Mother's Day

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  • A very touching , special Holy Hour to honor Mothers.

    "For A Mother Watching Beside the Bed of Her Child."
    Impr 1953.

    Taken from Holy Hours
    by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.

    Quotes from the book:
    “In the name of my child and of my family: I believe, I believe in Your love... I adore, I adore Your Heart, O Jesus!”

    “Remember Jesus, Your heavenly rest in Mary’s arms, while her maternal heart grieved in secret. By that grief, to repay her solicitude and tenderness, save my child likewise entrusted to the arms of Mary. 41 page booklet. ”

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  • True Stories of the Love and Protection of the Holy Angels

    As you read these lines, there stands beside you - an Angel. Invisible though he is, he is your most prudent guide, watchful guardian, and faithful friend. Throughout the whole world, there is not a single person who does not benefit in many ways, every day, by the care and actions of the Holy Angels. And yet, how little they are acknowledged, much less appreciated. Discover then, in this singular collection of fascinating true stories, how these unsung heroes not only exist - but live to serve us, protect us, and help us save our souls, with a loving fidelity unequaled by anyone on earth.

    Great for:

    • Inspirational listening
    • Listening in car / commuters
    • Religious Ed teachers
    • Evangelization
    • Youth Groups
    • Fundraising
    • Gift giving

    10 Fully Dramatized Stories (Total Time - 73 min.)

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  • 1" Beautiful, plated pewter medal on 18" rhodium plated chain. Gift Boxed, Great gift Idea!!

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  • Beautiful Handmade Mantilla
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    We used a more deluxe lace for this beautiful mantilla.

    Triangular size: 42” x 29” x 29”. 3/4” trim.

    Excellent quality guaranteed. Handmade locally in the USA!

    Available in Black, Blue, and Pink!

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  • Beautiful white resin with blue background. Very nice details. We were stunned when we actually got to see it, this font is VERY pretty! 6" tall with hanger in back

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  • Blessed Mother Bust Nightlight
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    5” tall, bisque porcelain. Limited Stock.

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    8” tall, made of resin. Rosary not included.

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  • Chapel Cap with Attached Comb
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    With matching bow. Fancy rosette edge and handy comb attached.

    Available for Adult or Child.
    Children's only available in White
    Adult's available in Black or White.

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  • Unique Italian design and carefully chosen beads highlight the heirloom quality of Vintage Rosaries Collector's Edition Rosary. Each item comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a numbered certificate, only 1500 pieces will be produced of each.

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  • Unique Italian design and carefully chosen beads highlight the heirloom quality of Vintage Rosaries Collector's Edition Rosary. Each item comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a numbered certificate, only 1500 pieces will be produced of each.

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  • 19" long. 6mm beads.

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  • Original recordings were produced in stereo, digitally recorded, and mixed to produce the highest quality sound.

    Music by the Daughters of Mary
    The Daughters of Mary Mother of Our Savior is a congregation of traditional Catholic Sisters. The Congregation was founded in the summer of 1984.  The motherhouse, St. Joseph's Novitiate, is located in upstate New York. The Novitiate was named after St. Joseph, to whom it seemed quite fitting to entrust the care of the Daughters of Mary. St. Teresa of Avila named her first foundation of the reformed Carmelites in St. Joseph's honor, and of him she states: "It seems as if God has bestowed upon the saints in general the power of aiding us in some specified necessity; but to St. Joseph He has granted the power to help us in all our needs. Our Lord wishes us hereby to understand that as He who made Himself subject to St. Joseph on earth, so also in heaven is ready to do whatever the holy Patriarch may now ask." With this great saint as protector and intercessor, St. Joseph's Novitiate opened its doors in the summer of 1984. The little community began with three Novices and seven Postulants.

    Track List
    1. De Profundis – Psalm 129
    2. Soul of My Savior
    3. Ave Verum
    4. Immaculate Mary
    5. Sweet Sacrament Divine
    6. Mother Dear O Pray For Me
    7. O Sacred Head Surrounded
    8. Ave Maria
    9. Jesus My Lord My God My All
    10. O Lord I Am Not Worthy
    11. O Sanctissima
    12. O Salutaris Hostia
    13. Tantum Ergo
    14. Holy God We Praise Thy Name
    15. Jesus As Though Thyself Wert Here
    16. Hail Holy Queen
    17. Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee
    18. Jesus Jesus Come to Me
    19. Mother Dearest Mother Fairest
    20. To Jesus Heart All Burning

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  • Included are all Challoner’s notes, and the texts found in the appendix to the Vulgate. Owning one of these beauitful Bibles will give you great pleasure each time you read it, and ensure your family is familiar with sacred scripture in Latin as well as English. Bound in leather with ornate gold blocking, gold gilded page edges and two satin ribbons. 8.5" x 11.5"

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  • Catholics looking for the traditional Catholic Bible in English should look no further!

    In 1546, the Council of Trent declared the Latin Vulgate Bible as authentic, and declared that "No one (may) dare or presume under any pretext whatsoever to reject it" (4th Session, April 8, 1546). The Douay-Rheims Bible is an English translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible, a version universally used in the Church for over 1500 years, itself meticulously translated from the original Hebrew and Greek by St. Jerome (A.D. 340-420).

    The Douay-Rheims was completed in 1609, and is therefore older than the King James Version, the oldest Protestant translation still in use, which was published in 1611. The Rheims New Testament was published nearly thirty years earlier, in 1582. Further, the translators of the KJV make specific reference to the Douay version in their translators' preface. It is commonly acknowledged that, in preparing the KJV, the translators made use of the Rheims New Testament and adopted many of its readings in preference to those of other English editions.

    Since it was translated quite literally and with great reverence for each individual word from the Vulgate, which in turn reflects the structure of the original languages very clearly, the Douay-Rheims Bible can give great insight into the minds of the sacred authors.

    In 1749-1752, Bishop Challoner, knowing that many English Catholics were reading distorted Protestant versions of the Bible such as the King James Version (KJV), made major revisions to the Douay-Rheims version, to improve its readability without diminishing its accuracy. The notes, written by Bishop Challoner are entirely faithful to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. The revised Douay-Rheims Bible has been approved by the Church many times over, including the approbation of Cardinal Gibbons for the 1899 edition.


    For over 300 years, the Douay Rheims Bible was the only Catholic English translation of Scripture used. It continues to be used officially in Catholic churches today.


    • Leather bound cover with stitched edges
    • Gold gilt edged pages and 2 ribbons.
    • Completely retypeset to reproduce the original 1899 edition, making reading much easier.
    • Eleven coloured maps digitally redrawn by hand and fully coloured
    • 32 beautiful engravings that recreate key moments in Biblical History
    • Family Register section
    • Included in this edition – Three Papal encyclicals regarding the importance of the Holy Bible.
      • PROVIDENTISSIMUS DEUS - Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII - On the Study of Holy Scripture
      • SPIRITUS PARACLITUS - Encyclical of Pope Benedict XV - On St. Jerome
      • DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU - Encyclical of Pope Pius XII - On Promoting Biblical Studies, Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Providentissimus Deus
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  • 7/8" x 5/8", no chain.

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