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  • The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as Described by a Surgeon by Pierre Barbet, M.D. Very inspirational! Examines the physical tortures that Our Lord endured on the cross for our sins, all from modern medical analysis. A heart-rending account that goes into deep detail of exactly what occurred during the crucifixion, what the Romans commonly did to prisoners. Clearly separates facts from theory. This book will make you have a deeper appreciation for The Passion. You will never be the same. 192 page book, Impr 1953

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  • By Fr. Bernard A Fuller, S.J. 32 page booklet. Imprimatur 1930. This pamphlet takes you, in spirit, to the last hours of our Lord’s crucifixion. You see the various groups of people. In one group, the soldiers of Rome, the hired executioners, are there with all the Judases of the world who sell their souls for worldly pleasure and their God for gold. In another group stand the holy women and Magdalene and John and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. That is our place! Magdalene, the sinner, bids us come, and Mary, our Mother, holds out her arms to welcome us. The Seven Last Words of Jesus are explained with emotion, making us realize that all of the suffering of our Lord was caused by our sins.

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  •  Short Meditations for Busy Parish Priests.

    Second Series: The Night of the Passion

    By Rev. Anthony Huonder, S.J.

    Impr. 1926.

    This book will be immensely profitable not only to priests but for the busy Catholic layman as well. It features 125 Meditations, each about 2 or 3 pages. It is unusual that a book would cover in such depth the sufferings of our dear Lord. This book is emotional so an ample supply of Kleenex can be helpful, yet it will surely lead us to love Our Lord more and to appreciate His sufferings for all of us.

    347 pp.

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  • Children’s Edition, by Father Daniel Lord, S.J.
    This booklet of  fourteen Stations of the Cross for children contains a full color picture for each station and words that a child can understand and relate to.  The words that Father Lord has chosen are very touching and sentimental and will inspire young and old alike.
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  • Original publisher New York, Montreal, D. & J., Sadlier & co. 1864.

    With considerations on the Passion. Translated from the Italian of St. Alphonsus Liguori by a Catholic Clergyman.
    256 pages. Described in simple language, according to the narration of the Holy Evangelist. This book is filled with the events of Christ’s crucifixion with bible verses placed in appropriate areas for explanation. Also, has many prayers. As you read this unusual book you will feel that you are right there with our Lord and follow Him all the way

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  • The Way of the Cross for Children.

    Suggested ages 2 - 7 years.

    A very elementary book printed in full color. A sweet little pamphlet that mother or father will enjoy reading with the young ones of the family and children of the first few grades will enjoy reading by themselves. A friendly, full-color picture for each station along with a short “Think:” and a short “Say:” in simple language that will be easy for children to understand.

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  • By St. Paul of the Cross.

    These little “Flowers of the Passion” are a collection of devout thoughts and sentiments gathered mostly from occasional letters of that great lover of Jesus crucified, St. Paul of the Cross. They are a treasure to humble and simple souls, and show what sweetness, comfort, graces, and virtues can be drawn from devout meditation on the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. It is only from constant and loving reflection on the love shown towards us, and bright examples of every virtue given us by our suffering Lord, that such beautiful and affecting sentiments could so spontaneously spring.

    Impr, 1893, 241 page book.

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  • By Father William Faber, D.D.

    This Treatise was originally “sketched” for the first time in 1847. This book delves deep into the meaning of The Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother, going into detail for each one. “We never advance more rapidly in love of the Son than when we travel by the Mother.” Each Sorrow is contained in its own chapter, it explains how Our Sorrowful Mother rejoiced in her sorrows.

    556 page book.

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  • By Rev. Gerald T. Brennan.

    Impr 1946. 80 Page booklet.

    This easy to read book starts with the story of the Apostle that betrayed Jesus and ends with the Sunday after Christ’s death. This is a book that would be wonderful for any youngster, but it will also keep the attention of the young at heart with 14 chapters. Six illustrations.

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  • By Rev. Francis P. Donnelly, S.J.

    Impr. 1917, 212 pages.

    In this present work, containing thoughts and prayers for the Holy Hour devotion, the Passion is kept prominent throughout. The Holy hour began with being a commemoration of Christ’s Agony in the Garden and then, as the devotion was always practised before the Blessed Sacrament, thoughts and practices became Eucharistic. Devotions in this book aim to stir up within the faithful compassion with Christ, hatred of sin, a spirit of reparation and kindred feelings and resolves. For seven centuries the Anima Christi has been warming hearts and uplifting souls in earnest devotion. This book also contains Litanies, Prayers and Hymns that bolster the devotions.

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  • By Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

    A tale about a group of people, Catholic and non-Catholic, discussing Lent with a Priest in a warm, inviting setting in front of a fireplace. Father Hall explains the reason and importance of Lent. Easy to follow and entertaining booklet.

    Impr, 1937. 32 page booklet.

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  • Jesus Crucified
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    by FF. Pierre Marie & Jean Nicholas Grou.

    Impr, 1917. 195 page book.

    From the Preface:
    "This book appeared for the first time in the year 1642!The book had been out of print and practically forgotten for nearly two hundred years when Father Grou so much admired the sound doctrine ... that he would not deprive the faithful of the wholesome teaching contained therein. This induced him to have it reprinted after slightly revising the style, the revised edition first appearing in 1783. The book here offered is as it left the hands of Father Grou." The book is divided into three parts: During Life (17 meditations), For the Hour of Death (17 meditations plus a subsection "Aspirations of the Soul Towards God at the Approach of Death (4 meditations), plus a section on Devotions, added "for the interests of devout souls" and "suitable to the contents of the book.

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  • Meditations By Mother Clare Fey.

    The Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus has gathered from the writings of their Foundress a number of short meditations on the sufferings of the Redeemer, which are distinguished not only by rare depth of thought, but still more by the warmth of love with which a holy soul, endowed with divine grace, has submerged herself in the great work of redemption by the Crucified.

    Impr 1931, 145 page book.

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  • Imprimatur, 1931.

    Christ wishes us to remain as little children. Does that mean we must never grow up: never get taller and stronger: never stop going to school? No; it means we must go to Him always as children, in innocence, in confidence, in love. He knows each one of us, knows our faults, knows each things we do and each thought we have. But He not only knows us; He loves us, and because of that love He can understand whatever we may say to Him. He is eager that we go to Him, little children that we are: and the author of this booklet shows us how we may do so particularly during the Holy Season of Lent.

    64 page booklet.

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  • by Cardinal Henry Edward Manning.

    Imprimatur, 1862.

    Cardinal Manning, in a convincing writing style convinces the reader of the accuracy of the title he chose for this book. Chapters include: The Sacrament of Penance the Special Sacrament of the Compassion of Jesus; The Sacrament of Penance a Means of Self-Knowledge, The Sacrament of Penance the Means of Perfecting Our Contrition, The Sacrament of Penance the Sacrament of Reparation, and The Sacrament of Penance the Sacrament of Perseverance.

    151 pages, PB, size 3" x 5".

    See also other books by Cardinal Henry Edward Manning:
      Internal Mission of the Holy Ghost
      Love of Jesus to Penitents
      The Temporal Power of the Vicar of Jesus Christ
      Lectures by Cardinal Manning
      Sin and It’s Consequences
      The Glories of the Sacred Heart
      Eternal Priesthood

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