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  • Rev. A. Tesniere, S.S.S., D.D.
    Impr 1904.  262 page book.
    Full of stories of Our Lady and the story of her joys and sorrows and glories, they are yet more redolent of her Divine Son in His Eucharistic life. Its depth of spirituality, its wealth of love, clothed in so great simplicity of style, are seldom found even in the choicest books.  While increasing devotion to Our Lady, the reflections of the following pages can not fail to draw the prayerful soul to a deeper, fuller appreciation of the reality of our Emmanuel, our “God with us.”
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  • By Fr. Michael Muller C.SS.R.

    Fr. Muller stresses his great acclamation of the devotion upon which the salvation of great multitudes of sinners rests. The heartfelt recitation of the Rosary and meditation is the best thank you we can give to Mary for her unfathomable mercies. The Rosary dates back to some of the first Christians on the earth. We learn the history of the Rosary, what the Rosary is, the benefits, devotions, temporal blessings, we must say the Rosary with humility, for a lawful object, with fervor, and we must say with confidence. Every Catholic can benefit from reading this book.

    333 Page book. Impr, 1876.

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  • The name of the world renowned preacher, Father Monsabré, the author of the Meditations now presented to English readers, is a sufficient recommendation of their utility and intrinsic value. The devotion of the HOLY ROSARY has always been a favorite religious exercise among English-speaking Catholics, and it becomes more and more popular in these countries according as Providence has improved our condition and multiplied our numbers in the present century. Hence we offer these admirable Meditations on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary to our co-religionists of all classes with respectful confidence.

    Impr, 1885, 209 page book.

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  • A very efficacious devotion to obtain all kinds of graces.

    By Commander Bartolo Longo, LL.D, translated from the eleventh italian edition by Luigi Caturelli.

    O Queen of heavenly roses and never fading flowers, oh accept this mystical praise crown that we lay down at thy feet here below. Vouchsafe that all those who will practice the holy exercise proposed to Thy honor in the present work, may be made worthy of thy special protection. So be it!

    With ecclesiastical approval. 527 pages.

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  • There are fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary: five Joyful, which tell us about the early Life of Our Lord; five Sorrowful about His suffering; five Glorious, telling us what happened after He rose from the dead. It is not enough to say Our Fathers and Hail Marys. We must at the same time think of the story of each mystery. In this book two sets of thoughts are given, one thought might be read before each prayer. The more often we say our Rosary the nearer we shall get to Jesus and Mary. Our Lady herself has asked us to say the Rosary frequently.

    Impr, 1950, 31 page booklet.

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  • My Rosary or the Beads
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    “Our beads place us and leave us at the feet of Mary, crowned with an everlasting diadem.”

    The Rosary is one of the most beautiful, most profitable, and most popular of all devotions. It was revealed to St. Dominic, by our Blessed Lady herself, about the beginning of the thirteenth century, and has continued ever since to be so general a favorite with all classes of the faithful, that to neglect it may be attributed, in most cases, to a lack of piety; whilst to despise it is a sure indication of an un-Catholic spirit. First printed in 1920 with Impr.

    Lots of beautiful color pictures!

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  • By Rev. William J. Smith, S.J. Imprimatur, 1944, 32 page booklet. Imprimatur, 1944.

    Each day of the novena has a special “object of interest”  for which to pray. The novena is followed by hymns, and the official version of the Pope Pius XII prayer, A Prayer of Thanks for the Blessings of Peace and of Petition That War May Never Be Repeated, and various other beautiful prayers. “O Sacred Heart of Jesus, we implore the end of wars for ever more.”

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  • By Msgr. J.D. Fitzgerald, illustrated by John Andrews. Written with Ecclastical Permission in 1957. 95 page book.
        Here, for the children everywhere, are the stories know and loved by the children in Msgr. Fitzgerald’s parish in Chicago. The author now shares these stories with all children so they can know, understand, and love the Rosary. There are 15 stories, each indirectly related to one of the Mysteries.
        Some are whimsical, such as the one about Bennie Volens, the angel of thoughtfulness, and his tiny helper Boris; or the one about Johnny Jones who grew a disobedient wart on his spiritual nose. Some deal with serious problems, such as why Jesus died for us; the beauty of suffering; and the pain of being laughed at. All are entertaining as well as instructive.
        Msgr. Fitzgerald is a well-known and well-loved figure in children’s literature because he writes in the language of children about the things that children love to read.

