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Mystical City of God
The Mystical City of God is an exceptionally great work of historical significance. This becomes apparent from the official action taken by a number of Popes, all indirectly approving of the work and promoting its publication. Pope Innocent XI and Pope Alexander VIII in 1690 expressly declared that the City of God may be read by all the faithful. Pope Clement XI and Benedict XIV gave like decisions. The great pope Benedict XIII, when he was archbishop of Benevent, used these revelations as material for a series of sermons on the Blessed Virgin.
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The Beauty and Truth of the Catholic Church
5 Volume Set, 1858 pages total. Softbound.
By Edward Jones. Imprimatur, 1911.
“These sermons of Heinrich von Hurter are highly prized, wherever they have been hitherto known. They are accepted by competent critics as masterpieces of sacred oratory - correct in doctrine, apt in practical application, lucid in form and style.  These sermons were preached in Vienna in the early 1870s, produced a profound and lasting impression in Austria, and cover practically the whole field of dogmatic and sacramental theology.” from Introduction and Forward. These sermons, from the 1800s, have been highly prized, wherever they have been known.
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Beautiful Art

Della Robbia Style Triptych
14" tall, made of resin.
Slightly Defective - Arrived damaged. Crucifix was broken but has been repaired.
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Madonna and Child Wall Art
This unique Madonna and Child plaque is a beautiful piece to display in a home or garden. Features a keyhole hanger on back. 8" W x 17.5" H x 2.5" D, made of resin.
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Sacred Heart of Jesus
Feast Day is June 7th
June is the Month of the Sacred Heart

June Prayers
By Rev. John J Murphy, S.J. Pious Exercises Which May Lead Towards Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The one aim of this little book is to furnish, for each day of the Month of June, some pious exercises which may lead towards devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If, therefore, its necessary brevity has not proved too great an obstacle to clearness, the hope is cherished that every one who reads will be able to understand what is herein laid down.
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Sacred Heart Print
8"x10" print.
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Sermons for the Children of Mary
Originally printed in 1898 by Benziger Brothers. This book consists of 52 sermons or discourses that are concise, practical, devotional, and bearing in some way on the duties and privileges that appertain to the Children of Mary. They are suited alike "to the rich and poor, to the educated and to the uneducated. They must draw the line between prudence and discretion between any yielding, on the one hand, to the spirit of the world, and any too great severity on the other, in dealing with the innocent, though to some dispositions dangerous, pastimes and amusements generally prevelent in society; they must not sanction anything which has in general a tendency to lower the standard or impair the modesty of the Christian maiden; nor must they condemn any recreation or diversion that is not condemned by the law of God or the authority of the Church." The topics covered range from the obedience, poverty, purity, meekness, fraternal charity, sanctity, tepidity, and other virtues; several sermons on prayer and devotions, temptation, crosses, modesty, and custody of the tongue.
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Glories of Mary
By St. Alphonsus Liguori. A great source of meditation on the Blessed Virgin. A very complete book about the Mother of God written in great detail and clear language. The edition of the “Glories of Mary” now presented to the Catholic public of America is the first complete translation of the work ever made into the English language. We trust that it will be found to retain the spirit of the learned and saintly author, and that it will be welcomed by the faithful in this country with the same delight which it has universally called forth in Catholic Europe. 802 page book. Impr 1934
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