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  • A Novena to Pope Pius X - Slightly Defective
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    By Father Lovasik.

    First printed with Imprimatur in 1954, 40 page booklet.

    This booklet is written to further devotion to one of the greatest of modern saints, Saint Pius X. Even in his lifetime he was called Il Santo - the Saint, and Pope Pius XII justly calls him “The Providential Saint of Our Times.” There is a very close relationship of spirit between these two glorious Pontiffs of the Church. Hence the reflections used in the Novena are taken from the writings of both. These writings beautifully portray the great heart of Saint Pius X.


    Slightly Defective - Covers are Upside-down. All text is readable, no other defects.

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  • Bavarian Madonna and Child Statue
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    This beautiful statue, a reproduction of the Bavarian Madonna, handcrafted of wood resin, is also known as the Ullrich Madonna, after its sculptor, a German named Ullrich. Over 300 years ago, he carved the original statue from wood and it now stands in the Cathedral in Munich, Germany. The Bavarian Madonna was unusual in its time because the Madonna holds the Child Jesus in her right arm. It was the first such statue in Bavaria to be carved in this way and thus many believe it to be “holy”.

    19" tall. 15lbs.

    Slightly Defective - Side of cloak broken and partially repaired, shown in pictures.

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  • Blessed Be God - Slightly Defective
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    By Very Rev. Charles J. Callan, O.p., S.T.M., & Very Rev. John A McHugh, O.P., S.T.M.

     Imprimatur 1925.

    A classic prayer book for all occasions, containing all types of prayers and devotions. It is one of the most comprehensive prayer books available including the Order of the Mass.

    Along with the usual array of traditional morning and evening prayers, it also includes rare devotions for Holy Days, Special Feasts, Holy Week, Paschaltide, Ember Days, Rogation Days, Days of the Week, Seasons of the Year, and Months of the Year and so much more. This prayer book is designed reassure and inspire, to increase ones Intimate Life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

    754 page book.

    Slightly Defective - Cover has blemished from shrink wrapping error. No other defects, cosmetic only!

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  • Butlers Lives of the Saints
    • 84% less

    Slightly Defective - Covers for sets have dark blemishes from shrink wrap machine.
    Individual volumes have covers that have been scuffed or bumped or the UV coating is defective.


    The abridgment of any classic work often seems to many persons a sort of profanation! Yet the abridgment is itself a splendid tribute to the excellence and utility of the original! Few people in this hurried and harassed age have the time to wade through bulky tomes however valuable, and it is to provide the busy man and woman with what is best in the production that abbreviated editions of famous books are issued. Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints, which first appeared in 1745, is a very good example of the work that will serve a larger purpose in a less extensive form. Side by side with what may be called the outstanding Saints, are many notices of holy persons whose lives and deeds have not caught the imagination of the majority of readers. This, of course, is no disparagement to the canonized individuals in question. They are sufficiently well known and publicly honored chiefly in their own localities, but for some reason, not always to be easily explained, they have not come conspicuously before the eye of the Catholic world. Moreover, many of their salient achievements and virtues are abundantly represented in their more famous brethren, some of whose histories and glorious examples are recorded in this book.

    Imprimatur 1936.

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  • Interpretation of Scripture - Slightly Defective Cover
    • 30% less

    Toner is slightly cracked along spine of booklet - cosmetic only.
    Rest of booklet is fine no defects.


    By Rev. C. Lattey, S.J.

    The object of this pamphlet is to explain both for the Catholic and the non-Catholic reader the principles and the practices of the Catholic interpretation of Scripture. The Catholic, while accepting the authority of Church and Bible, often has much to learn about their mutual relations, because there is so little upon this subject in the catechism. The text has been divided into parts and sections and numbered paragraphs, which makes it easy to follow and easy for reference. It is hoped that this pamphlet may promote a fuller understanding of the Holy Father’s words.

    24 pg booklet.

