended over time by many bishops and priests since it first appeared in 1880 to strengthen the Catholic faith, propagate true Christian morality and lead to a better comprehension of the Ecclesiastical year. The Epistle and Gospel for each Sunday or Holyday is fully explained, complete with scriptural references; finally ,there is a short sermon that relates to the Gospel of the day. This large book is replete with inspirational line drawings. Imprimatur 1918.
Was: $39.30 Now: $31.77
The Sinner's Return to God
By Reverend Michael Muller. Full Unabridged Version!  Original copyright 1875 by Benziger Bros. All persons like to read the lives of great men. But they probably like still better to read their own lives. The well-known story of the Prodigal Son is more or less the life of all of us. That story is illustrated in this volume, and as its illustrations are but chapters in our own lives, it is hoped that their perusal will prove as pleasant as it may be profitable to those prodigal children most deeply concerned in the narrative, who have abandoned their Fathers’s household, taken up their adobe in a strange and far-off land, squandered their heavenly inheritance, and instead of the Bread of Life find their only sustenance in the husks of swine. 581 page book.
Was: $24.95 Now: $22.46
Larger Catechism
Also known as the Catechism of Pope Pius X. Impr, 1906.    “This Larger Catechism is intended for older children who have already been instructed in what is taught in the Short Catechism.
    It is followed by an Instruction on the Principal Feasts of the Church and by a very short Summary of the History of Religion; so that nothing may be wanting to what is necessary to the religious instruction of the young.”
   “Clearly explains the rudiments of Holy Faith and those Divine Truths to which the life of every Christian should be conformed.
    The use of this text will be obligatory for public and private instruction in the Diocese of Rome and in all others of the Roman Province, and we trust that all other Dioceses will adapt it and this have one text, at least for all Italy, which is a universal desire.” 357 page, softbound book.
Was: $24.95 Now: $22.46