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    Rev. John Laux, M.A. A complete history of the Catholic Church to the present day.
    Originally published by Benziger Brothers, Inc.
    Imprimatur, 1930. 621 page book.

        Although there are several Church histories in English, some are too elementary to be satisfying to the adult lay reader, while others are too technical or voluminous. More especially, they do not present sufficient matter on the history of the Church in our own country, and they all lack the illustrative material which is so helpful and even necessary to the full understanding of the persons, events, and places read about. It is hoped that the copious illustrations and maps appearing in this volume will make it still more interesting to the reader, while the numerous excerpts from the writings of the Fathers, Doctors, documents of the Councils of the Church and of the Popes, etc., will make for better acquaintance with these interesting phases of Church History.

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  • A complete Exposition of the Catholic Doctrine, Together with a Full Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Including The Triumpths of the Church in Every Age; The Spread of the Gospel Throughout the World; The Church in America; The Duty and Value of Patriotism and The Encyclical Letters on the Study of the Holy Scriptures to The Defenders of Our Faith and the Rulers of the World by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII.

    Lavishly Illustrated with Exquisitely Engraved Illustrations. Volume Two.
    (Note: The above is the book title and the numerous subtitles!).

    Impr. 1894, 368 pages.

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  • Having established His Church for the salvation of souls, our Saviour Jesus Christ had but one desire; to sacrifice Himself for the salvation of souls. This is the story of the Church from this time forward until the 19th century showing how the history of the Church is really the story of Christ's reign on earth though the Church, how His creatures have either embraced His teachings or rejected them and how that influenced the world around us.
    The History of the Catholic Church is broken down into 9 periods of time; The Foundation to Constantine, Constantine to Charlamange, Charlamange to St. Gregory VII, St. Gregory VII to Boniface VIII, Boniface VIII to Leo X, Alexander VII and the Council of Trent, Alexander VII to Pius VI, the French Revolution and then the start of the 19th century including Janseism. 
    Catholic educators will find this book well fitted for upper middle school and early high school. Each section gives a clear precise history that is easy to understand in a very simple form. At the back of each chapter is a topical outline and a list  of references where the student can easily find more in-depth information on each subject, leading the child to investigate Catholic history a bit further. This list would also make an excellent source of topics for writing research papers and giving the child that extra chance to 'dig in' and really understand the history of the Church. 
    252 page book. Impr  1915.
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  • Church history is an account of the labours of the Apostles and their successors, by whom the Catholic Faith has been carried into all the world; of the difficulties they have met with; of the wicked men who have opposed the Church ;of others who have fallen away; and of how, in spite of all, the Church has come out victorious from every combat, and ever been the fruitful mother of multitudes of Saints.
    Part One from the Leading Events in the History of the Church series deals with Christian Antiquity from the foundation and birthday of the Church on down through the decay of Judaism and Spread of Christianity, the persecutions of the martyrs, the first attacks on Holy Mother Church, the chief heresies and religious life in the early ages, and then ending with Christianity in the British Isles. 
    Catholic educators will find this book fitting for children in the upper elementary to middle school grades. Part 1 - Christian Antiquity provides an excellent clear layout in chronological order, as each chapter and paragraph is very straight forward and to the point with footnotes to the side covering the main topic of each. This title is full of beautiful black and white artwork that instills the spirit of the Faith within the reader as their learn the history of the Church.  This is book one of a five volume series.
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  • by the Right Rev. Mgr. J. H. Oechtering, V.G..

    Imprimatur and Nihl Obstat, 1904.

    From the Preface:
    This book will receive a cordial welcome from parents and Catholic teachers. "The educational value of history is universally conceded, and no history has such lessons of wisdom and conduct to teach as that of the Church, which is the continuation of the life and work of Our Divine Lord. It is His permanent, visible presence in the world. It is the continuous verification of His words that the gates of hell shall not prevail. It is all-important, therefore, that the young be made acquainted with the leading facts of Church History, and a Catechism of Church History offers the simplest and most effective means of imparting to them this knowledge. The author of the present volume has had long experience as a pastor and teacher, and it is confidently believed that in publishing this work, he renders a genuine service to our schools." J. L. Spalding, Bishop of Peoria, March 1899.

    137 pages, size 4.5" x 6.5". Book is in question/answer format. PB

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  • An Exhaustive Exposition of the Christian Religion with Special Reference to the Present State of Society and the Spirit of the Age. A Practical Manual for the Use of the Preacher, the Catechist, the Teacher, and the Family.

    This large Catechism is divided into three parts: The first part treats of faith, the second of morals, the third of the means of grace. In the first part Our Lord appears in His character of Teacher; in the second in His character of King; and in the third in His character of High Priest. This Catechism is in fact nothing more nor less than an abstract of Our Lord’s teaching, and may be called a guide book for the Christian on the road to heaven. This Catechism aims at cultivating, to an equal extent, all the three powers of the soul: the understanding, the affections and the will. It is an amazing book and should be in every home.

    Original of Rev. Francis Spirago, Edited by Rev. Richard F. Clarke, S.J
    Impr, 1899, 752 page book.


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