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My Yoke is Sweet
Materials for Meditation on the Spiritual Life. The following pages have as object, first, to set forth the nature of the “yoke” of Christ as involving the conformity of our will to His; secondly, to indicate the source of its sweetness - the adorable perfections of God revealed in all their attractiveness by the life of Jesus. This sweetness, this contentment is experienced according to the completeness of the soul’s surrender to Him. As the volume is intended to supply matter for meditation rather than for continuous reading, each chapter has been made complete as possible, the important conclusions being indicated in each case, and all centering around one major theme - the idea of spiritual life as revealed by Our Divine Lord in His teaching and His life, and as summarised in the words of Our Lady: “Behold the servant of the Lord” - I am ready to do His will; “be it done unto me according to Thy word” - let God do to me as He wills. Impr, 1937, 327 page book.
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Learn of Me
A Further Sequel to “My Yoke is Sweet”. Materials for Meditation on the Spiritual Life and What it Requires of Us by Rev. John Kearney, C.S.Sp. Impr, 1939. “This volume completes the outline of the Spiritual Life set forth in My Yoke is Sweet and You Shall Find Rest. It treats in detail of the great principle that governed the life of Our Lord, of how we can make that principle govern our lives, and of what doing this involves – self-denial, mortification, prayer.”
    There are many who are “weak in their gratitude to God, ungenerous in His service, withholding from Him and His Church that full devotion we should expect. Many are at a low level of spiritual mediocrity. It is sad to see one who once prayed fervently begin to withdraw from intimate relations with God and gradually settling down to give God rather the minimum than the maximum. What means can be suggested to cure this mediocrity, to prevent a soul from falling from spiritual generosity? Father Kearney gives the answers in this easy-to-read book! For those, however, who think that God wishes us to be miserable and unhappy here, that we may be perfectly happy hereafter are in for a surprise. Father Kearney shows how the reverse is true: the saints were happy, intensely happy even amid their trials.  312 pages.
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Closeout Items

Sacred Heart Gold Framed Picture
6.5"x8.5" gold framed picture behind glass.
Was: $12.95 Now: $7.95
Wood Stable Nativity Set
Beautiful, vibrant colors, real moss and wood. This nativity makes a wonderful centerpiece! 11 piece, 6” scale. Resin figures.
Was: $949.5 Now: $74.95
St. Jude Statue
7" tall, made of resin.
Was: $14.95 Now: $7.95
Madonna with Rose
8” glazed porcelain. Beautiful pastel colors.
Art as is was made in the last century, this item is vintage stock from over 20 years ago. Beautiful glazed, quality art like this is not made anymore.
Was: $9.95 Now: $6.95


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