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The New Holy Week Missal
The Complete English Text of All the Ceremonies from Palm Sunday to the Easter Vigil Service. Compiled and Edited by Rev. James O’Connor. Imprimatur 1956. 127 pages book.   This publication makes it convenient to read the prayers for every day in Holy Week, complete with the Ordinary of the Mass and all scriptural readings.
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The Three Hours Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ
by Rev. Peter Guilday. "The Good Friday devotion, popularly known as the Three Hours’ Agony, is becoming one of the most eagerly attended services of Holy Week. A series of sermons on the Seven Last Words of Our Lord on Calvary. No other series of sermons could be of more intimate and personal character than those given during the impressive services of the Three Hours’ Agony. This book will be especially useful to the Faithful during Lent and especially Holy Week, but throughout the year for First Fridays, etc.
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New Books
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My God and My All
New Prayer book for Children By Father Lasance. “I have prepared this little book for your special benefit. I hope it will help you love and serve Jesus faithfully, so that you may be happy with Him both here and hereafter. You will find many short prayers in this book. They are called ejaculations. Make frequent use of them.” 287 page book, Impr 1923.
$11.98 Now: $10.78
The Green Scapular and It's Favors
Marie Edouard Mott, C.M. The work that appears today on the Green Scapular with its origin and the countless favors of which it is the instrument, has been in demand for a long time.
    It is true, its marvelous effects were well known, but its origin remained shrouded in an almost impenetrable mystery, upon which, however, people were most anxious to be enlightened.
    One can easily understand why this mystery might have prevailed during the life time of the happy seer of whom God chose to make use for the transmission of this pledge of salvation, namely Sister Justine Bisqueyburu, Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. 56 page booklet, Impr 1942.
Was: $6.98 Now: $6.28
St. Patrick's Day
is March 17th! Save 20% on these books!
St. Patrick Apostle of Ireland
The following volume while not ignoring criticism, does not claim to be critical. It contains merely of the old stories retold, as far as may be in the light of modern research; and its principle object is to introduce the inexperienced reader to the study of St. Patrick’s life and times in such a manner that, should he be tempted to pursue that study further, he may at least find nothing of importance to unlearn. Contains several beautiful black and white illustrations. 274 page book. Impr 1911.
Was: $16.95 Now: $13.56
Novena in Honor of St. Patrick
St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, Defender of the Faith. Beautiful little prayer book includes: Prayer for Happy Death, Prayer for zeal, Benediction Hymn, Litany of St. Patrick, Litany of the Saints of Ireland (very unusual!), Prayer for All Those Near to Us, Prayer for Purity, Learning Christ and much more! Impr 1958, 32 page booklet.
Was: $4.86 Now: $3.89

Slightly Defective
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The Children of LaSalette
Mary Fabyan Windeatt, Illustrated by George Harmon. After a century the true story of Melanie and Maximin has its message from Our Lady for the people of today. Learn all about the beautiful lady that appeared to the children and the important message that they were told to make known to all the people. 188 page book, Impr 1951. Slightly Defective - Pages 14 and 112 have small amount of text cut off.
Was: $12.35 Now: $6.18
Christ and Women
“Writers have sometimes stated that women had little place in the life of Christ.” What is the answer to the question mark that this statement by Father Lord puts in your mind? Will you remain satisfied with such a pronouncement? Or will you, with Father Lord, go back to the life of Christ and see what women really meant to our Lord... and what He should mean to you today? Impr 1928, 32 page booklet. Slightly Defective - Duplicate page 29, no missing pages.
Was: $4.95 Now: $2.48


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