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New Books

The Brown Scapular
A Carmelite devotional handbook for the use of all clients of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. By Very Rev. P.J. Gearon, O.C.C., D.D., B.A. Impr, 1928. 30 page booklet in color. This booklet deals with the Brown Scapular from a devotional angle. It does not treat of the historical aspect of the question. We want to love Our Lady. So we must learn to know her more and more. He who knows that which is true, good, beautiful is lead on to love it. If we would honour her and love her more than any other Saint, we must know her more and more. We must take her various titles and concentrate our thoughts upon them one by one. Thus we shall learn much of Our Lady which a general view would have failed to reveal. Contains an explanation of indulgences for wearing the Scapular and Prayer of St. Simon Stock to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Act of Consecration to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
Only: $6.95
Golden Sands
A Collection of Meditations for the Sanctification and Happiness of Daily Life. Translated from the French by Miss Ella McMahon. Imprimatur, 1882. 196 page book. In the Summer, in the South of France, little children and the infirm poor, incapable of hard labor, in order to earn a little bread, occupy themselves in collecting from the beds of half-dried rivers golden sands which are carried by the water in its course and glisten in the sun. What these poor and little ones do with the golden sands which God has scattered in these unknown rivers, let us attempt, with these little counsels which God has scattered everywhere to sparkle, and glisten, and comfort for an instant, then to disappear, leaving to the soul the regret of not having gathered them. Welcome these little leaves, which have all been written under the maternal auspices of the Blessed Virgin; welcome them with kindness. Let them penetrate a moment to your soul, then scatter them, that they may bear their good words to others.
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Great Lent Books
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Jesus the Crucified
Meditations By Mother Clare Fey. The Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus has gathered from the writings of their Foundress a number of short meditations on the sufferings of the Redeemer, which are distinguished not only by rare depth of thought, but still more by the warmth of love with which a holy soul, endowed with divine grace, has submerged herself in the great work of redemption by the Crucified. Impr 1931, 145 page book.
Was: $13.60 Now: $12.24
The Divine Crucible
By Mother Mary of St. Austin. Impr, 1947. That the state of Purgatory is not just a nightmare to frighten sinners into repentance, nor the vindictive imposition of a jealous Deity, but essentially the continuation of an earthly experience, in which the departed soul is purified by the application of the Divine attributes­— this is the theme of Mother St. Austin’s treatise. A wide reading of theological and, what is more important, of mystical writers, has gone to its making. The book is a treasury of valuable and apposite quotations. 187 page book.
Was: $15.20 Now: $13.68

Seven Sorrows of Mary
Feast Day is April 3rd

At the Foot of the Cross
By Father William Faber, D.D. This Treatise was originally “sketched” for the first time in 1847. This book delves deep into the meaning of The Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother, going into detail for each one. “We never advance more rapidly in love of the Son than when we travel by the Mother.” Each Sorrow is contained in its own chapter, it explains how Our Sorrowful Mother rejoiced in her sorrows. 556 page book.
Was: $19.95 Now: $17.95
Splendor of Sorrow
By Author Eddie Doherty. Eddie Doherty styles himself the “Blindman,” who realizes he needs help from the saints to see the significance of suffering. And so, he embarks on the journey through time with the saints to see the Seven Sorrows of our Lady as if they were happening today, or perhaps rather as if he had lived through their happening. He traverses in this company the road to Egypt, stands in the Court of the Temple, seeks for the lost Child, follows the thorn crowned Man, and stands by the Cross. Doherty has a rare ability to write of holy things with insight and tenderness, without sacrificing his vivid, realistic style. Impr, 1943. 79 page book.
Was: $11.90 Now: $10.71

New Holy Week Missal (1956)

The Complete English Text of All the Ceremonies from
Palm Sunday to the Easter Vigil Service

Compiled and Edited by Rev. James O’Connor

Imprimatur 1956. 127 pages book.

    This publication makes it convenient to read the prayers for every day in Holy Week, complete with the Ordinary of the Mass and all scriptural readings.
    The new Order of Holy Week aims at restoring the simpler, more austere rite of the greatest days of the Christian year. It is simplified to suit the conditions of modern life, and to serve the spiritual needs of the faithful today. Undesirable additions that have crept into the Holy Week liturgy during the centuries, have been largely removed, and important features that have, in the course of time, been overshadowed, have been restored as far as possible by the Decree Maxima Redemptionis Nostrae Mysteria, of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, 16th November 1955.
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Easter Cards and Holy Cards
Other Easter Cards HERE

Easter Sunday Prayer
“O GOD, Who, this day by Thine only-begotten Son, vanquishing death...”
HC-1038 - Pack of 10 - $2.75
Pack of 100 - $19.50

HC-1038L - Laminated - $0.90ea

He is Risen! Easter Greeting Card
Inside Verse: In Christ all shall be made alive. 1 Corinthians 15:22 Rejoice in the glory of the risen Christ. With best wishes for a Happy and Blessed Easter. 12 Cards Per Pack
Only: $11.52

For those who cannot attend Holy Mass
We are praying for everyone's health and safety during this trying time and always.

Holy Mass for the Absent
It often happens that Christians from unavoidable impediments, may be unable to hear Mass on Sundays and holydays of obligation. Causes may excuse bodily presence, but do not dispense us from uniting ourselves in spirit to those who actually enjoy the happiness of being in God’s holy temple. Includes the Method of Hearing Mass Spiritually for the Absent, Prayers during the time of Divine Service, for those who are hindered from attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in church, and Act of Union with the Sacrifice of the Mass, when we cannot assist at it. 21 page booklet, Impr, 1924.
Only: $4.40


10 Hour Votive Candle - 100% Beeswax
$2.04 ea


10 & 15 Hour Votive Glasses
10 Hour $1.90ea
15 Hour - $2.25ea

Act of Spiritual Communion Holy Card
"My Jesus, I believe that Thou art present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love Thee above all things and I desire Thee in my soul. Since I cannot now receive Thee sacramentally..."
N-4328 - Plain
Pack of 10 - $2.75
Pack of 100 - $19.50

N-4328L - Laminated - $0.90ea
Send Your Angel to Mass Bookmark
Prayer on back: "Send Your Angel to Holy Mass
Jesus is much pleased when little children go to Holy Mass every day. If you cannot go, say this little prayer asking your Guardian Angel to hear Holy mass for you...."
Pack of 10 - $2.90 Pack of 100 - $19.00


St. Camillus de Lellis - Prayer for the Sick Holy Card
"O glorious Saint Camillus, special patron of the sick poor, thou who for forty years, with truly heroic charity, didst devote thyself to the relief of their temporal and spiritual necessities..."
HC-4036 - Pack of 10 - $2.75 - Pack of 100 - $19.50