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  • By Charles Lacey

    This is the very popular 27 day novena with 27 days of thanksgiving.

    Each mystery of the rosary is approached by a short meditation on the Mystery ending with the words "I humbly pray"; then follows the traditional prayers of the decade; this is concluded with a petitionary phrase. Opposite each mystery is a color picture.

    52 page book, Impr, 1954.

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  • By the Rev. Henry Formby.

    The Book of the Holy Rosary
    A Doctrinal Exposition of its Fifteen Mysteries, mainly conveyed in select extracts from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, with an explanation of their corresponding types in the old testament.

    A preservative against unbelief.

    By the Reverend Henry Formby,
    of the Third Order of Dominic.
    Embellished with 36 full-page illustrations. Designed by Clasen, D. Mosler, and J.H. Powell.

    The book will be seen to consist in substance of a selection chiefly taken from the writings of the great Saints and Doctors of the Church, nearly all of them probably now for the first time in the English language. Great care, however, has been taken to point out the several stages or steps in the progress of the Divine work of human redemption, to which each of the fifteen mysteries bears its respective and most instructive testimony.

    140 page book Imprimatur 1872.
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  • By Rev. M.J. Frings.

    Imprimatur, 1912.

    In 1877 Pope Pius IX said: “Have courage, my dear children! I exhort you to fight against the persecution of the Church and against anarchy, not with the sword, but with the rosary, with prayer and good example (p 1).” This Pope regarded the rosary as a conquering weapon. Many other Pontiffs have reaffirmed the importance of the rosary. “Since the introduction of the rosary by St. Dominic, all great victories have been credited to the devotion of the rosary (p. 18).” This book, though only 75 pages, after an explanation of the Power of the Rosary proceeds to explain the excellence of the various prayers of the rosary and the Mysteries commemorated. A book written 107 years ago with Catholic theology written in a clear, easy to read manner, sure to encourage fresh love and devotion for the rosary.

    75 page booklet.

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  • The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. 64 page booklet. Back with another piece written by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, this 64-page booklet contains the fifteen Mysteries split into 3 groups complete with illustrations. Fulton says, “The [Rosary] beads carry the burden of the prayers, while the decades record the 15 scenes played out in the great drama of our Redemption. Bead by bead, decade by decade, the soul climbs from one Mystery to the next, to that ‘Love we fall short of in all love, that Beauty that leaves all other beauty pain.’ We need these Mysteries to engage our thoughts. We are not sufficiently spiritual to apprehend God as He is Himself.” The book also comes with an illustrated guide on how to pray on parts of the Rosary.

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  • by Fr. Gerard Beccaro.

    A beautiful small book on the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary with pictures in full color, originally printed in the year 1898, with the special approval of Pope Leo XIII. This little booklet will warm the hearts of young and old.

    38 pages PB, Impr. 1898

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  • By Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen.

    Originally published 1951.

    Originally printed in The Catholic Digest, this collection contains Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen’s series of meditations on the mysteries that we reflect on in our praying of the holy Rosary. In three brief passages, we are guided through a new understanding of each of the series of holy mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious. Each offers new insights into the holy faith of the Catholic Church, bringing us a deeper appreciation of the fulfillment of God’s promises through Christ.

    15 page booklet.

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  • Imprimatur 1922.

    It is to the ever glorious and Immaculate Mother of God that we lift our hearts in thanksgiving for the wonderful increase of devotion to her Most Holy Rosary. Included are Encyclical letters of Pope Leo XIII along with detailed explanations, promises of the Blessed Virgin, prayers, instructions, meditations, and indulgences.

    157 page book.

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