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  • Holds 20 (double-sided) to 40 (single-sided) holy cards.
    Comes with 20 holy cards.


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  • This is a Christmas book about the Blessed Sacrament. When, at the good tidings of great joy, the little ones crowd to the Crib, going over, as it were, and going back to Bethlehem, to see the gracious mystery which has come to pass, we elders turn rather to the Tabernacle, to find there once again, new-born in mystic birth and wrapped in the swaddling-clothes of the sacramental species, Him for whom there is really no far-away and no long-ago. And these pages will help to penetrate us, while kneeling there in lowly adoration, with the spirit of the dweller in that ‘house of bread’, and to make us, in very truth, as little, children once again.

    Selection from Father Faber by Rev. John Fitzpatrick, O.M.I.
    120 page book, Impr 1901.

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  • This book is intended as a gift book and as a series of prepared Christmas sermons for busy priests. It contains the Christmas story as found in the various Evangelists, and seventeen sermons actually preached throughout the years, with some extent the sermons form has been deliberately retained,but it is hoped that the sermons have been sufficiently adapted for ordinary reading. It is the fond hope of the author that it maymake the Christmas story, and what it implies, better known to both Catholics and non-Catholics, and by doing so, bring them closer to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ. Pictures covering the life of Christ have been chosen to make the matter more vivid and real. May the book go forth with the blessing of this same Christ upon it!

    Impr, 1947, 131 page book.

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