Rosaries of all kinds including chaplets! Glass bead, wood bead, cord, sterling, and more!
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  • based on the pull chain rosary commissioned by the US Gov. and issued to military in WWI & WWII

    21" long.

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  • Miraculous Medal centerpiece. 22.5" long. The crucifix is 2".

    • $10.00

    • SKU: Y-992

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    8” tall, made of resin. Rosary not included.

    • $41.95

    • SKU: 6322

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  • Comes with an oxidized medal and a prayer card. Saint Patrick was a bishop while Saint Bridgit was a Christian abbess who founded many monasteries.

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  • This ROSARY features high quality white aurora borealis glass beads with a silver plated Crucifix and Chalice center. 16” in length. Gift boxed.

    • $11.95

    • SKU: Y-9201

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  • 19" long. 6mm beads.

    • $12.00

    • SKU: Y-986

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  • Deluxe Green/ Black Bead Sterling Rosary
    • 10% off

    Beautiful, marble look beads.

    7mm beads, Sterling Crucifix and center. 21” long.

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  • Franciscan Crown Rosary
    • 9% less

    Franciscan Crown or Rosary of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin. 25.5" long.
    Contains a leaflet explaining how to pray this special rosary, a short history, and a list of indulgences.

    Note please: this rosary has 7 decades.

    In 1442 an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary took place in Assisi, to a Franciscan novice named James. As a child, he had the custom of offering daily the Virgin Mary a crown of roses. When he entered the Friars Minor, he became distressed that he would no longer be able to offer this gift. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him to give him comfort and showed him another daily offering that he might do: to pray every day seven decades of Hail Marys, meditating between each decade on one of the seven joys that she had experienced in her life. Friar James began this devotion, but one day the Director of Novices saw him praying and an angel with him who was weaving a crown of roses, placing a lily of gold between each of the ten roses. When the novice had finished praying, the angel placed the crown upon him. The Director asked Friar James what this vision meant. After hearing the explanation, he told the other friars and soon this devotion spread throughout the Franciscan family.

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  • 8mm beads, 16.5" long.

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  • 5mm Pink Imitation pearls, 19”

    • $9.95

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  • Made in Italy!

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  • Non toxic with large colorful wood beads! 18" long.


    Its never to early to introduce your child to the rosary! A perfect gift for many occasions, baptism, christening, & birthdays!

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  • Made of genuine leather. 2.5x3" with zipper.

    Available in black or white leather.

    • $6.00

    • SKU: Y-2502

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  • Mother of Pearl Rosary - Sterling Silver
    • 14% less

    A beautiful gift to Mothers - or anyone for that matter!

    5mm mother of pearl beads.

    Sterling silver center piece and crucifix. Crucifix is approx. 1.5 inches tall.

    • $81.00

    • SKU: 4-783

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  • 7 mm Faux Pearl Bead, 22.5” L.

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Items: 115 of 36, per page