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New Affordable St. Andrew Daily Missal

The Saint Andrew Daily Missal has long been considered the most complete and finest Missal ever printed!

Beautiful, traditional, faithful (unchanged) reprint of the 1954 edition! Smaller in size and without the frills of our other edition, no gold page edges or gold stamping on the cover, make for a more affordable missal! Hardcover with a sewn, lay flat binding, and 5 ribbon markers.

  • Rubrics in red
  • Collects, Epistles, Gospels, Secrets, and Postcommunions are in English only, while other propers are displayed in English and Latin side-by-side.
  • Feasts promulgated by Pope Pius XII are now listed in the Proper of the Saints and contain references to appropriate Masses in the appendix.
  • Contain morning and evening prayers, Litany of St. Joseph, as well as an invocation in honor of Our Lady's Assumption to complete the Divine Praises

Only: $55.00

New Book!

The Christian Reformed in Mind and Manners
Written by Benedict Rogacci, and translated by Fr Coleridge.

This book seeks to reprogram the Christian mentality to bring better focus to God and living one's life to the fullest in His name. In the first meditation on the topic of forgetting God, Rogacci says, “. . .but if this neglect of God is most insulting to Him, it does not, perhaps, do them any harm? On the contrary, it is more injurious and ruinous than words can says” and emphasizes just why it's harmful to be forgetting God and provides ways to focus on remembering God and who He is. This book also touches on mortal sin, the Prodigal Son, death, judgment, and so much more. If you find yourself forgetting to live a life according to Christ and needing help, pick up this book and start getting back on the right track.

400 page book.
Only: $26.90

Transfiguration of Jesus Christ
Feast Day is August 6th

Transfiguration Prayer Holy Cards
Transfiguration Prayer
O GOD, Who in the glorious transfiguration of Thine only-begotten Son didst strengthen the sacraments of faith by the testimony of the fathers, and Who didst wonderfully foreshow the perfect adoption of Thy children by a voice coming down in a shining cloud, mercifully grant that we be made coheirs of the King of glory Himself, and grant us to be sharers in that very glory. Through the same.
Card Stock - HC-1039
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Laminated - HC-1039L
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St. Alphonsus Liguori
Feast Day is August 2nd

The True Spouse of Jesus Christ
The Complete Ascetical  Works of Saint Alphonsus de Liguori,
Volume X & XI in One.
The True Spouse of Jesus Christ - or, The Nun Sanctified by the Virtues of Her State. By St. Alphonsus de Liguori - Doctor of the Church
Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm. Imprimatur 1929. 737 pages. This work, as appears from the title, is intended particularly for Nuns. However, only a small portion of it is directed exclusively to them; the remainder, but especially what regards the observance of the vows of religion, regular discipline, and the perfection of the religious state, is equally suited to Religious of all denominations; and what regards the Christian virtues, will be found highly useful even for seculars.
Was: $29.80 Now: $23.84
Glories of Mary
By St. Alphonsus Liguori. A great source of meditation on the Blessed Virgin. A very complete book about the Mother of God written in great detail and clear language.
The edition of the “Glories of Mary” now presented to the Catholic public of America is the first complete translation of the work ever made into the English language. We trust that it will be found to retain the spirit of the learned and saintly author, and that it will be welcomed by the faithful in this country with the same delight which it has universally called forth in Catholic Europe. 802 page book. Impr 1934
Was: $29.95 Now: $23.96


Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
24" statue made of resin.
Was: $199 Now: $149.25
Our Lady of Grace Statue
24" statue made of resin.
Was: $199 Now: $149.25
Immaculate Heart of Mary Wood Framed Picture
Beautiful, traditional Immaculate Heart of Mary Wood framed picture. 13.5" x 17.25"
Was: $39.95 Now: $29.96
Monstrance Lapel Pin
White enamel, comes with a clutch back,
carded for easy handling. 2” tall.
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.66

Overstock Sale

Manna of the Soul
A Book of Prayer for Men and Women
Compiled by Rev. F.X. Lasance
Manna of the Soul was compiled by the writer at the request of a number of his friends with a view to pleasing men and women, young and old, of the household of the Faith. It is composed largely of prayers and devotions from “The Raccolta” and the liturgical books of the church.
Imprimatur, 1917. Originally printed by Benziger Brothers. 375 page softbound book.
Was: $18.50 Now: $14.80
Anecdotes and Examples
Illustrating the Catholic Catechism. The great value of illustrations in teaching children and the uneducated is universally acknowledged. Examples stimulate the imitative instinct, consequently they are a powerful factor in education. The examples in this book are taken from newspapers, schoolbooks, volumes of sermons, and spiritual works and have been arranged and adapted to serve the desired end. Impr 1906, 596 pg book. Rev. Francis Spirago.
Was: $27.20 Now: $21.76
At the Feet of the Divine Master
Short Meditations for Busy Parish Priests. Second Series: The Night of the Passion. By Rev. Anthony Huonder, S.J. Impr. 1926. This book will be immensely profitable not only to priests but for the busy Catholic layman as well. It features 125 Meditations, each about 2 or 3 pages. It is unusual that a book would cover in such depth the sufferings of our dear Lord. This book is emotional so an ample supply of Kleenex can be helpful, yet it will surely lead us to love Our Lord more and to appreciate His sufferings for all of us. 347 pp.
Was: $23.20 Now: $18.56
The Way of Interior Peace
Dedicated to Our  Lady of Peace. By Fr. De Lehen, S.J. An excellent book for anyone who wishes to serve God in peace of heart and mind, this book is a true guide to tranquility, contentment, and the love of God. It commends itself both in form and substance. The simple and concise style is appropriate for the learned and unlearned. If ones heart is agitated by anxieties, look no further, you have found your guide. Originally published in 1888. 371 page book.
Was: $21.26 Now: $17.01