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  • 2 sheets of 20 stickers (40 total) printed in high-quality weatherproof polyester.

    Each sticker is 1.6" diameter.

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  • Nine Discourses Illustrative of the ‘Hail Mary’.

    By Rev. Alexis M. Lepicier, O.S.M.

    Impr 1955.

    There is no prayer, except the Our Father that is more frequently used by the faithful than the ‘Hail Mary’. Properly analyzed this sublime prayer, commonly called the ‘Angelic Salutation,’ will be found to contain nine distinct portions, which a devout child of Mary may liken to nine precious gems adorning the diadem of our celestial Queen and corresponding to the wonderful privileges with which it has pleased the Holy Ghost to endow His Immaculate Spouse.

    167 page book.

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  • A welcome collection, especially for Frequent Communicants. This booklet will be very helpful for spiritual Communions! This 64 page booklet contains 3 series of Devotions for Holy Communion, each series with prayers before and after Holy Communion. You will find the touching prayers of St. Gertrude and St. Leonard of Port Maurice and others. Also included are Mass Devotions and Prayers for a Novena of Communions. Imprimatur, 1943, 7th Edition.

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  • For Month of May, Our Lady's Feasts, and Similar Occasions
    By The Rev. Nicholas O'Rafferty.
    Intended for the month of May, for the Feasts of Our Lady. However, the book is very informative and completely fitting for anytime of the year.   In some countries such as Italy, as well in other places in the world, a sermon is preached every day in May. It is the writer’s hope and prayer that these humble discourses may promote and maintain true devotion to Our Blessed Lady. The life of Mary is told using scriptural passages in many cases.
    33 chapters. 250 page book. Impr,1948
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  • The Many and Abundant Graces Dispensed by the Mother of God to Her Devout Clients

    By St. Alphonsus Liguori.

    Impr 1897.

    This is a most unusual and rare book, written by a Saint! and on a subject most dear to us who lover our Mother and Queen. St. Alphonsus uses words that elicit the power that our Blessed Mother has interceding for us. Ten separate chapters, most of them subdivided with two or three subtopics. For example, Chapter 8: Mary, Our Salvation is subdivided, 1. Mary delivers her Clients from Hell; 2, Mary succors her Clients in Purgatory; 3, Mary leads her Servants to Heaven. This wonderful book is very consoling. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    216 pp.

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  • By Rev. Alexis M. Lepicier, O.S.M.

    Impr 1922.

    Considerations on the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, enriched with examples drawn from the lives of the saints. This litany has been held in honor throughout the Church for many centuries: it is daily recited by millions of the faithful, and has even become an integral part in some of our public acts of worship. We, therefore, thought that it would not be out of place to inquire into its doctrinal meaning, and to give to light the fruits of our studies for the edification of Christian people. In this work the whole Marian theology is briefly set forth, while at the same time the principal dogmas of our Faith and the moral duties of the Christian are brought to mind.

    321 page book.

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  • by Rev. L. Fooley, S.V.D.

    Contains thoughts and reflections suitable for the fulfillment of the First Saturday meditations. All one needs to do is ponder on one, or more, or all, of the Mysteries, for the period of fifteen minutes. Also contains A Way of the Cross suitable for First Saturday meditations.

    59 page booklet.

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  • Selected and arranged by a Jesuit Father.

    Imprimatur 1933.

    19 page booklet.

    This is a real jewel that honors our Blessed Mother with prayers and devotions. Included is 31 Indulgenced Aspirations to Our Lady (3 pages) with the Indulgence shown for each plus other prayers that will not be found in most prayer books.

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  • A very efficacious devotion to obtain all kinds of graces.

    By Commander Bartolo Longo, LL.D, translated from the eleventh italian edition by Luigi Caturelli.

    O Queen of heavenly roses and never fading flowers, oh accept this mystical praise crown that we lay down at thy feet here below. Vouchsafe that all those who will practice the holy exercise proposed to Thy honor in the present work, may be made worthy of thy special protection. So be it!

    With ecclesiastical approval. 527 pages.

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  • By Father William Faber, D.D.

    This Treatise was originally “sketched” for the first time in 1847. This book delves deep into the meaning of The Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother, going into detail for each one. “We never advance more rapidly in love of the Son than when we travel by the Mother.” Each Sorrow is contained in its own chapter, it explains how Our Sorrowful Mother rejoiced in her sorrows.

    556 page book.

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  • Written by FR M. Meschler, S.J.

    It contains the Excellences of the Rosary and the Best Method of reciting it. Not only must we pray often, we must also try to imitate the virtues shown forth in the Mysteries with meditations and vocal prayer, because meditation is of little value unless made practical.

    Impr 1906. 160 pages.

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  • St. Alphonsus Liguori.

    A great source of meditation on the Blessed Virgin. A very complete book about the Mother of God written in great detail and clear language.

    Preface to the American Edition:
    The edition of the “Glories of Mary” now presented to the Catholic public of America is the first complete translation of the work ever made into the English language. We trust that it will be found to retain the spirit of the learned and saintly author, and that it will be welcomed by the faithful in this country with the same delight which it has universally called forth in Catholic Europe.

    802 page book. Impr 1934

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  • Imprimatur 1909. 385 page book.
    From the Introduction:
    “In these day when the reality of modern miracles, as supernaturally caused events, is denied outright or looked upon with suspicion, and the appeal to miracles as motives of belief in supernatural truth seems to weaken even with some who profess to be Catholics, it is helpful to read such a book as this. It confirms one’s faith and lifts one above the narrow views of the prejudiced sciolists.”
    This is Dr. Boissarie’s 5th work on Lourdes, it embraces many of the more recent facts. May this volume of “Mary’s doctor” prove our Merciful Mother’s missionary to many troubled hearts and bring hosts of stray sheep into her Son’s fold. 
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  • Honor Mary Thy Mother!
    Fr. Wilfred G. Hurley C.S.P.  
    Explains Communion of the Saints, God and his saints,  the Blessed Virgin, her role,  and scripture teachings. Explains why we should reverence Our Blessed Mother, why she is so deserving of our love, honor, and veneration. Also, explains why praying to a Saint, asking for them to pray for you is not idolatry.
    29 pages, Imprimatur: 1934.
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  • There are fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary: five Joyful, which tell us about the early Life of Our Lord; five Sorrowful about His suffering; five Glorious, telling us what happened after He rose from the dead. It is not enough to say Our Fathers and Hail Marys. We must at the same time think of the story of each mystery. In this book two sets of thoughts are given, one thought might be read before each prayer. The more often we say our Rosary the nearer we shall get to Jesus and Mary. Our Lady herself has asked us to say the Rosary frequently.

    Impr, 1950, 31 page booklet.

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