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June is the Month of the Sacred Heart!

Devotion to the Sacred Heart for the First Friday in Every Month
Translated from the French of P. Huguet, Marist, by a Sister of Mercy. Printed with Imprimatur in 1884. 155 page book. Pious souls, deeply afflicted by the outrages that the Sacred Heart of Jesus receives from careless and impious Christians, consecrate to It, in the spirit of reparation, the first Friday of each month. Is it possible, O faithful souls who read these touching words proceeding from the Heart of your loving Saviour, that you can remain insensible to the invitation that He extends to you to repair the outrages heaped upon His love ? Will you have less zeal for Jesus Christ than for an earthly friend or for a loving father—you who can not bear to see a loved one suffer the least ill-treatment without expressing your grief and endeavoring to console him by your affectionate tenderness?
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June Prayers
By Rev. John J Murphy, S.J. Pious Exercises Which May Lead Towards Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.   The one aim of this little book is to furnish, for each day of the Month of June, some pious exercises which may lead towards devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If, therefore, its necessary brevity has not proved too great an obstacle to clearness, the hope is cherished that every one who reads will be able to understand what is herein laid down.  Imprimatur, 1943. 113 page book.
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Feast of St. Anthony is June 13th

Prayer in Petition to
St. Anthony Holy Card
Prayer of Petition
    "O wondrous Saint Anthony, glorious by  reason of the fame of thy miracles, who hadst the happiness of receiving within thine arms our blessed Lord under the guise of a little child, obtain for me of His bounty this favor that I desire from the bottom of my heart...."
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St. Anthony's Treasury
Compiled from approved sources. “Make him loved!” The inspired command of the illustrious Pontiff was heard not only by his Paduan visitor, but by lovers of St. Anthony everywhere. Desirous of assisting in such a glorious undertaking, the compilers of Saint Anthony’s Treasury have selected a number of beautiful devotions and prayers, gathered from every available source, for this little book. We believe it is indeed a “Treasury,” containing as it does a series of each form of prayer, so that you may find within its covers the particular devotion which will bring you closer to our beloved Saint and Wonder-worker. We are grateful to be able to offer this book. We have never seen anything to compare. Impr 1928. 367 page book.
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Pentecost Sunday is the 28th

Prayer to the Holy Ghost Holy CardPrayer to the Holy Ghost Holy Card
Pack of 10. Prayer on reverse: “Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of thy faithful...”
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Glories of the Holy Ghost
A Series of Studies, a Collection of Tributes, an Account of Certain Movements Bearing On The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity by Rev. WM. F. Stadelman, C.S.Sp. Imprimatur, 1918. 388 page book. 100 illustrations. Of this books twenty-five chapters, the first six deal with topics that bear on the objective glory of the Divine Spirit. The remaining nineteen chapters embrace subjects that bear on His formal extrinsic glory, and show in concrete how in times past souls devoted to Him have expressed their devotion. This is why we entitled our work “Glories of the Holy Ghost.”
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Pentecost Greeting Card
Inside Left:
"Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of Thy faithful
and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.
V. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.
R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth...."
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.66
The Holy Ghost Prayer Book
By Rev. Frederick T. Hoeger, C.Ss.P. This work not only supplies the faithful with a number of very beautiful prayers to the Holy Ghost, it also brings to their notice and stresses a very important dogmatic truth. The prayers reveal the universal activity of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. We are wise to turn to the Holy Ghost in all issues of life, temporal as well as spiritual. Our recourse to Him should not be occasional and particular it should be continual and in regard of all necessities. Father Hoeger in this valuable book of prayers has shown the Christian how to exercise this universal appeal to the Holy Spirit, by providing a prayer for almost every eventuality. Impr 1952, 384 page book.
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Father's Day is June 18th

Happy Father's Day Greeting Card
Inside Verse:
To my father: May God grant you the wisdom and courage to seek him in all things.
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True Men as We Need Them
A Book of Instruction for  Men in the World. By Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, L.D.  Since the father in the home takes the place of God, this book gives the ideals of true manhood and in an easy to read and enjoyable way,  helps the father reach those ideals. Unhappiness and Home Destroyers are discussed, along with their solutions. Also discussed is Paternal Authority - both in regard to Home Education as well as Public Education. There are chapters on Boyhood, Matrimony and “Obstacles to true Manliness.” Finally, to make the book complete, different occupations of men are discussed to include the Laboring Man, The Business Man, “The Toilers of the Pen”, The Statesman and The Professional Man. We have never seen a book, written for men, that so fully helps men to reach their ideals in life. Any man will be able to profit from this excellent book. Impr, 1878. 460 page book.
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Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
24" statue made of resin.
Was: $199 Now: $99.50

Last Supper Framed Picture
16"x24" overall framed.
Slightly Defective - Has minor scuffs in image. See pictures.
Was: $99 Now: $
Thorn Crowned Christ Framed Picture
11”x14” overall, made in the USA.
Only: $63.00


Traditional Wood Wall Crucifix
11" Resin corpus, wood cross.  
Slightly Defective - See pictures for examples.
Was: $39.95 Now: $27.97


Dear Grad
A Booklet to Take Along Into Life
By Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Imprimatur: Joseph E. Ritter, Archiepiscopus Sancti Ludovici, 1948. Full of spectacular advise for going into the world and also prayers. Appropriate for high school graduation or college. 40 page booklet.
Was: $5.95 Now: $5.36


Douay-Rheims Bible
Affordable but beautiful, yet durable so that it can be used regularly, and purchased as gifts without being too expensive. We believe this affordable yet very durable Bible should be a welcome addition to anyone’s personal library.
Only: $35.97
Graduation Greeting Card
Inside Verse: Congratulations! As you start your new journey, may God's Blessings guide you on the path you've chosen! May you follow in His path and with Him abide!
Was: $2.95 Now: $2.66
Graduation Booklet
Very elegant die cut, with a very classy tassel, 8 page booklet with room for friends autographs and prayers. Limited supply, Made in Italy.
Was: $5.95 Now: $4.76




Eternal Priesthood
By Cardinal Henry Edward Manning. Imprimatur, 1907, 290 page book. Describes the duties and responsibilities of a priest. After one reads this treasure, it cannot be doubted that a priest will be viewed with more appreciation because of the abundance of gifts he so willingly gives: forgiveness of sin,  the value without limit of the Holy Eucharist, etc.  Twenty chapters to include: The Powers of the Priesthood,  The Priest’s Helps, The Value of a Priest’s Time,  The Priest Under False Accusations, The Priest’s Rewards, The Priest’s Death, and much more.
Was: $17.40 Now: $13.92
The Moveable Feasts, Fasts, and Other Annual Observances of the Catholic Church
A Continuation of the Feasts and Fasts By a Catholic Priest. The authors object was to make a supplement to the Lives of the Saints, by presenting every thing necessary to be known concerning the moveable Feasts, Fast, and other annual observances of the Catholic Church, not sufficiently noticed in that Work. This work, with the most solid instruction, presents an extraordinary quantity of erudition, and must satisfy the taste of the pious Christian, enlightened scholar, and eminent divine. However valuable this Work has been considered in its original state, its value is considerably enhanced by the addition of what has been deemed necessary to complete it, according to the desire of the gifted Author. The Treatise on the Feast of Corpus Christi, and of the Sacred Heart, are here for the first time presented to the public; and, with the Index affixed, will no doubt render it still more acceptable.
Was: $30.60 Now: $15.30