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  • Rev. Gerald C. Treacy, S.J.

    This small booklet will answer many questions you may have about Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory with many quotes from scripture. Heaven, Hell and Purgatory make up the Other World. They are real. Not only Catholics but all sensible people who believe in the immortality of the soul believe in Heaven.

    30 page booklet, Impr 1927.

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  • A novena is to be said for 9 days. This novena gives one or two mysteries from the traditional rosary to meditate upon for each day for All Souls in Purgatory to Christ the King. Includes the De Profundis, How to Give First-Aid to Souls - Constant Treatment and Special Treatment.

    22 page booklet.

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  • “Punishment is pain justly inflicted in consequence of evil done. It is purely medicinal, if its sole purpose is to bring the evil-doer to repentance and to enable him to undo the evil wrought.”

    This book was written to answer the objections which beset many honest minds in regard to eternal punishment. The reader will not only find a clear explanation of Catholic doctrine, but will be pleased to note that the objections against the doctrine of hell are met honestly and with clearness that should be helpful to those wishing to know what the Catholic Church teaches.


    Impr 1928, 84 page book.

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  • Explanation of the Epistles and the Gospels
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    For the Sundays, Holydays and Festivals Throughout the Ecclesiastical Year to which are added the Lives of Many Saints.

    This book is divided into two parts, Part I contains, as the title suggests, the explanation of the epistles and gospels. Part II contains instruction on the veneration and invocation of Saints with explanations of the epistles and gospels proper to their feasts. It would be difficult to find a book more suitable for the laity, imparting fuller instruction in faith and morals, or giving more lucid explanations of the ceremonies which the Church employs throughout the Ecclesiastical year. It is no surprise that this Catholic treasure has been warmly recommended over time by many bishops and priests since it first appeared in 1880 to strengthen the Catholic faith, propagate true Christian morality and lead to a better comprehension of the Ecclesiastical year. The Epistle and Gospel for each Sunday or Holyday is fully explained, complete with scriptural references; finally ,there is a short sermon that relates to the Gospel of the day. This large book is replete with inspirational line drawings.

    Imprimatur 1918.

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  • Indulgenced Prayers Taken from the latest Official List “Preces et Pia Opera” Issued by the Sacred Penitentiary Apostolate in Rome, December 31, 1937.

    We are much richer than we know; spiritually richer. All the treasures of Christ’s sufferings, and the accumulated merits of every member of the Mystical Body of Christ are deposited in the Treasury of the Church, in God’s Bank, Unlimited. In this booklet is presented a choice selection of prayers, all richly endowed with indulgences. The Bank is open to us at any time and for any amount we desire.

    46 page booklet. Impr 1948.

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  • Reflections on Purgatory

    By Rev. F.X. Lasance.

    A Complete Prayer-book

    Including Special Prayers and Devotions in Behalf of the Poor Souls in Purgatory

    Imprimatur, 1922, 442 page book.
    Originally printed by Benziger Brothers.

    A Rare and Unusual Book!

        It is hoped that this book will cultivate a special devotion to the holy souls in Purgatory. This devotion, while it solaces the Holy Souls, in whose behalf it is directly exercised, is eminently pleasing to God, and beneficial to ourselves. It is hoped that the “Reflections” contained in the first part of this little book will stimulate the pious reader to make frequent use of the prayers and devotions which are found in the second part for the solace of the suffering souls in Purgatory.

    Other books by


    Father Lasance:

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      Sunday Missal
      The Young Man's Guide
      The Catholic Girl's Guide

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  • By Rev. J.F. Durin.

    Long ago the Holy Ghost said: “It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from their sins.” (II.Macab. XII., 46.) Our Lord shed tears in seeing the tomb of Lazarus, and the Church, well acquainted with the feelings of the Divine Founder, is incessantly recommending charity for the Souls suffering in Purgatory. Let us try it! When we are in trouble, when we long for a favor, let us perform some pious or charitable work for the relief of the “Poor Souls.” They will be grateful, they will plead for us, and present our requests to the Eternal Father, who loves them.

    63 page booklet, Impr 1931.

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  • Arranged for Congregational use by Rev. Joseph W. Printon, C. Ss. R.

    All hymns are meant to be sung by the entire congregation and all prayers are meant to be recited along by the entire congregation.

    Impr 1934. 32 page booklet.

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  • An exact reprint from a 1946 edition.

