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Beauty and Truth of the Catholic Church

5 Volume Set, 1858 pages total.
By Edward Jones. Imprimatur, 1911.
“These sermons of Heinrich von Hurter are highly prized, wherever they have been hitherto known. They are accepted by competent critics as masterpieces of sacred oratory - correct in doctrine, apt in practical application, lucid in form and style.  These sermons were preached in Vienna in the early 1870s, produced a profound and lasting impression in Austria, and cover practically the whole field of dogmatic and sacramental theology.” from Introduction and Forward.

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New Book!

Our Favorite Devotions

Compiled from approved sources by Right Rev. Mgr. A. A. Lings. This book is comprised of a variety of devotions to read to groups—perhaps in a sermon as it provides verses to recite and for the congregation to respond in kind. It includes devotions to our Lord, to the Blessed Virgin, to the Holy Family, and many more. It also includes prayers for the sick and dying and for the departed as well. This book would be useful for those looking to add a little more to their sermons based on their themes.

637 page book, Impr 1897.
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Sts. Peter & Paul
Feast Day is June 29th

St. Peter Laminated Holy Card
“O God, Who, by delivering the keys of the kingdom of heaven to Blessed Peter, Thy Apostle...”
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St. Paul Statue
10.5 inch Resin Statue
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Saint Peter
A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales. Imprimatur, 1956. The young Catholic learns the story of Saint Peter. It tells what happened when Peter tried to walk on water. It explains how he denied our Lord three times and was very sorry for doing that. Peter was the first Pope of the Church. 20 pages, SB.
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Saint Paul
A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales. Imprimatur, 1957. The young Catholic learns about a very brave Saint who wrote letters, or epistles that we read in the holy Bible.  20  pages, SB.
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Short Catechism of Church History for the Higher Grades of Catholic Schools
by the Right Rev. Mgr. J. H. Oechtering, V.G.. Imprimatur and Nihl Obstat, 1904. This book will receive a cordial welcome from parents and Catholic teachers. "The educational value of history is universally conceded, and no history has such lessons of wisdom and conduct to teach as that of the Church, which is the continuation of the life and work of Our Divine Lord. It is His permanent, visible presence in the world. It is the continuous verification of His words that the gates of hell shall not prevail. It is all-important, therefore, that the young be made acquainted with the leading facts of Church History, and a Catechism of Church History offers the simplest and most effective means of imparting to them this knowledge. The author of the present volume has had long experience as a pastor and teacher, and it is confidently believed that in publishing this work, he renders a genuine service to our schools." J. L. Spalding, Bishop of Peoria, March 1899. 137 pages, size 4.5" x 6.5". Book is in question/answer format. PB
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Little Catherine of the Miraculous Medal
By A Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Imprimatur, 1937, 176 page book. Considering the tremendous spread of the devotion to the Miraculous Medal and the millions following it, comparatively few of us know anything of its origin, of the nature of the circumstances under which our Blessed Lady appeared to her devoted Catherine Labouré, a Daughter of Charity and how and why she gave this saintly nun the task of making this devotion known to the world. There is no longer any excuse why every one of us practicing this devotion should not know everything about its origin and Catherine Labouré. For here is the complete story beginning with the life of Catherine from her earliest childhood, how she became a Daughter of Charity, how the blessed Mother appeared to her, and gave her the Miraculous Medal and what Catherine did to fulfill the request of the Blessed Virgin.
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Faux Marble Bust
These beautiful busts look as if they are carved from stone but are very reasonably priced!
Made of Resin/Stone Mix.
Sterling Silver Scapular Medal
5/8" x 1/2", sterling silver.
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Our Father Dog Tags
Black stainless steel dog tag printed with Our Father Prayer with adjustable stainless steel ball chain.
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Communion Cross
4.75" tall, made of wood. Great as a First Holy Communion gift.
Was: $10.95 Now: $7.67