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  • Rev. Fructuosus Hockenmaier, O.F.M.

    The confessor’s heart often grows sad, when he sees how many Christians are unable to distinguish between mortal and venial sin and, therefore, have a false conscience and unfortunately continue to act contrary to that conscience, so that at time trivial matters cause them the greatest misery. In this volume will be found an exhaustive treatment on sin – mortal and venial. It will show that, since it is the duty of the penitent to confess his sins, with the number and circumstances surrounding them, he must know how to distinguish between duty and counsel, sin and imperfection, between mortal and venial sin.

    Impr 1910. 715 page book, SB, 4”x 5.5.

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  • Teaching our children to think of Jesus and Sin before they think of their own desires is a difficult task, as we all well know. This little booklet does well to explain the importance of confession and the never ending love of Christ. It is written in a manner that is easy to understand for children.
    Impr 1932, 32 page booklet.
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  • by Rev. A. Konings, C.SS.R.

    Impr. 1879.

    48 pages.

    A rare book on an important subject, in question-answer format. Teaches us what a General Confession is, whether it is necessary, and when it is useful. There is a short Examination of Conscience along with “Sins against the duties of your state of life” for Parents, for Husband or Wife; for Employers; for Servants. Finally, touching prayers before and after Confession by St. Alphonsus Liguori. Priceless!

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  • This book is about a man, Jones, who is a curious Protestant; about his aversion to confession and his determination to learn about it due to his wife and children being Roman Catholic. Since the whole Christian world believed in and practiced confession for centuries and centuries, and since 3/4 of all Christians today hold to the same belief and practice, there must be some foundation for it; and every one who makes any pretense to learning should want to know the whole truth about it. Here is your chance to learn it all in one hour’s time.

    Impr, 64 page booklet.

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  • by Fr. Philip M. Savatori, S.J.
    Edited by Fr. Anthony Ballerini, S.J.
    and Translated from the Italian by William Hutch, D.D.

    Divided into two parts, the first part consists of a series of instructions and exhortations to be addressed to various classes of penitents, in order to dispose them to receive absolution worthily. The second part lays down, and justifies by most convincing arguments, the true system to be followed by a Confessor, when he doubts whether his penitent is sufficiently disposed to receive absolution. It will be extremely useful to set forth from the very page the aim and object of this little work. The object is to facilitate the giving of absolution.

    314 page book, Impr 1885

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  • A small prayer book, perfect for a child, with words easily understood. Contains simplified Mass prayers, Litanies, Prayers before/after Communion and Confession and many more, even Vespers for Sundays.

    9 full-page line drawings.
    Impr, 1924. 92 page book.

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