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Slightly Defective

Clock of the Passion
Original publisher New York, Montreal, D. & J., Sadlier & co. 1864. With considerations on the Passion. Translated from the Italian of St. Alphonsus Liguori by a Catholic Clergyman. 256 pages. Described in simple language, according to the narration of the Holy Evangelist. This book is filled with the events of Christ’s crucifixion with bible verses placed in appropriate areas for explanation. Also, has many prayers. As you read this unusual book you will feel that you are right there with our Lord and follow Him all the way. Slightly Defective - Page 85 was missing but has been added back in manually. Very minor defect.
Was: $17.95 Now: $14.36
Novena in Honor of Pope Pius X
By Father Lovasik. First printed with Imprimatur in 1954, 40 page booklet. This booklet is written to further devotion to one of the greatest of modern saints, Saint Pius X. Even in his lifetime he was called Il Santo - the Saint, and Pope Pius XII justly calls him “The Providential Saint of Our Times.” There is a very close relationship of spirit between these two glorious Pontiffs of the Church. Hence the reflections used in the Novena are taken from the writings of both. These writings beautifully portray the great heart of Saint Pius X.
Slightly Defective - Covers are Upside-down. All text is readable, no other defects.
Was: $5.95 Now: $4.48
Holy Souls Book
Reflections on Purgatory.
By Rev. F.X. Lasance.
A Complete Prayer-book. Including Special Prayers and Devotions in Behalf of the Poor Souls in Purgatory.
Imprimatur, 1922, 442 page book. Originally printed by Benziger Brothers. A Rare and Unusual Book!    It is hoped that this book will cultivate a special devotion to the holy souls in Purgatory. This devotion, while it solaces the Holy Souls, in whose behalf it is directly exercised, is eminently pleasing to God, and beneficial to ourselves. It is hoped that the “Reflections” contained in the first part of this little book will stimulate the pious reader to make frequent use of the prayers and devotions which are found in the second part for the solace of the suffering souls in Purgatory.
Slightly Defective - Cover has blemishes from shrink machine being too hot, cosmetic damage only, no other defects.
Was: $22.50 Now: $18.00
Interpretation of Scripture
By Rev. C. Lattey, S.J. The object of this pamphlet is to explain both for the Catholic and the non-Catholic reader the principles and the practices of the Catholic interpretation of Scripture. The Catholic, while accepting the authority of Church and Bible, often has much to learn about their mutual relations, because there is so little upon this subject in the catechism. The text has been divided into parts and sections and numbered paragraphs, which makes it easy to follow and easy for reference. It is hoped that this pamphlet may promote a fuller understanding of the Holy Father’s words. 24 pg booklet.
ONLY COVER IS DEFECTIVE! - Cover is slightly cracked along spine of booklet.
Was: $3.35 Now: $2.35

Beautiful Die-Cut Greeting Cards

My Gift to You
A beautiful die-cut greeting card featured the image of Our Lord the Christ presenting the Eucharist. This card is for offering a Mass with special intention.
Only: $3.95
Sorrowful Mother
A beautiful die-cut card featuring the image of Our Sorrowful Mother holding her Son the Christ, as a gift to the suffering and grieving.
Only: $3.95


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