Saint Philomena

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  • Notes to Serve For 
    the History of St. Philomena 
    and Manual of the Arch-confraternity, 
    Translated from the French by Agnes Sadlier. 
    Imprimatur, 1900. 
    The writer states that he “differs from most historians in refusing to recognize as canonical the pretended revelations in regard to St. Philomena. . . Imitating the wise reserve of the Church, he will state legends merely as legends, and he feels sure that the love of the faithful for St. Philomena will not be lessened.” 
    Contents of this book include chapters on: The Christian Cemeteries, Invention of the body of St. Philomena, Invocations to St. Philomena, The Cord and Chaplet of St. Philomena, Mass of St. Philomena, Prose, Hymn and Canticles, etc. 
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  •     The Roman emperor’s soldiers attempted to murder this young teenage girl three times before they were able to finally take her life with a lance. St. Philomena is recognized as aiding in numerous miracles through Christ and is thus called powerful with God. Saints during their life called upon her to help them with their troubles.  Acutely sick people visited St. Philomena’s relics and were miraculously cured.

        In gratitude to St. Philomena for her constant help, this record of her is submitted after two years of research.

        This book details accounts of the discovery of St. Philomena’s tomb, some of the astounding miracles, cures, and conversions that were worked in her name. Includes shrines, prayers, interventions, devotions and stories from visionaries. Impr 1953.

     136 page book.

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  • This exciting pamphlet starts out with the story of how St. John Vianney “was wont to call upon her for every kind of favor… St. Philomena solved his financial worries; she converted sinners; she healed malignant diseases; she worked numberless prodigies in answer to his simple prayers.”

    Some of the Chapters include: Veneration of St. Philomena Formally Approved, Her Shrine at Mugnano, Devotion of the Popes to St. Philomena, A Powerful Helper in Every Need, The Secret of Philomena’s Power, To St. Philomena Nothing is Refused, and finally Practices and Devotions to St. Philomena.

    64 page pamphlet. Impr.

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