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  • Liturgical Year - Individual Volumes Only - Slightly Defective
    • 50% less

    By Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B.
    Translated from the French by Dom Laurence Shepherd, O.S.B. Imprimatur, 1910.
    The Sacred Liturgy is the life-blood of the Church, the society dedicated to the praise of God and the salvation of souls. From it all men draw life as from life’s source and through it they attain their final end. As the eager and devoted Catholic follows the liturgy and Dom Guernger’s incomparable commentary on it throughout the year, he will receive all the instruction he needs in Catholic doctrine, in dogma, in the Mysteries of the Faith, in the Church’s most venerable traditions, in world history, the history of the Church and liturgical history, in devotion and in other practices of the Church, while at the same time praying the prayer of the Church, the prayer that, as Dom Gueranger writes, “is most pleasing to the ear and heart of God, and therefore the most efficacious of all prayers.” St. Therese of Lisieux immersed herself in this book growing up and look what she became! Readers of these volumes frequently comment that they are worth their weight in gold. There is no better way to sideline the distractions of the world, the flesh and the devil than immersion in the life of the Church. Finally, (from the Preface) “We beg to remind our readers, that in a work like the present, the success of the writer is absolutely dependent up the holy Spirit …We venture therefore to ask the children of the Church, who desire to see her prayer loved and used above all others, to aid us by recommending our work to God, that so our unworthiness may not be an obstacle to what we have undertaken, and which we feel to be so much above our strength."


    Slightly defective.
    Colors on covers may be varying shades of original color and some are cut incorrectly, may have dings in cover from storage.
    Save 20% 30% off of regular retail prices shown below for comparison:

    • N-LY1-$21.87 Vol 1 - Advent (pages 370-373 are partially obscured)
    • N-LY2-$20.68 Vol 2 - Christmas Volume 1
    • N-LY3-$24.50 Vol 3 - Christmas Volume 2 (cut incorrectly, all text is visible)
    • N-LY4-$16.89 Vol 4 - Septuagesima   
    • N-LY6-$27.69 Vol 6 - Passiontide and Holy Week (pages 30 & 31 are missing)
    • N-LY7-$16.50 Vol 7 - Paschal Time Vol 1
    • N-LY11-$21.74 Vol 11 - Time After Pentecost Vol 2
    • N-LY12-$23.32 Vol 12 - Time After Pentecost Vol 3
    • N-LY13-$21.34 Vol 13 - Time After Pentecost Vol 4
    • N-LY14-$19.62 Vol 14 - Time After Pentecost Vol 5
    • N-LY15-$18.70 Vol 15 - Time After Pentecost Vol 6
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  • Our Lady's Feasts For Children - Slightly Defective
    • 50% less

    by a Religious of the Sacred Heart.

    In this little booklet we are going to follow Our Blessed Mother as her feasts of the year tell us the story of her life. No one on earth ever loved Our Blessed Lord as she loved Him. Very reverently, then, we are going to look into Our Lady’s heart, so that we, too, may learn to love Our Blessed Lord.

    32 page booklet. Impr 1933

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  • Pulverized Stone Italian Corpus - 24"
    • 50% less

    Discontinued Valentino brand corpus.

    Italian made, pulverized stone.

    24" tall. Repaired. See pictures, both arms were broken off during shipment.

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  • Sketch of the Miraculous Image - and the Confraternity of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Alphonsus
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    Slightly Defective! Page 33 has text cut off of the inside, about .5".

    By Rev. Jos. A. Chapoton, C.Ss. R. Impr, 1927. This booklet starts with the history of the picture, it is described and the meaning explained, then the story is explained through tradition. Then follows the indulgences to be gained from its veneration and “A Practical Method of Making a Novena.” Numerous prayers follow, eg., Prayer for Spiritual Wants, Prayer for Financial Aid, Prayer for Conversion of Non-Catholics and many more. Next are 12 Invocations to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Litany in Honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and “Meditation-Mary Our Hope”. 60 page booklet

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  • Spiritual Bouquet Cards - Slightly Defective
    • 50% less

    Beautiful traditional pictures and 12 cards 4.25” x 5.5” with envelopes. “And I send the promise of my Father upon you.” - Luke 24:49 For the person that is difficult to find a gift for, let them know that you really care, try the gift of prayer. “I often go where Jesus dwells behind the little golden door, And softly whispering your name beg him to bless you more and more.”


