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October is the Month of the Holy Rosary

The Book of the Holy Rosary
A Doctrinal Exposition of its Fifteen Mysteries, mainly conveyed in select extracts from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, with an explanation of their corresponding types in the old testament. A preservative against unbelief.
By the Reverend Henry Formby,  of the Third Order of Dominic.
Embellished with 36 full-page illustrations. Designed by Clasen, D. Mosler, and J.H. Powell.
The book will be seen to consist in substance of a selection chiefly taken from the writings of the great Saints and Doctors of the Church, nearly all of them probably now for the first time in the English language. Great care, however, has been taken to point out the several stages or steps in the progress of the Divine work of human redemption, to which each of the fifteen mysteries bears its respective and most instructive testimony.
140 page book Imprimatur 1872.
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November is the Month of the Holy Souls in Purgatory
Check out our selection of Books on Purgatory and the Holy Souls.

Overstock Books

Father Brennan's Tip-Top Tales
By Father Brennan.
Illustrated by George Pollard. Imprimatur, 1955. Father Brennan tells us four inspirational, relatable stories for young children. Told in easy-to-read and understand sentences. Lots of fun, colorful pictures! 28 page book.
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Christian Apologetics
By Rev. W. Devivier, S.J. Edited by Rt. Rev. S.G. Messmer, D.D.
Devivier’s Manual sets forth both the truth and the goodness of the Catholic religious. Although very compendious in size and treatment, it is sufficiently complete for popular use. Under a modest title and in a simple and unpretentious form, this book has united in a single volume all the arguments which Catholic controversy opposes to contemporary irreligion. Exegesis, philosophy, theology, history, physical sciences, political economy, all branches of knowledge, human and divine, concur in your work to demonstrate incontestably the perfect agreement of reason and faith. May Devivier’s Christian Apologetics help to set more fully aglow the Catholic Faith in many minds, and to fan in the hearts of the faithful the fire of holy love for Mother Church! Impr, 1908, 583 page book.
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Christ the King
Feast Day is Oct. 31st

Litany in Honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King|
By Rev. Joseph Wolf.
Contains the Litany in Honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King in Latin and in English.
Also contains Indulgenced Prayer to Christ the King and Dedications of the Human Race.
12 page booklet. Imprimatur 1942.
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Closeout Holy Cards

Nativity Scene with Shepherds Laminated Holy Card
Blank on reverse.
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Nativity with Angels Laminated Holy Card
Blank on reverse
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Closeout Books

Love is Like That
Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. A heartwarming story about a young man who is part of the antinazi underground that falls head over heals in love with a young woman while in America. He must travel back to Austria to fight the battle of his faith. A tragedy occurs and the young woman realizes that there is a love much greater than even love at first sight. Impr 1946, 39 page booklet.
Was: $5.46 Now: $2.73
Eventually, Why Not Now?
Food for Thought in a Retreat
An appeal to the good sense of souls to put the right premium on the only business in life that counts. Food for thought in a Retreat. You are determined to have your ticket to heaven before you die, and death may occur in the next hour. Why then, put off the one and only real business of life? You mean to look into this matter eventually - why not now? Impr 1941, 62 page booklet.
Was: $5.35 Now: $2.68
Is Your Child Handicapped?
By Mary Lewis Coakley. The suffering of little children, which in the ultimate is caused by mankind’s sins, can in God’s plan, be transformed into penance, a vehicle for sanctification. Besides the fact that we parents can offer up our pain of sympathy, we can, as soon as the children pass babyhood, explain to them the meaning of penance so they can take advantage of the idea. Impr 1952, 29 pages.
Was: $4.48 Now: $2.24
Our Way of Life Must Prevail
by Rev. Herbert O’H. Walker, S.J. Although this was written 70 years ago, the topics that Father covers are very relevant for today, including discrimination, democracy, the rich and the poor, economic ills and remedies, and many others. Father Walker says, “If the West is to be saved, Christianity must again become our predominant culture.” He seems to discuss all of the problems we face today and offers solutions. He even discusses totalitarian governments. 32 page booklet, Impr 1943.
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Antiqued Miraculous Medal
Small medal, .75" tall.
Was: $1.65 Now: $1.24
Rosa Mystica Wood Plaque
5.75"x7.75" wood plaque with hanger on back.
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