Lots of different types of votive candles. 2 - 24 hours
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  • "Permanent" Devotional Candle Insert Glasses. Will fit our 6 and 7 day refill insert candles.

    We also have available (not shown) permanent glasses for the 3 day inserts.

    • $12.00

    • SKU: 84-853

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  • 15 Hour Peg Votive Glass
    Will fit any standard 7/8” socket candle holder.
    D-202B - Dark Blue
    D-202LB - Light Blue

    • $4.80

    • SKU: D-202

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  • Rated for 72 hour burn time.

    51% Beeswax in glass container.

    Individual candles or 12 candles per case.

    Measurements: Height 5 1/2". Top Across 2 3/4". Bottom Across 2 1/2".

    Shipping is based on weight and charged at actual rate, multiple quantities will be reduced from the shipping shown on the invoice. Most candle orders are sent via FedEx. In other words, if you order 12 candles the shipping may come up as $85.00 BUT when you are invoiced, shipping will be much less, depending on where you live, but in the area of $17.00 for most customers PER CASE.

    • $14.49

    • SKU: 84-1510

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  • 4 Hour Votive lights - PRICE PER DOZEN

    Encourages devotions. Not breakable - it’s plastic. Convenient for special devotion when large numbers of candles are needed - not necessary to buy expensive glass containers.

    • $4.90

    • SKU: F-714C

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  • No plastic cup, available in 7 sizes:

    4 hour -   F-412 - Sold by case of 3 gross ONLY please
    6 hour -   F-612 - Sold by case of 3 gross ONLY please
    8 hour -   F-812 - Sold by case of 1 gross ONLY please
    10 hour - 84-1012 Case pack: 2 gross. Sold in quantities of 3 doz, 144, 288
    15 hour - 84-15   Case pack: 1 gross. Sold in quantities of 72, 144
    24 hour - 84-24   Case pack: 1 gross. Sold in quantities of 72, 144


    Note: The shipping cost estimate may not be accurate. Example: Shipping estimate for 12 doz 10 hr to zone 5 shows $7.95 BUT actual shipping is $24.00. Therefore, it is difficult for our system to estimate actual cost as it depends on quantity ordered, destination address, etc. As a result you might be charged additional shipping BUT we never increase the shipping cost unless we first get permission from you. Sorry for the confusion. Hence the $12 estimated cost may be too high or too low. Shipping cost to west coast may make it cost prohibitive. We will always contact you before increasing shipping cost AND will automatically decrease it when estimate is too high.

    If you are buying a large quantity - over 10 cases, please email us for quote of both price and shipping. For 200 pound shipment there is an approximate reduction of 20% in shipping cost and also a reduction in candle cost.


    • $55.32

    • SKU: F-412

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