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Catechism of Perseverance
an Historical, Doctrinal, Moral, and Liturgical Exposition or Catholic Religion. Translated from the French of Abbe Gaume by Rev. F. B. Jamison.    The great merit of the Catechism of Perseverance as a text-book for the more advanced instruction of young persons in the history, doctrines and practices of the Christian religion, has been universally admitted. The plan followed by the author is such as to facilitate very much the acquisition of this necessary knowledge, by presenting a connected idea of religion from the creation of man to the end of time. For a more particular explanation of his method, we refer the reader to his introductory remarks. The first edition of the abridged work in English was received with the warmest commendations of the press. In presenting it again to the public, we beg leave to state that it has undergone a careful revision, and many inaccuracies of expression have been corrected.  Imprimatur 1850, 413 page book.
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The Man Who Dared a King
A long time ago - more than 400 years, in fact - there lived in far-off England a man who was not a great soldier, or a sea captain, or explorer but who was a real hero if there ever was one! He was St. John of Rochester and he is honored to this day as a very brave man! Here is why: he dared to say that the King of England was wrong! And in those days that was about the worst thing a man could do because everyone was supposed to believe that “The King can do no wrong!” However, King Henry VIII did do something that the people knew was wrong - yet no one dared to say it for fear of being punished as a traitor! No one, that is, except this John Fisher, the Bishop of Rochester. He dared! And in this little story Father Brenner tells you all about him - what he did and why he did it and what happened to him. You’ll love this great and good man who had the courage to defy his earthly king because that king broke the laws of his heavenly King. 64 page booklet, Impr 1940
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The Snow Lay on the Ground CD
A collection of Christmas choir music that has been sung for many, many years. Some will be familiar but the goal was to bring back some of the beautiful Advent and Christmas songs that are no longer sung. There are lullabies along with majestic choral pieces. It was important to preserve the traditional songs that you may be hearing for the first time. Contains: Holiest Night, O’ Come, O’ Come Emmanuel, Sleep Holy Babe, Adeste Fidelis, and more. 15 tracks.
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Wrapped in White
By John Doan. 21 favorite Christmas carols played on authentic 19th century popular instruments from Victorian America. The timeless tradition of carols, the sweet nostalgia: John Doan returns us to an ideal Christmas warmly remembered, lovingly retold. John Doan’s signature harp guitar joins with turn-of-the-century parlor guitar, classical banjo, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, sleigh bells and toy piano to recreate a rich amber home-by-the-fire aura typical of Christmas in the Victorian era.
The timeless tradition of carols, the sweet nostalgia evoked by dozens of vintage acoustic instruments: John Doan returns us to the cozy glow of an ideal Christmas warmly remembered, lovingly retold. This work is unlike any other Christmas album as it takes you back to a quieter time filled with joy and innocence
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Large Size Children's Rosary
Its never to early to introduce your child to the rosary! A perfect gift for many occasions, baptism, christening, & birthdays!
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Standing Crucifix
12" tall standing polished brass crucifix.
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