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St. Rose of Lima
Her feast day is Saturday the 30th!
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The Life of St. Rose of LimaThe Life of St. Rose of Lima

First flowret of the desert wild, Whose leaves the sweets of grace exhale,
We grant thee, Lima’s sainted child - Rose of America - all hail!
From the Preface: No words can express the emotions which this history of the Virgin, St. Rose of Lima, will awaken in truly Christian hearts that love Jesus Christ, his ever blessed Church, and their native land. How wonderful is God in his Saints, will be the exclamation at almost every page. Next to God’s own word in the Sacred Scriptures, nothing so touches the heart, enlightens the soul, and rouses up even the most slothful to a sense of all we owe to our Redeemer and never can repay, as the reading of the lives of the saints, the contemplation of the virtues, sufferings and triumphs of such a child of the Church as is here presented to us. And St. Rose is only one of that innumerable host of witnesses who, whether living on earth or reigning in heaven, testify to the truth, the holiness, the divinity of that faith we profess.
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Beautiful Books on Our Blessed Mother!
By Rev. Alexis M. Lepicier, O.S.M.
The Catholic Church and YouThe Catholic Church and You
Imprimatur, 1954. 256 page book. Father Grace, in the 1950s, offered a series of lectures for those inquiring about the Catholic Church and also for “cradle” Catholics who wanted a refresher course on the doctrines of the Church. An effective and proper instruction of inquirers. In addition to the Catechumen or inquiring Catholic this book will be most helpful for the busy clergy or nun; it also is an excellent source for teachers of religion or theology in high school or college classes. May this book serve as a broad gateway, for numerous souls, to the truths that save in time and eternity.

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Only $12.95 Until October 15th!
Heaven's Recent WondersHeaven's Recent Wonders
Imprimatur 1909. 385 page book.  From the Introduction: “In these day when the reality of modern miracles, as supernaturally caused events, is denied outright or looked upon with suspicion, and the appeal to miracles as motives of belief in supernatural truth seems to weaken even with some who profess to be Catholics, it is helpful to read such a book as this. It confirms one’s faith and lifts one above the narrow views of the prejudiced sciolists.” This is Dr. Boissarie’s 5th work on Lourdes, it embraces many of the more recent facts. May this volume of “Mary’s doctor” prove our Merciful Mother’s missionary to many troubled hearts and bring hosts of stray sheep into her Son’s fold.
Only: $26.25
The Wife DesireThe Wife Desired
By Fr. Leo J. Kinsella. Originally printed in 1957 with Imprimatur. 168 page book. Happiness does not happen... It must be earned. Here is a Marriage Blueprint every woman can follow. The role of the girl in life is the most glamorous and fascinating in all the world. Of no other creature is so much demanded. She is to be the helpmate of man, the mother of his children. She is to keep his home, to comfort him in loneliness and weariness, and to bring him back to health when sick.  This book will prove to be invaluable to high school students, college students, and all those young people who are contemplating marriage. Because of its clarity of thought and humanness of expression and example, Father Kinsella’s book will be helpful to priests and laity.
Only: $11.95
The Man for HerThe Man for Her
By Fr. Leo J. Kinsella Imprimatur 1957.  175 page book. Many wives who read The Wife Desired felt that their husbands had been neglected. They would like to see a book for them! Even the Bible in its numerous references to husband and wife gives much for advise to the wife. The hope in these pages is that some young men may become more aware that, as there are a few tricks to every trade, there is something to be said for preparing to be a husband. Full happiness can come to a husband only through his wife. Success in business and the social world are as ashes in his hand, if he fails to win the love and admiration of his chosen partner for life. The only effort in subsequent chapters will be to observe successful, happy husbands in action. How does a husband manage to have the wife desired, and in having her, reach the pinnacle of earthly happiness?
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St. Jude - 4" Magnetic StatueSave $1.75!
St. Jude Magnetic Statue

4" plastic statue with magnetic/adhesive bottom!
Was: $3.75 Now: $2.00

Half Off!
Silver or Gold St. Benedict Jubilee MedalSt. Benedict Jubilee Medal
Available in gold or silver finish with color enamel. 1.75" diameter. Click picture for details about the popular St. Benedict Medal and some of the story behind it.
Was: $6.00 Now: $3.00

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