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St. Francis de Sales
Feast day is Thursday, Jan. 29th.
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Consoling Thoughts of St. Francis de SalesConsoling Thoughts of St. Francis de Sales
Gathered from his writings and arranged in order by Rev. Pére Huguet. Many sick and wounded souls have found in these sweet and affecting pages heavenly consolation. How many souls are there today who stand in need of being encouraged and consoled? Want of confidence is the great obstacle in the work of the Christian apostleship. The writings of St. Francis de Sales are admirably suited to times of trial and sadness. The soul enjoys in them an atmosphere of mild salubrity that strengthens and renews it. 339 page book.
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Draw Near to Jesus - Turn to His HeartDraw Near to Jesus
Turn to His Heart. Meditations on our lord Jesus-Christ and on Holy Communion according to the spirit of Saint Francis de Sales. “Enamelled with treasured from Holy Scripture, the writings of St. Francis de Sales and of St. Margaret Mary.” “It will being comfort and courage to many souls, and lead them to better understand, and to put into practice, the spiritual teachings that are contained in the lives and writings of the Saints. 178 page book, impr 1923.
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Introduction to the Devout LifeIntroduction to the Devout Life
By Saint Francis De Sales. Even though this book was wrote over 400 years ago it is still applicable today! It is practical and easy to follow! Perfect for the ordinary, busy Catholic who wants to be closer to God!
This book is designed for those that are unable to completely withdraw themselves from society of the world, but want to live without worldly taint and find springs of sweet piety. This book will help you focus on God. A friend of St. Francis de Sales that had a burning desire to become closer to God so he came to the author asking for instructions and councils, which lead St Francis to write this book in clear and intelligible words. This is a timeless spiritual classic that should be in every library. 272 pages.
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Golden Counsels of St. Francis de SalesGolden Counsels of St. Francis de Sales
Doctor of the Church, patron of the press, patron saint of the deaf, and patron of the Archconfraternity of Christian Doctrine. He touched the lives of thousands during his life and his wise and loving counsels have inspired millions since his death. The conversion of thousands of heretics is credited to the examples he showed, which worked miracles of grace wherever he appeared. St. Francis is the Apostle of Cheerfulness and Hope. He was a most holy and faithful priest and bishop. He wrote numerous letters and the book entitled Introduction to the Devout Life, among many other works of rare merit. His writings are uplifting and a breath of fresh air. Impr, 1948. 31 page booklet.
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Conflicting Moral StandardsConflicting Moral Standards
by Rev. Vincent Holden, C.S.P. Imprimatur, 1951, 28 page booklet. Father Holden explains that we have units of standard in weights and measure and without these standards there would be chaos in the market place; he goes on to explain that in a similar way we must have standards of morality - and who will set those standards. “Against that eternal code of Almighty God we measure our actions. Explains why mankind cannot change the moral standard to fit changing times. Thought provoking!
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Confession Prayers for ChildrenConfession Prayers for Children
Teaching our children to think of Jesus and Sin before they think of their own desires is a difficult task, as we all well know. This little booklet does well to explain the importance of confession and the never ending love of Christ. It is written in a manner that is easy to understand for children. Impr 1932, 32 page booklet.
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Why Not Get a Divorce?Why Not Get a Divorce?
The Answer of the Catholic Church by Rev. John A. O’Brien, Ph.D., LL.D. Imprimatur, 1937. This 16 page pamphlet answers these questions: Why does the Church oppose divorce?, What is the teaching of Christ concerning the indissolubility of Christian marriage?, How does the stand of the Church best conserve the interests of husband, wife and children?, What was the great mistake made by the so-called reformers in regard to marriage?, What is the rate at which divorces have increased in our country?, How is the public welfare best promoted by a permanent marriage?, and others.
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Eventually, Why Not Now?Eventually, Why Not Now?
An appeal to the good sense of souls to put the right premium on the only business in life that counts. Food for thought in a Retreat. You are determined to have your ticket to heaven before you die, and death may occur in the next hour. Why then, put off the one and only real business of life? You mean to look into this matter eventually - why not now? Impr 1941, 62 page booklet.
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Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from HeavenOur Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from Heaven
An exciting book that describes everything you want to know about Fatima! Part I Starts with the Story of Fatima, the Apparition of Our Lady, and the visions. Part II contains Important Events, Our Lady Appears to Sister Lucia, and Ecclesiastical approval for the Message of Fatima. Part III contains Fatima and the United States, and What of the Future? Part IV contains the Daily Rosary and Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A wonderful classic! 32 page booklet, Impr 1950.
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After Death-What?After Dead - What?
This small booklet will answer many questions you may have about Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory with many quotes from scripture. Heaven, Hell and Purgatory make up the Other World. They are real. Not only Catholics but all sensible people who believe in the immortality of the soul believe in Heaven. 30 page booklet, Impr 1927.
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