Mass Linens

Mass Linens
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  • PLEASE NOTE: When placing an order for Altar Linens we will calculate the yardage based on the measurements you give below and give you a total before charging and shipping. Our website will not give accurate quote. because it cannot calculate yardage.

    **For a more accurate quote, please enter measurements C (Length) + D (Side Drop x2) in as the quantity. We will still have to send over a revised quote once the seamstress allows for shrinkage.

    Superb quality 100% Pure Linen with embroidered designs of unsurpassed beauty. These exquisite linens are hand scalloped and will give lasting elegance to any altar.

    Linen is 120 thread, 4 3/4 oz. weight.

    Maximum pieces 15 yards only. If order exceeds 15 yards, give breakdown on cuts needed.

    When ordering yard goods allow 1 inch per yard for shrinkage.

    For proper measurement of altar cloth, give the following information: (see diagram at right)
    A - Actual width of mensa    
    B - Front drop of altar cloth required
    C - Actual length of mensa top
    D - Side drops of altar cloth required x2
    E - Backdrop
    (if needed)

    No return or exchange on Altar Linens

    Charge for Hemming any altar cloth - $43.00 each / Cutouts - extra charge


    Altar Linens are made to order and are not returnable.

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  • Hem-Stitched - Generously Cut - Richly Embroidered
    Ultimate quality, unbelievably affordable. Our linen is finely woven and delicately embroidered with a red Greek cross and vines. All of our Mass linens are created using the finest extra-absorbent materials. Easy care, durable, and machine washable.

    Purificator 20x11, folded in thirds so that the side hang down from the Chalice, used to clean the chalice by wiping the rim 43-13
    Corporal 20x20, folded in thirds and placed under the Chalice to catch any crumbs from the sacred Host during consecration. 43-200
    Lavabo Towel 20x16, used by the priest to dry his hands before the consecration of the sacred Host at communion service. 43-210
    Chalice Pall 7x7 w/ plastic insert, placed over the Chalice to cover the Eucharist elements during communion. 43-15

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  • Only add if you need Hemming for Altar Linen

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