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Great Father's Day Gift Ideas Great Graduation Gift Ideas

New Book

Mass Devotions and Readings on the Mass

By Fr. Lasance. Impr, 1901, 704 page book. This book endeavors, in the first part, by means of thirty-one readings and examples, to explain the doctrine of the Church on the Mass in a plain and interesting manner. The second or practical part offers a variety of devotions for Mass and for Holy Communion, so that the book may be more beneficial and useful to the masses. It discusses practical questions on the Mass from a dogmatic, moral, ascetic, historical, and liturgical point of view, as may be gleaned very readily from a cursory survey of the index. It was planned and compiled with a view to making it useful to inquiring Protestants, prospective converts, devout Catholics, and zealous religious. It aims to exhibit the jewels of the Mass to better advantage; to unfold its hidden treasures before the gaze of all classes; and to stimulate the faithful to a more earnest and constant endeavor to appropriate and apply to themselves its rich and abundant fruits for their temporal and eternal welfare.
Only: $23.20

A Retreat Under the Guidance of St. John of the Cross

in Union with St Teresa of the Child Jesus and Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity. By Mother Mary of the Blessed Sacrament. There comes a point in our lives where we may seek to develop a deeper understanding of our bond with Christ, but we may not know where to begin. This book is for those whose thirsty souls are in need of serious spiritual quenching. From the preface, “This teaching is, without doubt, severe, but it promises us even in this life some foretaste of glory, if courageously sounded, holds out to us beauties that full satisfy our understanding, and joys that satiate, as much as can be here below, our will thirsting for love.” With this book, we may learn how to find God hidden in our own soul and experience His divine love for us. This book wants to help you seek peace and understanding within the world and yourself in order to get closer to God. Under the guidance of Saint John of the Cross, readers will feel their soul refreshed and renewed with ten days of meditations as well as supplementary meditations towards the back for those who cannot afford as much time. 312 page book, Impr, 1930.
Only: $22.90

Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven
Feast is May 13th

The Imitation of Christ
By Thomas Kempis. Translated from the Latin into modern English. This classic is perhaps one of the most read books in the world next to the Bible. This is a very well sought after book for both Catholics and Christians alike because it has a beauty and simplicity all souls can relate to in finding the love of Christ. Crisp text for easy reading. 257 Page book.  Impr, 1940. 
Was: $18.95 Now: $17.06

The Lord's Prayer - Holy Card
Available in packs of 10 or packs of 100 cards. Card stock.
Was: $2.75 Now: $2.48

May is the Month of Mary
More books on Mary

The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics
By Raphael Brown. Very inspiring! Will help you to attain a deeper love for Our Blessed Mother and a better appreciation of the role that she played in the life of Our Lord. This book shows how God prepared Mary to be the Mother of God and the overwhelming humility she possessed. Serves as an example of how to live by God’s Will. Short and concise chapters make this book an easy read! 292 page book, Impr 1951.
Was: $16.95 Now: $13.56
The Manual of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Originally published in 1913 with Imprimatur. Contains hymns, prayers, devotions, offices, and rules of the Sodality. Latin and English translation of the offices on same page. The introductory chapters contain a brief notice of the origins of the Sodality, an explanation of the advantages afforded to the members, plenary indulgences, and the rules and constitution of the sodalities, officers, and assistants. Imprimatur, 134 page book.
Was: $10.50 Now: $9.45

Holy Family LED Candle - Half Off!


This beautiful 4×7 LED candle features THREE scenes of the Holy Family. Candle includes automatic 6-hour timer and soft LED light that illuminates the entire candle.
Was: $17.95 Now: $8.98

Apparition of St. Michael
Feast Day is May 8th

'Neath St. Michael's Shield
Devotion to St. Michael, most suitable for our times. Lucifer has placed his stamp upon the present age. Open and secret revolt against God and His Church, the spirit of criticism, unbelief and immorality are rampant. As a remedy against these frightful evils, we are urged to invoke the aid of that glorious prince of heaven who rendered all glory to God by conquering Lucifer and casting him into the abyss.
64 page booklet, Impr. 1946.

Was: $6.96 Now: $6.26

Closeout / Discontinued Books

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
by Rev. A. Tesniere, Priest of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Originally printed by Benziger Brothers in 1901. This book has 5 parts: The Reasons of the Eucharist, The Divine Titles of the Eucharist, The Human Titles of the Eucharist, The Motives of the Eucharistic Adoration, and The Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament and each part with 11 or 12 chapters. Each chapter contains, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Reparation, Prayer and Practice related to that Chapter. Pope St. Pius X said," "The devotion to the Eucharist is the most noble because it has God as its object; it is the most profitable for salvation, because It gives us the Author of Grace; it is the sweetest, because the Lord is Sweetness Itself," This book is sure to strengthen your love for the Blessed Sacrament. Out of print for over 100 years but now available. 288 pages, PB, size 5" x 7.5".
Was: $17.35 Now: $8.68
Speaking of Birth Control
by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Imprimatur, 1930. This is a 40 page pamphlet with a discussion about birth control in the usual clear and understandable style of Father Lord. The usual flawed reasoning that is used to attempt to justify birth control is discussed and effectively countered with sound reasoning, the Scriptures, etc., including population control, we can’t afford more children, etc. It is a serious matter because "birth control affects the whole future of the human race. Children can’t be born into the world unless men and women cooperate with God."
Was: $4.45 Now: $2.23