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Lenten Deals
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Why is Thy Apparel Red
Rev. Max F. Walz. Imprimatur, 1939. 178 pages.  “Why then is thy apparel red? Because red is the color of blood, and because it speaks of royalty and divine love . . . Because Jesus was pouring out His heart’s blood to prove that no man hath greater love than he who lays down his life for his friends . . . In this apparel, then, He came forth and although trembling with pain, He is walking through the streets of Jerusalem to Mount Calvary “in the greatness of His strength”-which is His love.” How much did God love the world? Enough for His only Son to come down and sacrifice Himself for us and for our sins. Readers may draw close to this book and reflect on what it means for the apparel to be red- to have bled for love.
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Jesus the Crucified
Meditations By Mother Clare Fey. The Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus has gathered from the writings of their Foundress a number of short meditations on the sufferings of the Redeemer, which are distinguished not only by rare depth of thought, but still more by the warmth of love with which a holy soul, endowed with divine grace, has submerged herself in the great work of redemption by the Crucified. Impr 1931, 145 page book.
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St. Joseph
Feast Day is March 19th

Go to Joseph
By Rev. Alexis M. Lepicier. Considerations on the Life of Saint Joseph, with examples for each day of the month. This breathes forth an unctuous piety and sheds new and fuller light on the hidden life of St. Joseph and the Holy Family. We shall investigate the reason why God decreed that His beloved Son, our Redeemer, should be born of a Virgin espoused to St. Joseph. 272 page book, impr 1923.
Was: $19.85 Now: $17.87
The Story of St. Joseph for Children
by Sister M. Eleanore, C.S.C. Impr 1933. Explains the story of St. Joseph beginning at the betrothal of Virgin to the Finding of Jesus in the Temple to St. Joseph’s death. Includes prayers to St. Joseph, the Litany of St. Joseph, and Hymns to St. Joseph. 13 illustrations. Written in clear language that a child can understand. 32 page booklet.
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Cord of St. Joseph
100% Cotton, white cord to be worn around the waist. Comes with a leaflet describing this devotion to St. Joseph.
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St. Joseph Blank Greeting Card
Blank on inside.
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St. Patrick
Feast Day is March 17th

St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
The following volume while not ignoring criticism, does not claim to be critical. It contains merely of the old stories retold, as far as may be in the light of modern research; and its principle object is to introduce the inexperienced reader to the study of St. Patrick’s life and times in such a manner that, should he be tempted to pursue that study further, he may at least find nothing of importance to unlearn. Contains several beautiful black and white illustrations. 274 page book. Impr 1911.
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Prayer to St. Patrick Laminated Holy Card
“O God, Who didst vouchsafe to send Blessed Patrick, Thy Confessor and Bishop, to preach...”
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Novena in Honor of St. Patrick
St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, Defender of the Faith. Beautiful little prayer book includes: Prayer for Happy Death, Prayer for zeal, Benediction Hymn, Litany of St. Patrick, Litany of the Saints of Ireland (very unusual!), Prayer for All Those Near to Us, Prayer for Purity, Learning Christ and much more! Impr 1958, 32 page booklet.
Was: $4.86 Now: $4.37
Lorica of St. Patrick Greeting Card
Lorica, a Latin word literally meaning body armour, can also mean a prayer recited for protection. Essentially a ‘protection prayer’ in which the petitioner invokes all the power of God as a safeguard against evil in its many forms. According to tradition, St. Patrick wrote it in 433 A.D. for divine protection before successfully converting the Irish King Leoghaire and his subjects from paganism to Christianity.
"I bind unto myself today The strong Name of the Trinity,..."
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Used Books
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True Devotion to the Blessed
Virgin Mary

The See of Peter and the Voice of Antiquity

The Sermons of the Cure of Ars

Dictionary of the Saints


The Two Stigmatists Padre Pio and Teresa Neumann
Containing the Autobiography of Teresa Neumann, a Critical Account of Phenomena in her Life and a Comparison with Padre Pio.  By Fr. Charles M. Carty. You will learn about Teresa from her early life In Germany to the phenomena of the Stigmata she endured and shared with Saint Padre Pio. In the introduction to this book it says there were over 300 on a list of stigmatists. However, just four outstanding cases, which defy any attempt at "natural" explanation.  St. Francis of Assisi and Teresa Neumann and St. Maria Francesca of the Five Wounds and Padre Pio were the four that could be verified beyond doubt. At the time of this writing both Padre Pio and Teresa Neumann were living witnesses of this most extraordinary phenomena. Includes illustrations of the two saints, their family, their homes, and their wounds from the stigmata.  To receive the stigmata is a great privilege that was given to very few saints. Once you start reading these very interesting stories, you won’t want to put the book down.
Was: $17.80 Now: $16.02
The New Manual of the Sacred Heart
Compiled and Translated from Approved Sources. Impr. 1874.
This book might seem redundant with other works of similar title, but actually contains some most unusual devotions and prayers that we have not seen before. For example, it contains Litanies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for every day in the week - and that makes the book worthwhile! Specifically, the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Risen from the Dead is for Sunday; Monday is: Litany of the Sacred Heart of the Child Jesus; Tuesday: Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Conversing Amongst Men, etc. There are many more unusual prayers and they are fervent, emotional - just what the Doctor orders for any need. 332 pages. SB. Defective - Small tear in cover on spine, does not affect quality or readability, cosmetic only.
Was: $13.80 Now: $11.04