Blessed Sacrament

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  • Beginning with a literal voice from the tabernacle, this book seeks to bring readers back closer to Christ. In what would be the preface, readers get a reminder that says, “My child, this little Tabernacle is My dwelling place among men. Here I am anxiously awaiting to dispense My graces and blessings to them; but alas! They do not visit Me to ask these blessings or spend a few short moments during the course of the day in My company.” This book continues on with what readers can hope to obtain during time spent with Jesus. Included with illustrations, this book offers prayers for pious souls hoping for a reprieve from the world in this day and age and wishing to take refuge with Jesus. Readers can take comfort in reading about Jesus' unending love for them and forming a deeper connection with Him.

    128 page book, Impr 1905.

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  • Impr 1878, 120 page book.

    From the “visits” of St. Liguori:
    “Faith teaches, and we are bound to believe that Jesus Christ is really present on the consecrated Host, under the appearance of bread. But we must know that he remains on our altars, as on the throne of love and mercy, there to dispense his graces to us, and to show his love.” This book reaffirms the belief of “ask and you shall receive” as noted in the preface from a dying girl who longed for the company of Jesus and found comfort in her last moments; furthermore, the book allows its readers to rest their tired souls and walk through conversations with Jesus to regain their spiritual, emotional, and mental energy. Through this book you’ll find yourself to be comforted with the knowledge of Jesus’ presence constantly with you. You’ll feel as though you’re not alone as you read through the pages of prayers, delighting in the refuge that the pages will offer.

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  • This “Prayer-book” is an American adaptation of the “Direttorio e Preci” or official Prayer-book of the Venerable Archconfraternity for Nocturnal Adoration at Rome. The English translation of the Psalms in the Office of the Blessed Sacrament is taken from the Douay version of the Bible and the other portions of the Office from the translation of the Roman Breviary made by the Marquess of Bute... Needless to add that all the prayers as well as the other portions of this “Prayer-Book” have been submitted to the proper ecclesiastical authorities, and are here published only with their entire approbation.

    93 pages. Impr 1932.

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  • This is a Christmas book about the Blessed Sacrament. When, at the good tidings of great joy, the little ones crowd to the Crib, going over, as it were, and going back to Bethlehem, to see the gracious mystery which has come to pass, we elders turn rather to the Tabernacle, to find there once again, new-born in mystic birth and wrapped in the swaddling-clothes of the sacramental species, Him for whom there is really no far-away and no long-ago. And these pages will help to penetrate us, while kneeling there in lowly adoration, with the spirit of the dweller in that ‘house of bread’, and to make us, in very truth, as little, children once again.

    Selection from Father Faber by Rev. John Fitzpatrick, O.M.I.
    120 page book, Impr 1901.

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  • Impr, 1914. 262 page book.

    By Rev. Francis P. Donnelly, S.J.

    The following thoughts have been written to supply fresh material for prayer and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament.
    The spread of Communion, the practice of the Holy Hour, the frequency of Exposition and Adoration of our hidden Lord, the long and repeated Visits, which have been so wonderfully stimulated by the Eucharistic Propaganda, and many other religious services connected with the Holy Eucharist, all call for new presentation of the truths in their bearing upon the presence of Christ in the Tabernacle.
    The presence of listeners is supposed, and it is hoped that the directness of address will make the book suitable for public reading without rendering it less suited to private reflections. The substance of the thoughts is taken from the Gospels, and an endeavor has been made to follow our Lord along more lowly paths and to study His words and deeds in some less hackneyed aspects and with new bearing upon His life on the altar.
    At the end of the book will be found an account of the Holy Hour and its indulgences with an order of exercises which can be altered to suit one’s devotional tastes. Thoughts, prayers, hymns, everything, in a word, necessary to the proper carrying on of the Holy Hour will be found between the covers of this manual.

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