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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Feast day is July 16th

Mary in Her Scapular Promise
By John Mathias Haffert. Originally printed in 1940. Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat.

From the Preface by Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen: "Mr. Haffert has in a masterly way laid bare the solid foundations upon which this [Brown Scapular] devotion reposes. His case is so strikingly presented that to challenge this devotion is to challenge to some extent, the tradition and authority of the Church." The Scapular Promise of Our Lady is: "Whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire." Pope Pius IX said, "this extraordinary gift of the Scapular brings its great usefulness not only to the Carmelite Family of Mary but also to all the rest of the faithful who wish, affiliated to that Family, to follow Mary with a very special devotion."  265 pages size 5" x 8", PB.
Was: $18.90 Now: $17.01

Brown Scapular
Only white cord available with or without medals.
Y-870WH - Y-870WM
No Medals Was: $ 4.95 Now: $2.60
w/ Medals Was: $6.95 Now: $5.12

Scapular Facts
Many Catholics come in time to forget what they learned in their childhood about Mary’s Scapular. This booklet is intended to refresh the memory concerning all that is essential to know about the Scapular. Its author hopes that this little, convenient handbook of Scapular information will, in Catholic homes, be the means of inducing many thousands of Catholics to resume the habit of wearing the Scapular, and thus avail themselves of the marvelous privileges which our Blessed Lady and the Church have attached to the wearing of the Scapular. 40 page booklet.
Was: $4.85 Now: $4.37
The Brown Scapular
- A Carmelite devotional handbook for the use of all clients of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Black and White Pictures
By Very Rev. P.J. Gearon, O.C.C., D.D., B.A. Impr, 1928. 30 page booklet. This booklet deals with the Brown Scapular from a devotional angle. It does not treat of the historical aspect of the question. We want to love Our Lady. So we must learn to know her more and more. He who knows that which is true, good, beautiful is lead on to love it. If we would honour her and love her more than any other Saint, we must know her more and more. We must take her various titles and concentrate our thoughts upon them one by one. Thus we shall learn much of Our Lady which a general view would have failed to reveal. Contains an explanation of indulgences for wearing the Scapular and Prayer of St. Simon Stock to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Act of Consecration to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
Was: $6.95 Now: $4.95

Sitting Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
8" tall, stone-resin mix.
Was: $44.40 Now: $39.96

Walnut Sick Call Sets - Made in the USA!

Pewter Finish Corpus
Comes with 2 candles, holy water bottle, and cotton. 15” Walnut Cross with antique pewter finish corpus. Made in the USA.
Was: $118.50 Now: $99.50

Antique Gold Plated Finish Corpus
Comes with 2 candles, holy water bottle, and cotton. 15” Walnut Cross with antique gold plated finish corpus. Made in the USA
Was: $118.50 Now: $99.50

Beautiful Closeout Statues

Our Lady of Grace Statue
24” tall, made of resin. Great for indoor or outdoor!
Was: $120.95 Now: $100.95

Bavarian Madonna and
Child Statue - Slightly Defective

This beautiful statue, a reproduction of the Bavarian Madonna, handcrafted of wood resin, is also known as the Ullrich Madonna, after its sculptor, a German named Ullrich. Over 300 years ago, he carved the original statue from wood and it now stands in the Cathedral in Munich, Germany. The Bavarian Madonna was unusual in its time because the Madonna holds the Child Jesus in her right arm. It was the first such statue in Bavaria to be carved in this way and thus many believe it to be “holy”. 19" tall. 15lbs.
Slightly Defective - Side of cloak broken and partially repaired, shown in pictures. Could easily be repaired with wood putty and look new!
Was: $134 Now: $94

Our Lady of Grace Italian Statue
Beautifully detailed with gold highlights. 20” tall, made in Italy.
Was: $224 Now: $164

Bless This Home Garden Angel
For Indoor - Outdoor use. Resin-stone mix. 9.5” tall.
Was: $39.95 Now: $34.95