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New Books

I am the Way
A Treatise for Followers of Christ. Translated by The Hon. A Wilmot, M.L.C. From a French Edition of L’Esprit de Christianisme, ou la Conformité de Chrétien avec Jesus Christ, by Father Nepveu, S.J. Imprimatur, 1906, 280 page book. The Imitation of Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end of that supernatural life on earth which is the preparation of the life of everlasting blessedness in heaven. Our happiness hereafter depends upon the fidelity wherewith we strive here below to make ourselves like to Him. It is for this reason that the contemplation of the life of our Divine Master is an essential element of progress in the spiritual life. But most of us need external help of some kind to make our contemplation continuous, connected and fruitful. The Gospels are the basis of all such help, but their teachings are developed and intensified by all those many writers who have undertaken to unfold them in detail. The careful perusal of this treatise will aid many a soul to understand better the nature of the labour to be undertaken, to overcome more generously the difficulties inherent in such a task, and to arrive more rapidly at the desired end.
Only: $20.80
Freedom Under God
Written just before the second World War, Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen sought to bring understanding to the idea that religion was being attacked. Unfortunately, that fact is still true many years later as many are struggling with their religious identities being compromised. Even today it is crucial to understand the significance and harm of separating religion from secular affairs. Even though Fr. Sheen is Catholic, this book reaches to people of all faiths. Join him as he touches on subjects such as the relevance of religion, true and false liberties, the rise of totalitarian State power, and much more. 265 page book, Impr 1940.
Only: $20.30

Mother's Day is May 9th
Other Great Gifts Ideas Here!

Holy Card Binder
Holds 20 (double-sided) to 40 (single-sided) holy cards.
Comes with 20 holy cards.
Was: $12.95 Now: $11.66
Miraculous Medal Keychain
Front Text: "Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." 2.25” tall.  Made in Italy.
Was: $7.50 Now: $6.75

Pink Marble 1 Decade Rosary
9.5” long, with pouch.
Was: $5.95 Now: $5.36

The Catholic Mother - Her Glory
Rev. Eugene P. Murphy, S.J. First printed with Imprimatur before 1956. 40 page booklet. “God is love, and so that we may have some idea of this love, He gives a share of it to mothers. The heart of a mother with her unwearing tenderness, the constancy of her solicitude, the inexhaustible delicacy of her affection is truly a divine creation, although God has placed in her only a spark of His love for us.” - Dom Marmion.
Was: $4.95 Now: $4.46

First Holy Communion
Other Great Gifts Ideas Here!

Jesus in the Hearts of Little Children

A wonderful prayer book for children. With chapters like: How to Spend the Day, Send Your Angel to Holy Mass, Communion Mass, Prayers for Confession, Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle, etc. O happy children, you can be so near to Jesus! You can rest on His Heart. He blesses you; He smiles upon you. He does even more - in Holy Communion, He comes into your very heart! 160 pg book, Impr.
Was: $7.45 Now: $6.71


Dear Grad

A Booklet to Take Along Into Life. By Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Imprimatur: Joseph E. Ritter, Archiepiscopus Sancti Ludovici, 1948. Full of spectacular advise for going into the world and also prayers. Appropriate for high school graduation or college. 40 page booklet.
Was: $4.95 Now: $4.46

Congratulations Graduate! Class of 2021
Inside Verse: May the Lord bring you wisdom and success in all of your endeavors!
Only: $2.95ea


Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue
10" tall, made of stone/resin mix.
Was: $27.50 Now: $22.00
Antique Finish Miraculous Medal
Small medal, .75" tall.
Was: $1.65 Now: $1.32

These Won't Last Long at 50% Off!

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
This book of sermons is written for priests, in particular for those who conduct the weekly novena of the Miraculous Medal. Since usually the exercises of the novena do not last more than half an hour, the sermon must not be longer that ten minutes. To meet this need, the present volume of sermons is published. The purpose of these sermons is to assist the preacher by suggesting points that each one may indeed develop in his own personal way. Impr 1942. 127 page book.
11.90 Now: $5.95
Hero of the Hills
Imprimatur 1943. The Story of St. Benedict. By Mary Fabyan Windeatt. From young adulthood to the end of his days, this story is a must read for anyone devoted to, or interested in the life of our beloved Saint Benedict. The faith and devotion of this amazing Saint is inspirational, and his commitment to God may very well renew your own. 150 page book.
Was: $12.90 Now: $6.45