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  • A means of Assisting Well-Meaning Non-Catholics to Die a Happy Death, or of Leading Them to the Light of the One True Faith. This small booklet is for the use of Priests, Sisters, Nurses, Social Workers, or any one else who wishes to help in that work which of all works is the most divine – the salvation of souls. Especially useful for Hospitals. 20 pages.

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  • By Fr. Donald F. Miller

    This book contains a broad look at the many different facets of spirituality a shut-in may face. Included in this book are sections on the spiritual outlook, virtues and vices, companionship in illness, for worries and fears, and seasonal reflections. Each section of the book not only reaches out to shut-ins, but to the everyday person as well. For the one thing that none of us want is to shut out God.

    126 pages


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  • by Rev. T. Hegemann, S.J. Impr 1928.

    "The search for happiness has taken men far afield of the haunts of happiness. But men do not too often go so far afield as a sick bed, a bed of pain. To the "practical" man, the man of "facts and figures," pain is a useless troublemaker, certainly not a means of happiness. To Father Hegemann, who has in this pamphlet borrowed from the saints and from heaven itself, pain is the means toward that eternally-haunted seemingly elusive happiness. Chapters in this 31 page pamphlet include: How to Suffer, Make Your Confession, Last Hours, Prayers Before and After Confession and Holy Communion, etc. The Appendix contains a delightful chapter "The True Religion of Christ" and will be a powerful tool for conversion.

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  • From the Preface: Manuals for the sick, containing instructions on the best way of tending and assisting the sick and dying, and of helping them to sanctify sickness and death in a truly Christian manner, are certainly not wanting. But I know of no book expressly destined for sick-nurses, and in particular for religious who devote themselves to the care of the sick. And yet it is of great importance that they should clearly discern what a sublime and blessed, but at the same time difficult, task they have to fulfill, and how they should accomplish it. With this view the present work has been undertaken. It deals in detail with the care of the sick as a vocation, and gives instructions on the best way to render spiritual assistance to the sick and dying. The books treats only of the spiritual care of the sick and in the sense of the Catholic Church; the care of the body is not included, because it is supposed that the sick-nurses already possess all necessary knowledge of this. Originally published in 1898 by Benziger Brothers.

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  • Originally printed in 1891 by P.J. Kennedy. 366 page book.

    Consists of 16 different stories of dying penitents. The stories are diverse to include the rich banker, the poor, the drunkard, the miser, the wanderer, the burglar and 10 others. Each story is told as a novel and each is replete with Catholic lessons to be learned about the moral pitfalls that can happen in life and the effect on dying penitent. One customer told us, "these stories are more exciting than any movie or sports game, yet with spiritual benefits as a bonus!"

    One of our staff members said:
    "These stories are so touching they brought me to tears as I read them."

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  • This Preparation for Death was not originally intended for publication. The Rev. Father Bauduin revised it each month for his own personal use. "Come, come, O Mary, come and take me."

    May you, devout reader, be faithful in the regular observance of making this preparation for death every month, and you, like its author, will reap inestimable fruits at your last hour, and in heaven for all eternity.

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  • By Red Edwin G. Kaiser, C.PP.S.

    A guide to prepare the Sick and Dying for the reception of the Last Sacraments, containing the Ceremonies of the Church according to the “Rituale Romanum” (available on page 23), together with other useful Blessings and Prayers. With pictures and diagrams after special drawings in accordance with the ceremonial and usage of the Church and other illustrations. We hope this little work will accomplish some good in helping to save souls.

    Impr 1927. 128 page book, 3”x 5”.

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  • It has long been the desire of the writer to make a better translation and to make better known the exquisite “Prayers for the Dying.” Few ever read them. Most hear them only when their minds are distracted and their hearts are being torn by the parting of a loved one. Sermons on death are so often filled with dread and fear. Yet in these official prayers of the Church there is nothing but the tenderness that can come only from a mother’s touch, that can be heard only in a mother’s voice. All is consoling; all is hopeful.

    By Rev. Francis P. LeBuffe, S.J
    Impr, 1935, 64 page booklet.

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  • by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik. May the story of St. Peregrine, the "Cancer Saint," give faith to those fearing or suffering from cancer or any form of running sores. May they turn in earnest prayer to him who has rightly been named by the Church as Patron of those suffering from Running Sores and Cancer. More effective than any earthly cure is PRAYER! Prayer enlists the support of God's almighty power. 24 page booklet.

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  • Heroic Act of Charity and Other Prayers for the Faithful Departed.

    Compiled from Approved Sources by Rev. Joseph W. Princeton, C. Ss. R.

    The “Catholic Funeral Service” has been compiled chiefly from the Catholic Missal and the Priest’s New Ritual. It is hoped that this booklet will serve, as an inspiring companion, those who attend Catholic burials; and that it may help to manifest to a cold and indifferent world, how tenderly the Catholic Church loves her departed children.

    Impr 1935. 48 page booklet.

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  • Imprimatur, 1934. This 16 page booklet gives step by step instructions for the nurse, or any one else, to assist the dying. It starts with the Duty to help, Prayers to be said, Baptism and how to perform on Miscarriage or Dying Infants, Accident victims, The Conscious and Dying Catholic, The Conscious and Dying Non-Catholic, etc. The booklet ends with Prayers for the Dying, and “Your High Calling – a reminder that one works with God in trying to save souls.” This pamphlet can be of immense help not only to the nurse or EMT, but anyone who may be near a dying person before a priest might arrive.

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  • By Rev. John J Croke. Imprimatur, 1934, 40 page booklet.

    The Way of the Cross provides an easy, simple method of sharing in the merits of Christ’s sufferings. The sick, weighed down by their pain and suffering, may find comfort and solace in the pain and suffering of Christ Himself. From the sick-bed they may walk in spirit, step by step along the sorrowful way in the footsteps of the Master.

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  • Sufferings borne with resignation to God’s holy will are a sign of predestination. Sick persons who do not suffer with patience and resignation to the will of God, are to be pitied, for they do not realize the priceless treasures which God has bestowed on them. We do not see what good is hidden in sickness.

    Sufferings borne patiently bring health to the soul, and what is better for us than this? Sickness of the body makes satisfaction for our sins, urges us to seek God and prevents us from committing sin. How much easier it is to lead a devout life and to avoid sin when one is ill! Let us accept illness patiently from the hands of God, with submission to His all-holy designs.

    64 page booklet. Impr.

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