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The Green Scapular and It's Favors

Marie Edouard Mott, C.M.

The work that appears today on the Green Scapular with its origin and the countless favors of which it is the instrument, has been in demand for a long time.
    It is true, its marvelous effects were well known, but its origin remained shrouded in an almost impenetrable mystery, upon which, however, people were most anxious to be enlightened.
    One can easily understand why this mystery might have prevailed during the life time of the happy seer of whom God chose to make use for the transmission of this pledge of salvation, namely Sister Justine Bisqueyburu, Daught of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. 56 page booklet, Impr 1942.
Only: $6.28

Tis the Season for Weddings!

Butler's Lives of the Saints

Soft cover Perfect Bound 5 Volume Set. Can buy individual volumes as well.
The abridgment of any classic work often seems to many persons a sort of profanation! Yet the abridgment is itself a splendid tribute to the excellence and utility of the original! Few people in this hurried and harassed age have the time to wade through bulky tomes however valuable, and it is to provide the busy man and woman with what is best in the production that abbreviated editions of famous books are issued. Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints, which first appeared in 1745, is a very good example of the work that will serve a larger purpose in a less extensive form. Side by side with what may be called the outstanding Saints, are many notices of holy persons whose lives and deeds have not caught the imagination of the majority of readers. This, of course, is no disparagement to the canonized individuals in question. They are sufficiently well known and publicly honored chiefly in their own localities, but for some reason, not always to be easily explained, they have not come conspicuously before the eye of the Catholic world. Moreover, many of their salient achievements and virtues are abundantly represented in their more famous brethren, some of whose histories and glorious examples are recorded in this book. Imprimatur 1936.
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Deluxe 15" Walnut Sick Call Set
This is our most deluxe sick call set! When only the best will do for special occasions. Beautiful ornate designs and solid walnut wood crucifix!  What a work of art!
Only: $129.95

Great Commentary by Fr Conrelius Lapide S.J.
Cornelius a Lapide created a Scripture Commentary so complete and scholarly that it was practically the universal commentary in use by Catholics (often available only in 30 some Latin volumes) for hundreds of years. As part of the mission of Loreto Publications’ apostolate we have spent a lot of time and money over the last four years to produce a translation and design a beautiful edition of this priceless commentary so long hidden from the eyes of most Catholics. Now is your opportunity to own this masterpiece.
Slightly Defective - Very minor scuffs and bumps from shipment.
Was: $199.95 Now: $176.36

Blessings on Your Wedding Anniversary

Greeting Card with envelope.
Inside top, First few lines of prayer: O ETERNAL Spirit of Love, Dove of Peace, and Bond of Unity in the Holy Trinity, preserve love, unity and peace in our home. Make of it a faithful reproduction of the holy house of Nazareth upon which Thou didst look with such complacency. Bind us all together, not merely by carnal ties, but by the golden bonds of charity, prayer and mutual service.
Inside bottom: How wonderful to see Him continue to bless your marriage.
May the love you share continue to grow with each passing year
Only: $2.95ea

On Your Wedding Day Greeting Card

Inside left: Dearly beloved, let us love one another, for charity is of God. And every one that loveth, is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7

Inside right: Congratulations! May God bless your Wedding Day as well as the rest of your lives with love, happiness, and faith.

Only: $2.95ea

New Book!

Our Favorite Devotions

Compiled from approved sources by Right Rev. Mgr. A. A. Lings. This book is comprised of a variety of devotions to read to groups—perhaps in a sermon as it provides verses to recite and for the congregation to respond in kind. It includes devotions to our Lord, to the Blessed Virgin, to the Holy Family, and many more. It also includes prayers for the sick and dying and for the departed as well. This book would be useful for those looking to add a little more to their sermons based on their themes.