    Slightly Defective - Back of card is printed upside down. Does not affect readability.

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  • St. Anthony's Treasury - Slightly Defective
    • 44% less

    Compiled from approved sources.

    “Make him loved!” The inspired command of the illustrious Pontiff was heard not only by his Paduan visitor, but by lovers of St. Anthony everywhere. Desirous of assisting in such a glorious undertaking, the compilers of Saint Anthony’s Treasury have selected a number of beautiful devotions and prayers, gathered from every available source, for this little book. We believe it is indeed a “Treasury,” containing as it does a series of each form of prayer, so that you may find within its covers the particular devotion which will bring you closer to our beloved Saint and Wonder-worker. We are grateful to be able to offer this book. We have never seen anything to compare.

    Impr 1928. 367 page book, 3”x 4.5”


    Text cut off of top of pages 212, 213, 214, & 215. Some may show shelf wear from being stored.

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  • St. Michael Statue 24" - Repaired
    • 34% less

    Beautiful Barregio Collection statues.

    Made of resin.


    Broken during shipment. This statue has been partially repaired. Left wing was broken off, its has been repaired and painted. The sword pieces were not all found. See pictures. All pictures are of actual statue, no stock images.

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  • The Ascent of Calvary - Slightly Defective
    • 60% less

    by Pére Louis Perroy
    Imprimatur 1922. 336 page book.

        In these later days, stained as they are by tears and blood, we have seen the people in the hours of trial, turn yearningly toward the Crucified One, and then, as their petty triumphs came, turn fitfully away, until just today the only place of honor reserved for the Cross, and its only value to the living is to mark the resting-place of their soldier dead. We who would stand by the Cross, we who revere and worship Him who died thereon, have the task and the duty to bring back, to set up anew, the precious symbol; to lift it high above the crowns of kings, the ambitions of statesmen, the greed of nations, and the hearts of men.
        In this book is told the story of how step by step the Savior bore His Cross and went to death. There is beauty, feeling, and eloquence in the telling. Scene after scene is etched by a master-hand, with its background from the Old Testament, and in the foreground surrounding the precious Victim are found all the incidents of the Gospel narrative as they are developed on the way.


    Book is slightly defective. Several pages where the text is trimmed off of the side (.25" to .5").

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  • The Children of LaSalette  - Slightly Defective
    • 50% less
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt
    Illustrated by George Harmon.
    After a century the true story of Melanie and Maximin has its message from Our Lady for the people of today. Learn all about the beautiful lady that appeared to the children and the important message that they were told to make known
    to all the people.
    188 page book, Impr 1951.
    Slightly Defective - Pages 14 and 112 have small amount of text cut off.
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  • The Shipwreck - A Story for the Young - Slightly Defective
    • 27% less

    A Story for the Young, by Rev. Joseph Spillman, S.J.

    Originally printed in 1910, and translated from the German edition.

    The story starts in Hong Kong “in the old days” when it was but a small population. A Catholic church was being built and Willy Brown, a student, insisted on climbing the scaffolding so that he could see his father’s ship arriving. The Father forbade him to climb, but he disobeyed. Meanwhile, the priest was greeted by a stranger asking for Willy and soon found that Willy’s father had died a few days earlier, and the man was his Guardian who was to give Willy a large inheritance. That is just the start of a story filled with suspense. Any youngster from 10 to 100 will learn moral lessons in the process.

    126 pages book. PB 126 pages book.


    Slightly Defective - Page 94 missing end of last sentence on page.

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