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  • Top Quality Black leather with a heavy duty zipper. Open size 12 1/4” x 7 3/4”.  This cover will help protect your missal! 

    Our customers LOVE this missal cover!

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    The Saint Andrew Daily Missal has long been considered the most complete and finest Missal ever printed!
    Here is what one of the most widely read traditional Catholic web sites has to say about our St. Andrew Daily Missal! :
    "There is only one fully traditional Latin-English handmissal in print for laypeople. This is Dom Gaspar Lefebvre’s [not to be confused with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre] edition of The Saint Andrew Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts and Kyriale. It is the most complete traditional missal in print."

    • Complete with Vespers and the Kyriale in modern notation
    • Hard-bound
    • 5 multi colored ribbon markers
    • Contains over 1900 pages
    • The Ordinary of the Mass printed with red rubrics
    • Most of the missal is in Latin and English
    • Beautiful narrative of each feast day as well as spiritual and doctrinal notes
    • Imprimatur 1945 - Reprint of the 1945 edition
    • Gold page edges
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  • The Saint Andrew Daily Missal has long been considered the most complete and finest Missal ever printed!

    Beautiful, traditional, faithful (unchanged) reprint of the 1954 edition! Smaller in size and without the frills of our other edition, no gold page edges or gold stamping on the cover, make for a more affordable missal! Hardcover with a sewn, lay flat binding, and 5 ribbon markers.


    • Rubrics in red
    • Collects, Epistles, Gospels, Secrets, and Postcommunions are in English only, while other propers are displayed in English and Latin side-by-side.
    • Feasts promulgated by Pope Pius XII are now listed in the Proper of the Saints and contain references to appropriate Masses in the appendix.
    • Contain morning and evening prayers, Litany of St. Joseph, as well as an invocation in honor of Our Lady's Assumption to complete the Divine Praises.
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  • Sunday Missal
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    Compiled by Rev. Father Lasance.

    In Conformity with the Vatican Typical Edition of the Missale Romanum (the book used by the priest when saying Mass); containing Supplement “Read Mass With the Priest and A Study Plan Based on the Sunday Missal by Rev. William R. Kelly. Also includes Devotions, including 40 Hours’ Adoration (from Pope Paul V, 1606 A.D.). Pope Pius XI wrote a letter to Father Lasance on May 10, 1927 saying:”His Holiness wishes that [this work], which assuredly will promote the spiritual life, may receive an ever increasing welcome in all the Christian families of your country.”

    Imprimatur, 1936. 704 pages. Perfectbound.

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      Sunday Missal
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  • By Rev. F.X. Lasance.
    and Rev. Francis Augustine Walsh, O.S.B.
    Monk of St. Anselm's Priory, Washington, D.C.
    With Illustrated Study Plan

    "Read Mass With the Priest"
    By Very Rev. Msgr. William R. Kelly, Ph.D.

    Imprimatur, 1945: Francis J. Spellman, D.D.

    7" x 4 ¼" x 2 ¼"; Sewn binding, gold-embossed imitation leather cover, gilt page edges with rounded corner; 6 ribbon bookmarks; 1900 pages.

    In Latin and English.

    To which is added a Supplement comprising an Explanation of: "The Ecclesiastical Year and the Sacred Liturgy"; Short Accounts of Certain Feasts and Brief Lives of the Saints" contained in this Missal, a "Glossary of Liturgical Terms," with a "Description of the Symbolic REpresentations" and a Collection of "Communion and Other Prayers" those Indulgenced in accordance with the new Raccolta.

    A beautiful reproduction of the original 1945 text of the immortal Latin Tridentine Mass, according to the Council of Trent, with complete Latin and English text for the Ordinary and Prospers of the Mass. There are no revisions, but additions made according to the Papal decrees dating from 1945 to the end of Pope Pius XII's reign include the Mass Prospers and the Divine Praise of the Assumption. The binding is sewn with black leatherette covers and gold lettering.

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  • In this age of doctrinal latitude and speculative innovation there is a pressing need for a comprehensive source book on authentic Catholic dogma that is magisterially anchored while at the same time both practical and non-voluminous. You have such a book in this English translation of Father Heinrich Denzinger’s Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum. Since it was first published a century and a half ago, this handbook or collection (enchiridion) of articles (symbols) of faith and morals has enjoyed universal appeal and approbation since the pontificate of Blessed Pope Pius IX. The Enchiridion has been updated periodically; the edition being offered here by Loreto is that issued in 1957. The collection includes all articles and creeds of the Catholic Faith beginning with that of the twelve apostles, all dogmatic definitions stamped with the Petrine authority of the apostolic See (ex cathedra), decrees of the solemn magisterium, papal bulls, encyclicals and letters, as well as some of the more weighty decisions of the Holy Office prior to 1957. Although not every entry in this 653 page compendium of Church teaching is definitional (i.e. ex cathedra) it still should be considered the "locutus est" for every wayfaring Catholic whose patria, this side of heaven, is Roma. In addition to a general index there is a scriptural index plus an invaluable systematic or topical index making for very easy reference. Note, too, this edition comes with a one page Corrigenda which is a list of sixteen corrections that must be applied to errors (usually omissions) that escaped the eyes of editors in previous editions.

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