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  • A very touching , special Holy Hour to honor Mothers.

    "For A Mother Watching Beside the Bed of Her Child."
    Impr 1953.

    Taken from Holy Hours
    by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.

    Quotes from the book:
    “In the name of my child and of my family: I believe, I believe in Your love... I adore, I adore Your Heart, O Jesus!”

    “Remember Jesus, Your heavenly rest in Mary’s arms, while her maternal heart grieved in secret. By that grief, to repay her solicitude and tenderness, save my child likewise entrusted to the arms of Mary. 41 page booklet. ”

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  • Imprimatur 1854.

    The Easy Ways of Divine Love

        One of Fr. Faber’s greatest books, it was written precisely to help us save our souls by serving Jesus out of love, he demonstrates that the more you grow in love for Jesus, the more you’ll be able to face difficult days with a full heart. This book teaches you how to remember God throughout the day and to offer your love to Him. Makes a person feel rich to be a Catholic. This is Fr. Faber at his best!

    454 page book.

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  • The Ark of the Covenant or A Series of Short Discourses upon the Joys, Sorrows, Glories, and Virtues of the Ever Blessed Virgin Mother of God.

    By the Rev. Thomas Scott Preston.

    The following chapters have been so arranged as to be suitable to the month of May. But they have a general interest and may by useful at any season of the year, since devotion to the holy mother of God is always fruitful of piety and a great means of sanctification. 252 pages.

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  • Materials for Meditation on the Greatest Commandment of All.

    By Rev. John Kearney.

    Imprimatur, 1941, 287 page book.

    We are all familiar with the following words of Our Lord: “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.” The words are arresting. They naturally lead the thoughtful soul to some heart-searching, and perhaps to some anxiety, for they contain details of a commandment which is spoken of in many parts of the New Testament, and which in its full sense has a direct bearing on all the activity of our life. The present book is an attempt to study in a simple and practical way the full import of this text. Its main object is to supply material for meditation on the double law of charity implied in the words.

    Other books by Father Kearney:

    As I Have Loved You
    Treasure in Heaven
    My Yoke is Sweet
    Learn of Me
    You Shall Find Rest
    Our Greatest Treasure
    The Meaning of the Mass
    My Spiritual Exercises

    8 Book Set

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  • By Fr. Bernard A Fuller, S.J. 32 page booklet. Imprimatur 1930. This pamphlet takes you, in spirit, to the last hours of our Lord’s crucifixion. You see the various groups of people. In one group, the soldiers of Rome, the hired executioners, are there with all the Judases of the world who sell their souls for worldly pleasure and their God for gold. In another group stand the holy women and Magdalene and John and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. That is our place! Magdalene, the sinner, bids us come, and Mary, our Mother, holds out her arms to welcome us. The Seven Last Words of Jesus are explained with emotion, making us realize that all of the suffering of our Lord was caused by our sins.

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  •  Short Meditations for Busy Parish Priests.

    Second Series: The Night of the Passion

    By Rev. Anthony Huonder, S.J.

    Impr. 1926.

    This book will be immensely profitable not only to priests but for the busy Catholic layman as well. It features 125 Meditations, each about 2 or 3 pages. It is unusual that a book would cover in such depth the sufferings of our dear Lord. This book is emotional so an ample supply of Kleenex can be helpful, yet it will surely lead us to love Our Lord more and to appreciate His sufferings for all of us.

    347 pp.

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  • Holding the Mirror Up To Christ.
    Imprimatur, 1936.

    This 24 page booklet states that “we cannot call ourselves followers of Christ unless we reflect as a mirror the virtues of Christ. One who wishes to model himself on another studies that other’s life, habits, character, seeing in what he differs from his model in order to remove that difference.” This easy to read booklet will appeal to all readers over 12 years. It brings real life examples to help us become more like to Christ.

    "Who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth; who when He was reviled, did not revile; when He suffered threatened not; but delivered Himself to him that judged Him unjustly." (Peter I. Ep.)

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  • Bethlehem
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    By Father Faber.

    The Sacred Infancy of Our Most Dear and Blessed Redeemer is the foundation of all creation. Father Faber explores the hidden meanings of Our Lord's incarnation, birth, infancy, and early life and expands his theme to a wide-ranging discourse on the entire Catholic Faith from the point of view of the Sacred Infancy. Nothing that Jesus did or allowed Himself to undergo is without meaning, and Father Faber explores those hidden meanings with a depth one would hardly believe possible.

    Impr 1955, 432 page book.

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  • By Fr. Joseph Husslein.

    Impr. 1952.

    221 page book.

    This work, the last one penned by Fr. Husslein before his death in late 1952, details a collection of concrete and visible objects of devotion and veneration considered universal to the Catholic faith. Many have been incorporated into the Church's official liturgical worship, such as the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Sacred Heart. Others are recognized by the Church as monthly devotions, such as devotions to the Infant Jesus, St. Joseph, Our Lady, Guardian Angels, and the souls in Purgatory. Many view this work to be a fitting culmination to Fr. Husslein's priestly writing career as it may be considered his bequest to us to increase our love of God by obtaining a better understanding of these devotions. By doing so, we may receive our final reward in Heaven.

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  • Fr Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

    Imprimatur: Moyses E. Kiley, 1951.

    This is a prayer book for Communion Mass. This book is meant to aid in the precious moments of receiving our Eucharistic Savior. Suggestions on how to make thanksgiving after Holy Communion may be of help to even the most devout. This book will help us in talking and praying to Our Lord. Help is given to make petitions seem less stale and selfish and the virtues we should like to manifest seem more fresh and charming.

    319 page book.

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  • Spiritual Conferences on the Monastic and Religious Life by Rev. D. Columba Marmion, O.S.B.

    Imprimatur 1926, 463 page book.

    Christian holiness consists in the complete and sincere acceptation of Christ by faith, and in the expansion of this faith by hope and charity. Many of these pages explain the religious life such as St. Benedict understands it. This work presents a two fold aspect: The necessary detachment from created things in order to cleave to Christ; the way of detachment, thus embraced, leading to the life of union.

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  • A Study of the One True Church.

    By Fr. Wm. F. Robison, S.J.

    “In giving this work of zeal and love to the public I am convinced that the doctrine is true and solid; I hope that it is put forward with clearness and strength; and I pray that it may be of help both to those who are of the household of faith, and to those earnest and sincere inquirers outside of her blessed fold, who are following after the “Kindly Light.”

    Impr 1918., 203 page book.

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  • By Dom Matthew Britt, OS.B.

    Very informative booklet with descriptions on each Altar Linen, its use, how it should be made, what it should be made of, how to fold it, and how to use it. Includes instructions for the alb, the cinture, and the surplice. Also briefly describes how to launder Altar Linens and who should handle them.

    Impr, 1949, 39 page booklet.

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  • by Rev. Vincent Holden, C.S.P.
    Imprimatur, 1951, 28 page booklet.

    Father Holden explains that we have units of standard in weights and measure and without these standards there would be chaos in the market place; he goes on to explain that in a similar way we must have standards of morality - and who will set those standards. “Against that eternal code of Almighty God we measure our actions. Explains why mankind cannot change the moral standard to fit changing times. Thought provoking!

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  • Dear Grad - Fr. Daniel A Lord
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    A Booklet to Take Along Into Life
    By Daniel A. Lord, S.J.
    Imprimatur: Joseph E. Ritter, Archiepiscopus Sancti Ludovici, 1948.

    Full of spectacular advise for going into the world and also prayers. Appropriate for high school graduation or college. 40 page booklet.

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