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  • by Fr. Edwin C. Haungs, S.J.

    Father Haung is convinced that if every husband and wife were to make this examination of conscience once a week, unhappiness in marriage would be cut down to practically a vanishing point.

    32 page booklet, Impr 1945

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  • The Catholic Ideal

    by Rev. Thomas J. Gerrard.

    Impr. 1911.

    Here’s a book that every family should have, since it imparts valuable information both to those about to be married as well as those having been married a lifetime. Chapters include: the Sanctity of Marriage, Choice of Mate, Mixed Marriages, Conjugal Restraint, Before and After Childbirth, The Blessings of Many Children, Between Parents and Children, Sexual Instruction for the Young plus 5 other chapters. Will make a great gift from parents or grandparents!

    179 page book.

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  • By Rev. Martin J. Scott, S.J.

    Christian marriage is the institution of Jesus Christ who elevated it to the dignity of a sacrament. Christ declared that marriage was indissoluble and permanent. Married life offers no immunity from the cares, responsibilities and misunderstanding of life. Christ came not to remove the cross but to help us carry it. Married life has its cross, and nothing so unites a family and makes its members so devoted to one another as the mutual bearing of its hardships.

    32 page booklet.

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  • by Roderick MacEachen, D.D., Impr., 1947.

    Preface by His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons:
    ”This little volume has a great mission: it goes forth to defend the holiness of the marriage state and the dignity of parenthood; to define the duties and mutual relations of man and wife; to warn our people against the abuses that too often surround marriage in modern society. It is concise enough for the busiest of men, erudite enough for the most scholarly, and simple enough for the humblest of our people. That it may teach many to love and respect the great Sacrament of Matrimony is our ardent wish.” Eleven chapters to include: The Sacrament of Matrimony, The Jurisdiction of the Church over Marriage, Mixed Marriage, Conjugal Relations and 7 others. Also included is Marriage Ceremony and Nuptial Blessing.

    48 page booklet.

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  • by Rt. Rev. Monsignor Bernard O'Reilly, D.D., L.D.

    Imprimatur, 1877.

    This work is "fitted for our times. It will be of vast service to many mothers and daughters in the Church, by showing them how they may practically conform their lives to the bright pictures of womanly virtue you have so felicitously portrayed. And if others outside the Church may be induced to look into these pages, how many may be saved who are eager to do good and live virtuously, and have no one to teach them! There is a vast multitude of women in this country marching toward a precipice of ruin, and it is a mystery to know what to do to arrest their downward progress. Many of them have no religion, and, though a man without religion is dangerous to society, a woman who is destitute of it is prone to be a monster." Thomas Foley, Bishop of Chicago, 1877 A.D.

    466 pages, size 5.5" x 9" x 1.5" thick.

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  • A manual of instructions and prayers adapted to preserve the fruits of the mission.

    By the Very Rev. Ferreol Girardey, C.Ss.R.

    This book ought not to be used as a mere prayer-book, but it should also be used frequently as a book of consideration, of serious reflection. It would be well if a chapter of it were read every evening or, at the very least, on Sundays and holydays. This book contains many necessary prayers as well as many unique prayers. Part I deals with special instructions for the married, then for all Christians.

    480 page book. Impr 1897.

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  • By the Rev. C. McNeiry, C.Ss.R.

    This little book is meant to help young people who as yet do not know to what state of life God calls them, but who in all probability will be called to the married state. It may also prove useful to those whose duty it is to watch over and direct the young.

    73 page booklet, Impr 1921.

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  • The Answer of the Catholic Church

    by Rev. John A. O’Brien, Ph.D., LL.D.

    Imprimatur, 1937.

    This 16 page pamphlet answers these questions: Why does the Church oppose divorce?, What is the teaching of Christ concerning the indissolubility of Christian marriage?, How does the stand of the Church best conserve the interests of husband, wife and children?, What was the great mistake made by the so-called reformers in regard to marriage?, What is the rate at which divorces have increased in our country?, How is the public welfare best promoted by a permanent marriage?, and others

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