    It includes prayers for each day of the month (p. 10-86), a Novena to the Holy Souls in Purgatory by St. Alphonsus (p.225ff), Morning prayers, Evening devotions, Acts before and after Holy Communion, devotions for Confession, visit to the Blessed Sacrament by St. Alphonsus, the Way of The Cross by St. Alphonsus, Protestation for a Happy Death by St. Alphonsus, and other prayers too numerous to mention. Includes daily prayers for the Poor Souls, Litanies, Mass Prayers, and much more.

    305 pages, Size 4” x 6”.

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  • By Rev. Frederick William Faber, D.D. Impr 1928.

    The best test of the value of a book is its unwaning influence; and Father Faber’s well-known book, "All for Jesus," has stood the test very well, for, though it was written 72 years ago, it seems to have lost nothing of its popularity. We trust that in the form in which it is presented in the following pages, it will have lost none of its value, and that it will help the reader to realize the consoling character of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the subject of Purgatory.

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  • Martin Jugie, translated from the seventh French addition by Malachy Gerard Carroll.

    Impr, 1949. 203 page book.

    Now Purgatory can be looked at from a different point of view, which without excluding the first, tends directly, however, to another end. Other books have been written with eyes primarily on the dead. This book is written with eyes on the living - the faithful on earth - and we strive to foster in them a salutary fear of the pains of Purgatory, and point out to them the means of avoiding them.

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  • Rev. Charles M, Carty.

    Impr. 1939.

    This is a 32 page pamphlet, enlarged from the original, in Question and Answer format. Both the Scriptures and the Traditions of the Church are used to explain and defend the doctrine of Purgatory so that the most intractable sceptic will understand. Also, the lifelong Catholic will learn much on this important doctrine.

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  • By Cardinal Henry Edward Manning.

    An examination of sin and its effects on the soul.  

    The book is very helpful in understanding the nature of sin and what it does to your soul and your relationship with our Lord. It will show you how to cope with temptations. It will help you to understand that even though we think our sins to not be very big that, in the eyes of our Lord, they are very big indeed. It shows you how venial sin will lead to mortal sin and sins of omission lead to sins of commission. Best of all Cardinal Manning shows how we can gain pardon from our sins and heal our soul through penance, repentance and grace.

    264 page book, originally published in 1904.

    See also other books by Cardinal Henry Edward Manning:
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      The Temporal Power of the Vicar of Jesus Christ
      Lectures by Cardinal Manning
      Sin and It’s Consequences
      The Glories of the Sacred Heart
      Eternal Priesthood

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  • By Mother Mary of St. Austin. Impr, 1947.

    That the state of Purgatory is not just a nightmare to frighten sinners into repentance, nor the vindictive imposition of a jealous Deity, but essentially the continuation of an earthly experience, in which the departed soul is purified by the application of the Divine attributes­— this is the theme of Mother St. Austin’s treatise. A wide reading of theological and, what is more important, of mystical writers, has gone to its making. The book is a treasury of valuable and apposite quotations. But this learning has been grasped, coordinated, and remoulded by a personal mystical experience of a very high order. Although the author attempts to conceal it by citing personal experiences as though belonging to others, in fact the manuscript was composed in the face of overwhelming difficulties, against ill-health, and the extraneous duties of a Mistress of Novices. She died before the manuscript was completed, and its publication was entrusted to Father Nicolas Ryan, S.J., who has still further revised the text for this new edition.

    187 page book.

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  • Thoughts on the Cahtolic Doctrine of Purgatory
    by Father Coleridge.

    Original Printing 1878.

    From the Preface:
    Two or three years ago it fell into my lot to preach during the Octave with which the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls is accustomed to celebrate the annual Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. It occurred to me that some of the miracles of our Lord might be usefully applied in illustration of the doctrine of Purgatory, and this the substance of some few of the chapters of this book was put together. The Holy Souls are sufferers to a degree and in a manner which are but faintly pictured in the bodily maladies which our Lord so lovingly relieved, and they are sufferers whose case He has left very much to the charity of the children of the Militant Church. His Sacred Heart looked further than the outward disease or privation for which He used His healing or restoring power, and, if it is most natural to consider all bodily evils as shadows and images by which spiritual infirmities are represented, it is not an exaggerated extension of the same principle of accommodation to consider the sufferings of Purgatory, all of which are caused by sin or negligence, as included under it. And no phase of department of Christian devotion can ever lose by being connected in any way with considerations on the acts and sayings of our Lord.

    401 pages.

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