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  • A very touching , special Holy Hour to honor Mothers.

    "For A Mother Watching Beside the Bed of Her Child."
    Impr 1953.

    Taken from Holy Hours
    by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.

    Quotes from the book:
    “In the name of my child and of my family: I believe, I believe in Your love... I adore, I adore Your Heart, O Jesus!”

    “Remember Jesus, Your heavenly rest in Mary’s arms, while her maternal heart grieved in secret. By that grief, to repay her solicitude and tenderness, save my child likewise entrusted to the arms of Mary. 41 page booklet. ”

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  • By Mgr. De Segur.

    This book is a brief primer to introduce young minds to the important but often difficult to explain concept of prayer. In easily understood passages, Msgr. De Segur enlightens us on what it means to pray, why we must pray, how we must pray, and when we must pray. Further, here are made the important distinctions between traditional prayers and the intimate relationship with the Creator that must be fostered by children early in life to ensure a lasting faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Impr, 1901, 63 page booklet.

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  • Meditations and Prayers in Honor of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

    First published in 1887. Impr 1924.

    During the canonization of St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope John XXII remarked: “Thomas performed as many miracles as he wrote articles.” “Behold I send my Angel that he may walk before thee.” (II Moses, 23, 30) May the Angelic Doctor deign by means of this little book, to lead many souls into the companionship of the angelic spirits.

    325 Pages.

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  • Fr Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

    Imprimatur: Moyses E. Kiley, 1951.

    This is a prayer book for Communion Mass. This book is meant to aid in the precious moments of receiving our Eucharistic Savior. Suggestions on how to make thanksgiving after Holy Communion may be of help to even the most devout. This book will help us in talking and praying to Our Lord. Help is given to make petitions seem less stale and selfish and the virtues we should like to manifest seem more fresh and charming.

    319 page book.

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  • By Fr F.X. Lasance.

    GIANT print edition! Black leatherette finish cover.

    Reprinted from the 1932 edition. 301 pages.

    Contains all of the “most necessary prayers,” plus many litanies, devotions, the Stations, the Ordinary of the Mass, Benediction, etc.

    Other books bt Father Lasance:

      Holy Souls Book
      Manna of the Soul
      My Prayer Book
      Our Lady Book
      Sacred Heart Book
      Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle
      Prisoner of Love
      Sunday Missal
      The Young Man's Guide
      The Catholic Girl's Guide

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  • 9 Book Pack of Father Lasance Books!

    Pack contains:

      Holy Souls Book
      Manna of the Soul
      My Prayer Book
      Our Lady Book
      Sacred Heart Book
      Visits to Jesus in the Tabernacle
      Prisoner of Love

    Total value of $169.47!

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  • This small book, out of print for 70 years, is filled with many unusual and traditional prayers and devotions to include the Precious Blood Novena and Chaplet plus many other novenas. Also includes the Stations of the Cross, Prayers for holy Mass, many Litanies and other special prayers. A real gem!. 208 pages, size: 3" x 4-3/4" PB.

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  • Rev. Pius Massi, S.J. Impr, 1906.

    The purpose of this book has been to spare trouble for the faithful by providing them with an exact and authentic list or catalogue of some spiritual works and prayers to which is attached a Plenary Indulgence that may be gained once or oftener each month, so that by the fulfilment of what is prescribed, one may gain every day of each month one or more Plenary Indulgences. Presented is only those Plenary Indulgences which may be gained one or more times each month, prescinding entirely from all other Plenary Indulgences which may be gained on other occasions, e.g., on certain immovable feasts, such as Christmas or the Immaculate Conception, or on movable feasts, such as Easter, and Pentecost.

    162 page book.

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  • Compiled and Edited by Rev. F. X. Lasance

    Thoughts of Many Hearts Together with Reflections on the Life and Virtues of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus Besides Mass and Novena Prayers in Honor of the Little Flower and Communion Devotions.
        Our habitual thoughts make us what we are. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Sooner or later a man’s habitual thoughts come out in his life and character. What his thoughts are determines what he will become.
        The sayings of saints, and of wise and holy men and women, if read day by day, with prayerful reflection, will cheer us and sustain us in the conflicts with the enemies of our salvation, will help us to do what is right, to press onward and upward, valiantly and persistently toward the goal of perfection.

