All types and sizes of crucifixes. Many are made in Italy or the United States! Many different sizes!
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  • walnut cross with hand-painted crucifix. Made in Italy, assembled in the USA.

    • $48.50

    • SKU: J-5045

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  • 13” Wood Sick Call Set. Comes with 2 candles and 1 holy water bottle. Deluxe Gift Boxed.

    Available in black or brown wood finish.

    • $55.95

    • SKU: 12-

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  • Black traditional wood crucifix with silver oxidized metal corpus 4" 12 @ $5.90 ea, 100 @ $4.50 ea

    • $6.50

    • SKU: 2-2136

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  • Black traditional wood crucifix with silver oxidized metal corpus 5" 12 @ $7.15ea, 24 @ $6.55 ea 100 @ $5.75 ea Note: The discounted quantity prices will not appear on your screen but WILL be given on final invoicing. (our site is not "live")

    • $7.95

    • SKU: Y-103C

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  • Shows earth of the Catacombs at the bottom of the cross, on the back are the stations of the cross. 2 and 3/4"

    • $5.55

    • SKU: Y-018

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  • Baroque Italian Crucifx
    • 15% less

    14" Baroque Italian Crucifx. Hand-painted alabaster corpus on wood cross. Made in Italy!

    • $110.00

    • SKU: 20-2022

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  • Beautiful tabletop triptych. Lots of gold decorations.

    14" tall, made of resin.

    • $70.00

    • SKU: 56-20218

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  • Della Robbia style triptych.

    14" tall, made of resin.

    • $57.00

    • SKU: 56-22513

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  • Deluxe 15" Walnut Sick Call Set - Silver or Bronze
    • 10% less

    This is our most deluxe sick call set! When only the best will do for special occasions. Beautiful ornate designs and solid walnut wood crucifix!  What a work of art!

    Available in Antique Silver Pewter Figure & Antique Gold Pewter Figure.

    • $116.05

    • SKU: J-1957

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  • This outdoor-style crucifix is perfect for any home, patio or garden. Features a natural stone finish and brings elegance to any garden setting.

    Material: Stoneresin
    Size: 23-1/2" H
    • $99.95

    • SKU: 6398

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  • Cast in fine pewter with a walnut cross and detachable base.

    Depicts our loving Christ bending toward the troubled World extending His offer of the Gift of Peace, symbolized by the spread winged dove. It expresses the Gospel message (John 14:27) of Jesus, "Peace I leave you. My Peace I give you."

    8" tall x 4 1/4". Boxed.

    • $72.95

    • SKU: J-6090E

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  • Beauticul Happy Death Crucifix with metal finish with traditional skull & crossbones at bottom with black inlay. Made in Italy!

    Unlike others on the market, this beautiful, Italian Crucifix has the skull and crossbones at our Saviors feet, which is highly sought after.

    The skull and bones have many symbolic meanings. All Catholics are encouraged to meditate on the “Four Last Things - Death and Judgment, Heaven and Hell”, so that they will live in a state of grace and prepare themselves for Heaven. The skull is a great reminder of human mortality. Jesus Christ was crucified on Golgotha - “the place of the skull”. There is a legend that Christ, the New Adam, who conquered sin and death, was crucified on the gravesite of the first man, Adam, who brought sin and death into the world through his disobedience to God. The skull is a symbol of Adam’s grave. Most important of all, the skull and bones are placed beneath Jesus’ feet, to show that He triumphed over death and sin on our behalf.

    • $9.75

    • SKU: Y-313x

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  • Made in Italy.

    Available in 2 sizes.

    • $13.20

    • SKU: y-9658

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  • Italian Design Crucifix - 13"
    • 20% less

    13" tall crucifix. Made of resin.

    • $39.95

    • SKU: SA-13XF

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  • 72” tall real wood cross with 34” resin corpus.


    May require extra shipping. We will notify you if that is the case.

    • $500.00

    • SKU: 56-317

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Items: 115 of 32, per page