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  • Eventually, Why Not Now?
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    An appeal to the good sense of souls to put the right premium on the only business in life that counts. Food for thought in a Retreat. You are determined to have your ticket to heaven before you die, and death may occur in the next hour. Why then, put off the one and only real business of life? You mean to look into this matter eventually - why not now?

    Impr 1941, 62 page booklet.

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  • Is Your Child Handicapped?
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    By Mary Lewis Coakley

    The suffering of little children, which in the ultimate is caused by mankind’s sins, can in God’s plan, be transformed into penance, a vehicle for sanctification. Besides the fact that we as parents can offer up our pain of sympathy, we can, as soon as the children pass babyhood, explain to them the meaning of penance so they can take advantage of the idea.

    Impr 1952, 29 pages.

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  • Know Your Mass - Black and White
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    The traditional Latin Mass, described in detail, presented in an exciting and enjoyable comic book format that both young and old with understand. An old classic from the 1950's.

    Black and White pictures.

    A perfect gift for First Communicants.

    96 page book. Impr 1954. Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York.

    Size about 5" x 8".

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  • Love is Like That
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    Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

    A heartwarming story about a young man who is part of the Anti-Nazi Underground that falls head over heels in love with a young woman while in America. He must travel back to Austria to fight the battle of his faith. A tragedy occurs and the young woman realizes that there is a love much greater than even love at first sight.

    Impr 1946, 39 page booklet.

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  • Our Way of Life Must Prevail
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    by Rev. Herbert O’H. Walker, S.J.

    Although this was written 70 years ago, the topics that Father covers are very relevant for today, including discrimination, democracy, the rich and the poor, economic ills and remedies, and many others. Father Walker says, “If the West is to be saved, Christianity must again become our predominant culture.” He seems to discuss all of the problems we face today and offers solutions. He even discusses totalitarian governments.

    32 page booklet, Impr 1943.

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  • Speaking of Birth Control
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    by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. Imprimatur, 1930.

    This is a 40 page pamphlet with a discussion about birth control in the usual clear and understandable style of Father Lord. The usual flawed reasoning that is used to attempt to justify birth control is discussed and effectively countered with sound reasoning, the Scriptures, etc., including population control, we can’t afford more children, etc. It is a serious matter because "birth control affects the whole future of the human race. Children can’t be born into the world unless men and women cooperate with God."

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  • The Spirit of Father Faber
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    Apostle of London
    With a Preface by Wildrid Meynell

    From the text:

    I have done no more than try to harmonise the ancient and modern spirituality of the Church, with some what perhaps of a propension to the first, and to put it before English Catholics in an English shape, translated into native thought and feeling as well as language. The book is but one half the work. The interior spirit of the reader is the other and the better half.

    201 page book, originally printed in 1914.

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  • The Traveler's Guardian
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    Rev. Francis Benz.

    Imprimatur. 16 page booklet.

    Father Mell and his quartet of loyal altar boys take a small road trip to attend a big, important football game. Along the way Father Mell tells them the story of the life of St. Christopher. How he bound himself to a mighty king but was won over by the devil. Then how the devil was scared away and St. Christopher was won over by a hermit, Babylas, and his love for his Master, Christ, which is how he received his name. St. Christopher took the job of carrying people across a raging stream and met the unlikeliest of travelers that tested his strength and made him doubt. In the end St. Christopher was martyred for his allegiance to Christ and the four boys, to whom the story is being told, are left to ponder on the Patron Saint of those who travel any place in the world. After a near miss with a hasty automobile as they neared the stadium the boys decide that St. Christopher really is a miracle worker.

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