637 page book, Impr 1897.
Only: $21.10

Father's Day
is coming up June 20th!
Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Christian Father
What he should be, and what he should do. Together with a collection of Prayer Suitable to his Collection. Translated from the German of Right Rev. W. Cramer, D.D. by Rev. L.A. Lambert. This book will naturally instil Christian habits, impart a moral tone, and infuse a religious spirit into his family; and as the family is the foundation of society, we must make the father truly Christian would we reform society. It is no mere ideal father we have here, aspiring after unattainable or fanciful saintliness. It is a father such as God intended all fathers to be, such a should and might be found at the head of every Christian family. Impr, 275 page book. Originally printed by Benziger Bros in 1883.
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True Man as We Need Them
A Book of Instruction for  Men in the World. By Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, L.D.  Since the father in the home takes the place of God, this book gives the ideals of true manhood and in an easy to read and enjoyable way,  helps the father reach those ideals. Unhappiness and Home Destroyers are discussed, along with their solutions. Also discussed is Paternal Authority - both in regard to Home Education as well as Public Education. There are chapters on Boyhood, Matrimony and “Obstacles to true Manliness.” Finally, to make the book complete, different occupations of men are discussed to include the Laboring Man, The Business Man, “The Toilers of the Pen”, The Statesman and The Professional Man. We have never seen a book, written for men, that so fully helps men to reach their ideals in life. Any man will be able to profit from this excellent book. Impr, 1878. 460 page book.
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Large 5-Way Sterling Silver Scapular Medal
1 1/8" x 7/8", no chain.
Only: $58.13
Sacred Heart Statue
17" tall, made in the USA. Old-world style.
Was: $175 Now: $140

Overstock Sale

The Spiritual Life
A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology. By Rev. Adolphe Tanquerey, S.S., D.D. Imprimatur 1930. Although the treatise was composed chiefly for priests and seminarians, it has also obtained wide circulation in religion communities and among the faithful who are striving to live a devout life in the world and are looking for a guide to point the way to an enlightened and well-balance piety.
    In this treatise is a complete and orderly summary of all the questions of the spiritual life. Nearly one fourth of the work is devoted to the fundamental doctrines of the elevation and the fall of man and his redemption through the grace merited by Christ. This book can be made to serve as a devotional treatise for spiritual reading since it avoids in great measure the stiffness and dryness of the text-book style. 750 pages book.
Was: $32.50 Now: $26.00
The Prisoners of the King
Thoughts on the Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory by Father Coleridge. Original Printing 1878. Two or three years ago it fell into my lot to preach during the Octave with which the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls is accustomed to celebrate the annual Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. It occurred to me that some of the miracles of our Lord might be usefully applied in illustration of the doctrine of Purgatory, and this the substance of some few of the chapters of this book was put together. The Holy Souls are sufferers to a degree and in a manner which are but faintly pictured in the bodily maladies which our Lord so lovingly relieved, and they are sufferers whose case He has left very much to the charity of the children of the Militant Church. His Sacred Heart looked further than the outward disease or privation for which He used His healing or restoring power, and, if it is most natural to consider all bodily evils as shadows and images by which spiritual infirmities are represented, it is not an exaggerated extension of the same principle of accommodation to consider the sufferings of Purgatory, all of which are caused by sin or negligence, as included under it. And no phase of department of Christian devotion can ever lose by being connected in any way with considerations on the acts and sayings of our Lord. 401 pages.
Was: $21.45 Now: $17.16
Christopher's Talks to Catholic Parents
By Fr. David Greenstock. To The Holy Family Model for Catholic Parents and Children this books is respectfully dedicated “What greater task is there than training the mind and forming habits of the youth?” - St. John Chrysostom This book has been written to help you in that task; but you must remember that no book can succeed unless it has behind it your effort and your whole-hearted cooperation, together with prayer and good example. No matter how good the education in any particular Catholic school may be, it can never take the place of the training which the children receive in their homes.
Was: $19.90 Now: $15.92
My Prayer Book - Large Print
A classic book of prayers and devotions, many with side-by-side Latin and English. Includes the Ordinary of the Mass, Reflections, Prayers & Devotions, Litanies, the Seven Penitential Psalms, Prayers for the Dead and much more. Exact reprint of 1908, originally published by Benziger Bros. 735 page book. PB. Large print version.
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O Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on Us! Bumper Sticker
Size: 3" x 12"

Was: $2.00 Now: $1.00
Shroud of Turin Plaque
Laminated wood plaque. Overall Size: 9 by 12 inches
Was: $15.95 Now: $12.76
Walnut Sick Call Set
13" tall, made of real wood in the USA with gold color corpus.
Was: $54.95 Now: $43.96
Our Lady of Grace 24 Hour Candle
Glass candle with "Immaculate Conception" text and Our Lady of Grace imagery. 3.5" inch tall, 24 hour candle.
Was: $4.20 Now: $3.36