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Impression of the Stigmata of St. Francis
Feast Day is Sept. 17th. - Save 20% on these books!

As the Morning Star - The Passion of St. Francis
By Rev. Marion A. Habig, O.F.M. The Life of St. Francis of Assisi has been the subject of many books, but in none has there been so reverent and so intense a focus on the last two years of the Poverello’s earthly career: the divine privilege of the stigmata, the months of welcome suffering, the wait for Sister Death, and the final bequests to his followers - in his day and ours. Striking features of Father Habig’s story are his comments on the consoling blessings of St. Francis, an analysis of his Last Testament, and a vivid arrangement of the festive commemorations of his life during the Church year. 212 page book, Impr 1947.
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The Story of St. Francis for Children
Francis of Assisi is a great saint. Even though he became great, Francis was once a child just like other children. He found it just as hard to be good as other children do. This powerful message of devotion and sacrifice will translate to all youth that are given the grace and opportunity to receive his message. 61 page booklet. Impr 1928.
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Slightly Defective

The Children of LaSalette
Mary Fabyan Windeatt. Illustrated by George Harmon.
After a century the true story of Melanie and Maximin has its message from Our Lady for the people of today. Learn all about the beautiful lady that appeared to the children and the important message that they were told to make known to all the people. 188 page book, Impr 1951.
Slightly Defective - Pages 14 and 112 have small amount of text cut off.
Was: $12.35 Now: $6.18
The Suffering Prayer Holy Card
3.5"x5" holy card. Back is printed upside-down (does not effect readability).
Pack of 10.
Was: $2.50 Now: $1.25
Flowers of the Passion
These little “Flowers of the Passion” are a collection of devout thoughts and sentiments gathered mostly from occasional letters of that great lover of Jesus crucified, St. Paul of the Cross. They are a treasure to humble and simple souls, and show what sweetness, comfort, graces, and virtues can be drawn from devout meditation on the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. It is only from constant and loving reflection on the love shown towards us, and bright examples of every virtue given us by our suffering Lord, that such beautiful and affecting sentiments could so spontaneously spring. Impr, 1893, 241 page book.
Slightly Defective - Small tear on spine, does not effect readability, no other defects.
Was: $14.50 Now: $11.60
Novena to Pope Pius X
By Father Lovasik. First printed with Imprimatur in 1954, 40 page booklet. This booklet is written to further devotion to one of the greatest of modern saints, Saint Pius X. Even in his lifetime he was called Il Santo - the Saint, and Pope Pius XII justly calls him “The Providential Saint of Our Times.” There is a very close relationship of spirit between these two glorious Pontiffs of the Church. Hence the reflections used in the Novena are taken from the writings of both. These writings beautifully portray the great heart of Saint Pius X.
Slightly Defective - Covers are Upside-down. All text is readable, no other defects.
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