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Lent Starts in Just Over 4 Weeks!

The Words of Jesus Christ During His Passion
By Rev. F.X. Schouppe, S.J. Our Saviour speaks little during His Passion. All His words, though uttered in the presence of an enraged populace, breathe a divine calm. They are simple, and contain no bitterness toward His enemies, but are always victorious by the force of truth and justice. They are not dictated by passion; they are inspired by pure wisdom, pure truth, pure love for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls. Let us follow the order of the different scenes of the Passion from the Garden of Olives to Calvary; let us listen to the words which the Man-God utters, first in the Garden; then at the house of Caiphas; thirdly, before Pilate; fourthly, on the way to Calvary; fifthly, we will endeavor to interpret His mysterious silence at the court of Herod; and we will conclude by the meditation on the seven last words on the cross. Impr, 1889, 86 page booklet.
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The Ascent of Calvary
by Pére Louis Perroy. Imprimatur 1922. 336 page book. In these later days, stained as they are by tears and blood, we have seen the people in the hours of trial, turn yearningly toward the Crucified One, and then, as their petty triumphs came, turn fitfully away, until just today the only place of honor reserved for the Cross, and its only value to the living is to mark the resting-place of their soldier dead. We who would stand by the Cross, we who revere and worship Him who died thereon, have the task and the duty to bring back, to set up anew, the precious symbol; to lift it high above the crowns of kings, the ambitions of statesmen, the greed of nations, and the hearts of men. In this book is told the story of how step by step the Savior bore His Cross and went to death. There is beauty, feeling, and eloquence in the telling. Scene after scene is etched by a master-hand, with its background from the Old Testament, and in the foreground surrounding the precious Victim are found all the incidents of the Gospel narrative as they are developed on the way.
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Thoughts on the Passion for Each Day in Lent
This booklet was first published w/ Impr in 1887! As the title suggests, there is a thought or meditation for each day of Lent. Each thought is short - a minute or two - so that even the busiest followers of Christ will find the time. The meditations end with a short petition, like "O Strength of the Weak! help me to find comfort in Thy sorrows!" (Second Day), or, words from Christ, like " Lose not this precious blood which is shed for you! Let it purify your souls, strengthen your wills, regulate your passions, heal all your wounds." (Third Day). When Lent arrives, this booklet will provide a quick and easy way to remember the reason for the season. 31 page booklet.
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The Clock of the Passion
Original publisher New York, Montreal, D. & J., Sadlier & co. 1864. With considerations on the Passion. Translated from the Italian of St. Alphonsus Liguori by a Catholic Clergyman. 256 pages. Described in simple language, according to the narration of the Holy Evangelist. This book is filled with the events of Christ’s crucifixion with bible verses placed in appropriate areas for explanation. Also, has many prayers. As you read this unusual book you will feel that you are right there with our Lord and follow Him all the way
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Book for Married Couples

An Examination of Conscience for Married Couples

by Fr. Edwin C. Haungs, S.J. Father Haung is convinced that if every husband and wife were to make this examination of conscience once a week, unhappiness in marriage would be cut down to practically a vanishing point. 32 page booklet, Impr 1945.
Was: $4.95 Now: $3.96
Matrimonial Catechism
by Roderick MacEachen, D.D., Impr., 1947. ”This little volume has a great mission: it goes forth to defend the holiness of the marriage state and the dignity of parenthood; to define the duties and mutual relations of man and wife; to warn our people against the abuses that too often surround marriage in modern society. It is concise enough for the busiest of men, erudite enough for the most scholarly, and simple enough for the humblest of our people. That it may teach many to love and respect the great Sacrament of Matrimony is our ardent wish.” 48 page booklet.
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Glories of Mary
St. Alphonsus Ligouri. A great source of meditation on the Blessed Virgin. A very complete book about the Mother of God written in great detail and clear language. The edition of the “Glories of Mary” now presented to the Catholic public of America is the first complete translation of the work ever made into the English language. We trust that it will be found to retain the spirit of the learned and saintly author, and that it will be welcomed by the faithful in this country with the same delight which it has universally called forth in Catholic Europe. 802 page book. Impr 1934
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The Catechism Explained
An Exhaustive Exposition of the Christian Religion with Special Reference to the Present State of Society and the Spirit of the Age. A Practical Manual for the Use of the Preacher, the Catechist, the Teacher, and the Family. This large Catechism is divided into three parts: The first part treats of faith, the second of morals, the third of the means of grace. In the first part Our Lord appears in His character of Teacher; in the second in His character of King; and in the third in His character of High Priest. This Catechism is in fact nothing more nor less than an abstract of Our Lord’s teaching, and may be called a guide book for the Christian on the road to heaven. This Catechism aims at cultivating, to an equal extent, all the three powers of the soul: the understanding, the affections and the will. It is an amazing book and should be in every home. Original of Rev. Francis Spirago, Edited by Rev. Richard F. Clarke, S.J. Impr, 1899, 752 page book.
Was: $25.90 Now: $20.72
War & Guilt
by Rev. Fulton J. Sheen. Nineteen addresses delivered in the nationwide Catholic Hour. This series of talks is a call to America to return to God; not by lip-worship, but by prayer, penance, reparation, by re-kindling in our consciences the Justice of God, and by emblazoning before our eyes the Christ of Judgement in order that all of us, Jews, Protestants, and Catholics may, by a re-birth of the moral law, save America and salvage the world. Impr, 180 page book.
Was: $14.30 Now: $11.44
The Way of Interior Peace
Dedicated to Our  Lady of Peace. By Fr. De Lehen, S.J. An excellent book for anyone who wishes to serve God in peace of heart and mind, this book is a true guide to tranquility, contentment, and the love of God. It commends itself both in form and substance. The simple and concise style is appropriate for the learned and unlearned. If ones heart is agitated by anxieties, look no further, you have found your guide. Originally published in 1888. 371 page book.
Was: $21.26 Now: $17.01

Father Coleridge Passiontide Books

Father Coleridge’s combination of learnedness, profoundness and compelling readability is almost miraculous. During the course of these volumes, he addresses in his wonderful prose every question any of us could possibly want to ask, including many thousands that it would never have occurred to us to ask. Just try any one of them, and you will find yourself wanting to get the rest. Each of his books are able to “stand up on their own” as a volume.

Italian Florentine Plaques

Madonna and Child Florentine Plaque
8"x10" Florentine plaque, made in Italy! Beautiful gold decoration.
Was: $68 Now: $48.50
Sacred and Immaculate Heart
9.5"x7" Florentine plaque, made in Italy! Beautiful gold decoration.
Was: $53 Now: $39.50

St. Valentine's Day Cards

Happy St. Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Inside left: Trust in Christ completely and be at peace. "Dearly beloved, let us love one another, for charity is of God. And every one that loveth, is born of God, and knoweth God. -1 John 4:7" Inside right: God, our Creator, thank you for being the source and foundation of all love! Happy St. Valentine's Day
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.36

Be My Valentine Greeting Card
Inside: "Heavenly Father, let our love for each other reflect the love You have for each of us. Happy St. Valentine’s Day"
Was: $2.952 Now: $2.36