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Gold Leaf Edged Holy Cards with Prayer Made in Italy

Prayer to the Holy Family
Pack of 10 or 100
Only: $2.50 - $19.50

St. Gerard Prayer for Motherhood
Pack of 10 or 100
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All Souls Day
Is November 2nd
Save 10% on these books for the Holy Souls!

Purgatory and the Means to Avoid It
Martin Jugie, translated from the seventh French addition by Malachy Gerard Carroll. Impr, 1949. 203 page book. Now Purgatory can be looked at from a different point of view, which without excluding the first, tends directly, however, to another end. Other books have been written with eyes primarily on the dead. This book is written with eyes on the living - the faithful on earth - and we strive to foster in them a salutary fear of the pains of Purgatory, and point out to them the means of avoiding them.
Was: $15.68 Now: $14.11
By Rev. Frederick William Faber, D.D. Impr 1928. The best test of the value of a book is its unwaning influence; and Father Faber’s well-known book, "All for Jesus," has stood the test very well, for, though it was written 72 years ago, it seems to have lost nothing of its popularity. We trust that in the form in which it is presented in the following pages, it will have lost none of its value, and that it will help the reader to realize the consoling character of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the subject of Purgatory.
Was: $4.30 Now: $3.87


St. Zadquiel Statue
5" tall, made of resin.
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Catholic Songs for Children
This outstanding collection of songs has been providing the little ones with a solid introduction to the foundations of the Catholic Faith for generations. All the songs collected on this CD were originally recorded in the 1950s and are 100% Traditional. The topics covered range from the Ten Commandments to the Apostles' Creed, to how to behave at Mass, and more. This product has a cracked case. Case is still in manufacturer wrapping, CD is new. Does not include coloring book, sold separately here.
Was: $12.95 Now: $10.36


Guide for Cat6holic Young Women -  Especially for Those Who Earn Their Own Living
by Rev George Deshon. First published in 1868, this book contains 83 chapters that would seem to deal with every important subject for the young lady. There are the usual chapters one would expect on Prayer but some unusual chapters like, "How to Behave in Sickness", "The Devil’s Pretexts for Lying" and others. Often a particular virtue is covered on one chapter and then the advantages of that same virtue are shown in the following chapter. The author brings in examples of saints to show how they would deal with spiritual problems. 310 pages, 4" x 6", PB.
Was: $18.60 Now: $14.88
The Divine Twilight
Separated out, set in connected order, and edited with notes, for Catholic Children by Cornelius Joseph Holland. Imprimatur, 1913. “It is a grand and beautiful story which you are about to read, told in the inspired language of Holy Scripture itself, the story of God’s dealings with the world and, in particular, with His chosen people of Israel.
In the sublime account of creation with which it opens, it takes you back to the very beginning of things. You see the heavens and the earth spring into being at the word of God.  You see His Almighty Spirit moving over the face of the universe, disposing all in order and harmony and beauty, and multiplying life in its infinite variety.  And from this first beginning, this story brings you down to the last years of the Old Covenant, almost to the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.” Profusely illustrated (black/white pictures). Maps. 312 pages, size 5.5” x 8.5”, PB. 
Was: $18.95 Now:$15.16