    Impr 1934, 281 page book.

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  • “The real Sun of peace, of hope, of love, which is rising for us all with the dawn of the new year is the Heart of Jesus, sending forth its rays from the Host.”

        This Holy Hour may also be made at certain solemn and decisive hours of life; on the eve of marriage; when one is about to leave home for the cloister, and especially during a retreat, etc.

    31 page booklet, Impr 1953.

    If you liked this New Year Holy Hour consider the full book of 21 holy hours to include such subjects as: a Holy Hour for each month of the year, specially for that month (example: March and the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, June for suffering souls, July for reparation of public and official outrages against Our Lord, etc) plus a special Holy Hour to enlighten and comfort souls who suffer, a Holy Hour for the Lord’s Passion at Jerusalem, a Holy Hour on the intimate family and social reign of the Sacred Heart, etc.

    The words of Father Mateo, even in cold print, will stir the affections to a more ardent love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

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  • Now available in two sizes!!

    Large print Holy Hours is a perfect print to not strain the eyes and great for everyday reading.

    Regular size Holy Hours is perfect to fit right in your pocket or purse!

    by Rev. Father Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS. CC.
    Imprimatur, 1953. 708 pages.

    The words of Father Mateo, even in cold print, will stir the affections to a more ardent love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. This book was not written for pious souls only. Let the lukewarm, the indifferent, even the unbeliever give it a reading. Who can estimate the real worth of the silent hours before the Tabernacle in which devout souls with Jesus seek true peace for all the world? Father Mateo's Apostolate is the answer to the tragedies of the times. It almost seems that these things are permitted to draw devout souls closer to Jesus who will hold up before this sin-stained, troubled world the Scourged, Thorn-crowned, Bleeding Savior, and in pious triumph cry out: "Behold your King!". In this book are offered twenty-one different Holy Hours as a token of love and reparation to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the King enthroned in very many Catholic homes, and the Adorable Friend of parents and children. The Holy Hours include one for each month, one to start the New Year, Holy Hour for the intimate family and social reign of the Sacred Heart, Holy Hour to enlighten and comfort souls who suffer, etc.

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  • A Spiritual Treasury. Drawn from Sacred Scripture, the Liturgies, the Writings of the Saint, and Other Sources.

    Rt. Rev. Msgr. John K. Ryan, Ph.D.

    This collection of prayers has been made for a special purpose. It is to gather into a single volume certain prayers that are commonly used each day or upon stated occasions by priests, religious, and devout lay people, together with other prayers that are adapted to particular times and special needs. To this end, the Latin original of the Church’s official preparation for Mass and thanksgiving after Mass and a translation of them have been included. In addition, some of the great prayers found in the eastern liturgies and certain prayers taken from the western spiritual tradition have been arranged as further devotions for Mass and Communion.

    Impr, 1952. 304 page book.

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  • Through the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Spirit of St. Therese

    “I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth. I shall let fall from heaven a shower of roses. My work begins after death.” -St. Therese

    Compiled by Father Marian, O.F.M.

    Beautiful children’s prayer book with many black and white illustrations. Starts with a short write-up of St. Therese, then “My Song for To-day” by St. Therese, June, 1894. Let this little book go forth as St. Therese’s messenger and increase the number of those “child-like souls” who love God above all else, blindly trust in Him, and suffer all for His sake - their only End.

    193 page book. Impr 1947.

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  • By the Rev. Charles Hoff, C.SS.R.

    Impr 1908, (11th edition)

    This is a child’s prayer book from the last century. It contains basic prayers: Morning and evening prayers; Prayer for: Parents and Others, for Purity, For Other Virtues, for a Happy Death; Prayer before study; Prayers during Holy Mass; Examination of Conscience; My Ten Promises; Visits: To the Blessed Sacrament, To the Blessed Virgin Mary; plus other prayers and Litanies. A little book written in simple language the child will understand and appreciate.

    122 pages, PB

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  • Meditations By Mother Clare Fey.

    The Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus has gathered from the writings of their Foundress a number of short meditations on the sufferings of the Redeemer, which are distinguished not only by rare depth of thought, but still more by the warmth of love with which a holy soul, endowed with divine grace, has submerged herself in the great work of redemption by the Crucified.

    Impr 1931, 145 page book.

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