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A Textual Concordance of the Holy Scriptures
Arranged Especially for Use in Preaching. By Rev. Thomas David Williams
[Pope] Leo XIII, in his encyclical, Providentissimus Deus, on the study of Holy Scripture, speaking of the life and power that the frequent use of the Sacred Text gives to the utterances of the preacher of the Divine Word, adds: “And it is this peculiar and singular power of Holy Scripture, arising from the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, which gives authority to the sacred orator, fills him with apostolic liberty of speech, and communicated force and power to his eloquence. For those who infuse into their efforts the spirit and strength of the Word of God speak not in word only, but in power also, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much fulness. Hence, those preachers are foolish and improvident who, in speaking of religion and proclaiming the things of God, use no words but those of human science and human prudence, trusting to their own reasonings rather than to those of God. Their discourses may be brilliant and fine, but they must be feeble and they must be cold, for they are without the fire of the utterance of God, and they must fall short of that mighty power which the speech of God possesses.”
To Give this power, and to place at more ready disposal the treasures of this sacred mine, the present work has been compiled, and is now offered. This work is a textual concordance of Holy Scripture, arranged especially for use in preaching.
It follows simply the alphabetical order of subjects; and is divided into two parts or books, moral and dogmatic; to which is added an appendix containing principally the miracles, prophecies, and parables of Christ. Impr, 1908. 848 pages.
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Lent Starts February 26th

Half Off!!
Way of the Holy Cross
according to St. Alphonsus Liguori.

An 1887 reprint.
Beautiful, traditional, full color pictures of the Stations of the Cross!

We think this is the most complete Way of the Holy Cross available today.
Benediction prayers and Stabat Mater in both Latin and English, music notes for Stabat Mater, melody for Stabat Mater in Latin and English, and writings and history on Indulgences.
Printed on over-size stock. 4.5" x 7", 46 pages
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Slightly Defective - Great for Lent!
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The Ascent of Calvary
by Pére Louis Perroy. Imprimatur 1922. 336 page book. In these later days, stained as they are by tears and blood, we have seen the people in the hours of trial, turn yearningly toward the Crucified One, and then, as their petty triumphs came, turn fitfully away, until just today the only place of honor reserved for the Cross, and its only value to the living is to mark the resting-place of their soldier dead. We who would stand by the Cross, we who revere and worship Him who died thereon, have the task and the duty to bring back, to set up anew, the precious symbol; to lift it high above the crowns of kings, the ambitions of statesmen, the greed of nations, and the hearts of men. In this book is told the story of how step by step the Savior bore His Cross and went to death. There is beauty, feeling, and eloquence in the telling. Scene after scene is etched by a master-hand, with its background from the Old Testament, and in the foreground surrounding the precious Victim are found all the incidents of the Gospel narrative as they are developed on the way. Book is slightly defective. Several pages where the text is trimmed off of the side (.25" to .5").
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The Suffering Prayer Holy Card
3.5"x5" holy card.

Back is printed upside-down (does not effect readability)

Pack of 10.
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My Book of Friendships

My Book of Friendships
Arranged by Eveleen Harrison.

This is the original Vintage book printed in 1946, not a reprint!
Beautiful gold printing on cover and lovely red and green floral printing throughout!

This little book is useful for keeping track of Friendships, Birthdays and Anniversaries. This book gives Birthstones for each month, birth flowers, a scriptural quote for each day and a short prayer. Gives a beautiful quote from scripture and thought for each day in the year with space at the bottom of each page so you have plenty of room to keep track of all your special dates to remember. 384 page book.
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