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True Men As We Need ThemTrue Men As We Need Them
A Book of Instruction for Men in the World.  Rev. Bernard O' Rielly, L.D. “The hearty welcome given by the public to the Mirror of True Womanhood, encourages the author to send forth this volume as a companion to it. The same plan, so far as the subject-matter would permit, has been followed in both. Much of the utility as well as of the success of the present work will depend on those who have so generously patronized its predecessor, - the True Women of America. Coming from their hand to husband, son, or brother, the book will prove acceptable and most precious. Its lessons too must derive much of their advocacy of the wives and mothers to whom we must owe the true men of the future.”460 page book, Impr, 1878.
Was: $25.95
Now: $12.98
Purgatorian ManualPurgatorian Manual
An exact reprint from a 1946 edition. It includes prayers for each day of the month (p. 10-86), a Novena to the Holy Souls in Purgatory by St. Alphonsus (p.225ff), Morning prayers, Evening devotions, Acts before and after Holy Communion, devotions for Confession, visit to the Blessed Sacrament by St. Alphonsus, the Way of The Cross by St. Alphonsus, Protestation for a Happy Death by St. Alphonsus, and other prayers too numerous to mention, with a 18 page excerpt from The Manual of the Holy Catholic Church (1906) to prove the existence of Purgatory from Holy Scriptures. Includes daily prayers for the Poor Souls, Litanies, Mass Prayers, and much more. 305 pages, Size 4” x 6”.
Was: $8.00
Now: $4.00
A Novena for ConversionA Novena for Conversions
by Albert A. Murray, C.S.P. Imprimatur, 1949. Compiled and arranged for private and congregational use. The most beautiful way of showing Almighty God how grateful you are for the gift of the Catholic Faith is by helping to share it with others. It has been said that the most divine of divine works is to cooperate with God in the salvation of a soul. This opportunity is open to all, including the laity. This booklet was compiled to stimulate interest in conversions and as a practical prayer aid. Converts come into the Church through prayer, hence this booklet can be of immense help. 32 page booklet.
Was: $3.90
Now: $1.95
Kindness - by Rev. Frederick W. Faber, D.D.Kindness
by Rev. Frederick W. Faber, D.D. The author explains that kindness has the "power of making the world happy, or at least of so greatly diminishing the amount of unhappiness in it as to make it quite a different world from what it is at present." Covers Kindness in General, Kind Thoughts, Kind Words and Kind Actions. Originally printed in 1889, now back in print without change or revision. Pamphlet, 63 pages 4.5" x 6.5".
Was: $5.30
Now: $2.65
The Shipwreck - A Story for the YoungThe Shipwreck
A Story for the Young, by Rev. Joseph Spillman, S.J. Originally printed in 1910, and translated from the German edition. The story starts in Hong Kong “in the old days” when it was but a small population. A Catholic church was being built and Willy Brown, a student, insisted on climbing the scaffolding so that he could see his father’s ship arriving. The Father forbade him to climb, but he disobeyed. Meanwhile, the priest was greeted by a stranger asking for Willy and soon found that Willy’s father had died a few days earlier, and the man was his Guardian who was to give Willy a large inheritance. That is just the start of a story filled with suspense. Any youngster from 10 to 100 will learn moral lessons in the process. 126 pages book. PB 126 pages book.
Was: $9.75
Now: $4.88
Confession Made EasyConfession Made Easy
The confessor’s heart often grows sad, when he sees how many Christians are unable to distinguish between mortal and venial sin and, therefore, have a false conscience and unfortunately continue to act contrary to that conscience, so that at time trivial matters cause them the greatest misery. In this volume will be found an exhaustive treatment on sin – mortal and venial. It will show that, since it is the duty of the penitent to confess his sins, with the number and circumstances surrounding them, he must know how to distinguish between duty and counsel, sin and imperfection, between mortal and venial sin. Impr 1910. 715 page book, SB, 4”x 5.5.
Was: $29.63
Now: $14.83
Scapular FactsScapular Facts
Many Catholics come in time to forget what they learned in their childhood about Mary’s Scapular. This booklet is intended to refresh the memory concerning all that is essential to know about the Scapular. Its author hopes that this little, convenient handbook of Scapular information will, in Catholic homes, be the means of inducing many thousands of Catholics to resume the habit of wearing the Scapular, and thus avail themselves of the marvelous privileges which our Blessed Lady and the Church have attached to the wearing of the Scapular. 40 page booklet.
Was: $4.85
Now: $2.43
These Tales are TrueThese Tales Are True
Nineteen Stories That Really Happened. Truth is often stranger than fiction. This book is a collection of true tales, sometimes incredible, fantastic tales. Many of them highlight a principle of Catholic life in a way no mere explanation can achieve. All of these stories appeared first in a magazine from many years ago and are collected here in convenient form so that they can be easily enjoyed by the whole family. Some of the stories are based on incidents which involved the personal experience of the narrator, Father Daniel A. Lord, S.J. In other cases the tale was told to Father Lord and he retells it here in his own inimitable fashion. The fact that these tales are true, that they really did happen, must be emphasized. The lessons they point will help you to enrich Christian living. 98 Pages. Printed with Ecclesiastical Approval January 30, 1947.
Was: $7.95
Now: $3.98

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