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Children's Book Series - Set

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Children’s Book Series
Beautiful, vibrant colors and easy to read stories that are great for children.
Young at heart Catholics will treasure these gems from the past!
  1. A First Life of Christ By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1952. Mary speaks to children about the story of Jesus from the very beginning to the time of his resurrection into heaven. Each page is beautifully illustrated with a total of 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-LC 
  2. The Rosary Explained by Francis McGrade. Impr. 1952. This book explains how to say the 15 mysteries of the rosary as well as explains the mysteries themselves. Consisting of 32 pages with each having beautiful illustrations. Age range from 2-10. N-TR
  3. Hail Mary By Sister Mary. Impr. 1953. This tells this story Blessed Mother being asked to be the Mother of Jesus by the angel Gabriel and how the story ties into the Hail Mary that we say during the Rosary. 32 pages. Filled with lovely pictures. Age range from 2-10. N-HAIL
  4. Let’s Pray - First Prayers For Little Catholics By Sister M. Juliana, O.P., of the Maryknoll Sisters. Impr. 1951. Explains the sign of the cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and prayers before and after meals. 32 pages. Filled with illustrations on every page. Age range from 2-10. N-LETS
  5. The Seven Sacraments Explained for Young Catholics By Rev. Demetrius Manousos, O.F.M., CAP. Impr. 1954. Explains the seven sacraments. Beautifully illustrated, 46 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-SS
  6. My Guardian Angel By Mary W. Stromwall. Impr. 1953. Each page has pictures of Guardian Angels helping us throughout the day. Tells stories of different ways angels have helped us out and has a prayer to your Guardian angel. 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-MGA
  7. My Book About God A First Book For Little Catholics. By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1953. Tells us about the Love of God and all the things He has done for us. Pictures on every page, 32 pages.  Age range from 2-10. N-MBAG
  8. My Little Missal in Pictures By Rev. Francis Turmezei. Impr. 1950. The Mass is simplified for children to better understand and shown with pictures on each page. 32 pages. Age range from 2-8. N-MLM
  9. A First Book of Saints By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1953. 10 short, captivating stories about well-known saints: St. Gabriel, St. Joseph, St. Agnes, St. Patrick, St. Benedict, St. Francis, St. Dominic, St. Margaret Mary, St. Therese, & St. Michael. A great introduction for little children! Beautiful illustrations on every page! Total of 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-FBS
  10. First Holy Communion By Rev. Demetrius Manousos, O.F.M., CAP. Impr. 1955. Teaches young children all about First Holy Communion, what to do before, during, after, what happens to the bread and the wine, and so much more. 32 beautifully illustrated pages. Ages 2-10.  N-FHC
  11. My Confession By Francis McGrade. Impr. 1953. Tells children how we should always do what our parents want us to do and if we don’t we should apologize and try to make up for what we’ve done. Tells how confession is the Sacrament of Penance and it is good for our souls, what we should do at confession and what we should remember. 32 pages. Filled with lovely pictures. Age range from 2-10. N-MYC
  12. I Believe A First Book on the Apostles' Creed for Little Catholics, by Sister M. Juliana of Maryknoll. Imprimatur, 1955. The young Catholic learns an important prayer, The Apostles' Creed, with the aid of pictures in color and simple words to inspire. 32 pages, SB. N-BELIEVE
  13. Saint Peter A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales. Imprimatur, 1956. The young Catholic learns the story of Saint Peter. It tells what happened when Peter tried to walk on water. It explains how he denied our Lord three times and was very sorry for doing that. Peter was the first Pope of the Church. 20 pages, SB. N- PETER
  14. Saint Paul A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales. Imprimatur, 1957. The young Catholic learns about a very brave Saint who wrote letters, or epistles that we read in the holy Bible.  20  pages, SB. N-PAUL
  15. First Picture Dictionary for Little Catholics by Patricia Ann Schmitt and Ruth Hannon Impr, 1955. Teaches children many Catholic vocabulary with pictures. Also includes items in the Church, the Last Supper, the 12 Apostles, and much more. N-FPD
  16. St. Joseph A First Book for Little Catholics by Fr. Gales. Impr, 1956. Tells the story of St. Joseph and how he came to be Jesus's foster father, and how he protected Jesus after His birth. Short story of 19 pages. N-SJO
  17. Listen to God The Ten Commandments for Little Catholics by Sister M. Juliana of Maryknoll Impr, 1953. Beginning with God's creation of the Earth, this book teaches little children about the Great Flood and the Ten Commandments that followed. 30 pages with beautiful illustrations. N-LTG
  18. Saint Therese A First Book for Little Catholics by Fr. Gales. Impr, 1957. A short picture book on the life of Saint Therese. Teaches children about how St. Therese was visited by the vision of the Child Jesus and became a Carmelite nun at a young age to live out her life entirely for God. N-STH
  19. God's Story Book First Bible Stories for Little Catholics Impr, 1952. Teaches children main events from the Bible such as the Beginning, the Great Flood, the Ten Commandments, and more. Complete with illustrations. 27 pages. N-GSB
  20. The Story of the Mass by Gerald Ellard, S.J. Impr. 1943, 24 pages. With just a few short stories, this illustrated book for children tells of God's love for His children and how the Mass came to be. This book offers a simple explanaiton on why and how good Catholics perform the Mass. N-SOTM
  21. Saint Bernadette By Father Gales. Impr, 1957. Beautifully tells the story of St. Bernadette, how she was born in a little town in Lourdes. How she met Our Lady many times and how Our Lady told her that she wanted a church built. 20 pages. Age range from 2-8.
  22. Our Father By Francis McGrade. Impr, 1951. Explains each line of the Our Father prayer in clear and easy to understand words. 20 pages. Age range from 2-6. N-OUFA
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