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  • By Ruth Hannon.
    Illustrated by Ted Chaiko.

    Imprimatur 1956, 58 page book.

    A Catholic Child’s Picture Dictionary has been planned as a first dictionary for the young Catholic to use at home or in school. This beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read book will be an invaluable tool to aid the child in his search for the exact meanings of religious terms and in their understanding of the Catholic faith. Among the many attractive features of this book are:

    • Definitions of more than 400 words of Catholic interest.
    • Simple words, short sentences, and large type that make the book easy to read.
    • More than 350 beautiful, full-color pictures that aid the child’s understanding of the definitions.
    • Emphasis throughout on Catholic practices in daily life.
    • A carefully selected list of words chosen from Catholic sources: prayers, Bible stories, the catechism, and Catholic school books.
    • Facts concerning the life of our Lord.
    • Interesting text that defines words, encourages the child to read, guides them to correct spellings, and aids them in creative writing.
    • Explanations of important truths of the Catholic religion.
    • Simplicity of arrangement that introduces the young reader to the mysteries
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  • By Robert Hugh Benson.

    Big children and small will be inspired by the rhymes and the profuse use of line drawings, to make it both simple and smart, throughout the book. The child is invited to “learn by heart” the whole Rule, not only a part. The beautiful line drawings follow a brother and sister throughout their day, when they awake, go to Church, eat their meals, learn their lessons, and have family time. The simple yet charming rhymes will teach a child how to act in Church, what to do when tempted, what to do when troubled, and much more. A real treasure for young and old!

    28 page book.

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  • A Book for Children from Six to Sixty by Father Gerald T. Brennan.

    The popular author of children’s books has written what every priest and teacher – and may I emphasize parent? -  is looking for – sermons for children. Father Brennan writes on the child’s own level, with complete understanding and sympathy for the interest of boys and girls. Satisfaction guaranteed!

    94 page PB book. Impr. 1938. 

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  • By Sister Mary Gertrude.

    Originally printed by Benziger Brothers in 1925. Imprimatur.

    This booklet goes through the alphabet with a short, 8 line rhyme for every letter and an appropriate picture on every page.

    32 page booklet. Printed in Color!

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  • Children’s Book Series
    Beautiful, vibrant colors and easy to read stories that are great for children.
    Young at heart Catholics will treasure these gems from the past!
    1. A First Life of Christ By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1952. Mary speaks to children about the story of Jesus from the very beginning to the time of his resurrection into heaven. Each page is beautifully illustrated with a total of 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-LC 
    2. The Rosary Explained by Francis McGrade. Impr. 1952. This book explains how to say the 15 mysteries of the rosary as well as explains the mysteries themselves. Consisting of 32 pages with each having beautiful illustrations. Age range from 2-10. N-TR
    3. Hail Mary By Sister Mary. Impr. 1953. This tells this story Blessed Mother being asked to be the Mother of Jesus by the angel Gabriel and how the story ties into the Hail Mary that we say during the Rosary. 32 pages. Filled with lovely pictures. Age range from 2-10. N-HAIL
    4. Let’s Pray - First Prayers For Little Catholics By Sister M. Juliana, O.P., of the Maryknoll Sisters. Impr. 1951. Explains the sign of the cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and prayers before and after meals. 32 pages. Filled with illustrations on every page. Age range from 2-10. N-LETS
    5. The Seven Sacraments Explained for Young Catholics By Rev. Demetrius Manousos, O.F.M., CAP. Impr. 1954. Explains the seven sacraments. Beautifully illustrated, 46 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-SS
    6. My Guardian Angel By Mary W. Stromwall. Impr. 1953. Each page has pictures of Guardian Angels helping us throughout the day. Tells stories of different ways angels have helped us out and has a prayer to your Guardian angel. 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-MGA
    7. My Book About God A First Book For Little Catholics. By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1953. Tells us about the Love of God and all the things He has done for us. Pictures on every page, 32 pages.  Age range from 2-10. N-MBAG
    8. My Little Missal in Pictures By Rev. Francis Turmezei. Impr. 1950. The Mass is simplified for children to better understand and shown with pictures on each page. 32 pages. Age range from 2-8. N-MLM
    9. A First Book of Saints By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1953. 10 short, captivating stories about well-known saints: St. Gabriel, St. Joseph, St. Agnes, St. Patrick, St. Benedict, St. Francis, St. Dominic, St. Margaret Mary, St. Therese, & St. Michael. A great introduction for little children! Beautiful illustrations on every page! Total of 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. N-FBS
    10. First Holy Communion By Rev. Demetrius Manousos, O.F.M., CAP. Impr. 1955. Teaches young children all about First Holy Communion, what to do before, during, after, what happens to the bread and the wine, and so much more. 32 beautifully illustrated pages. Ages 2-10.  N-FHC
    11. My Confession By Francis McGrade. Impr. 1953. Tells children how we should always do what our parents want us to do and if we don’t we should apologize and try to make up for what we’ve done. Tells how confession is the Sacrament of Penance and it is good for our souls, what we should do at confession and what we should remember. 32 pages. Filled with lovely pictures. Age range from 2-10. N-MYC
    12. I Believe A First Book on the Apostles' Creed for Little Catholics, by Sister M. Juliana of Maryknoll. Imprimatur, 1955. The young Catholic learns an important prayer, The Apostles' Creed, with the aid of pictures in color and simple words to inspire. 32 pages, SB. N-BELIEVE
    13. Saint Peter A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales. Imprimatur, 1956. The young Catholic learns the story of Saint Peter. It tells what happened when Peter tried to walk on water. It explains how he denied our Lord three times and was very sorry for doing that. Peter was the first Pope of the Church. 20 pages, SB. N- PETER
    14. Saint Paul A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales. Imprimatur, 1957. The young Catholic learns about a very brave Saint who wrote letters, or epistles that we read in the holy Bible.  20  pages, SB. N-PAUL
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  • By David Greenstock
    This book is an attempt to help and guide parents in caring for their children’s soul during the early years of their lives. It contains very useful instructions aimed at teaching children while they are still very much in the infant stage, before school age.  What you teach them during that time will certainly remain with them for their whole life. 
    Contains interesting stories and stick people drawings that can easily be recreated on a blackboard by teachers or homeschoolers.
    160 page book, Impr.
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  • Teaching our children to think of Jesus and Sin before they think of their own desires is a difficult task, as we all well know. This little booklet does well to explain the importance of confession and the never ending love of Christ. It is written in a manner that is easy to understand for children.
    Impr 1932, 32 page booklet.
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  • By A Religious of the Holy Child Jesus.

    A prayer book for Catholic children compiled from approved sources.

    Lots of beautiful color pictures. Written with large, easy to read type. Suited for little children with small, easy to understand words!

    Impr 1928, 32 page booklet.

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  • By Fr. Gerald T. Brennan.

    This book is the third of the Angel Food Series books, which is dedicated to Little America, with the hope that these talks may inspire them to keep going His way. Guiding little children along Christ’s way is one of the greatest works. It requires zeal, patience, and understanding. But the zealous will find that teaching little children brings great satisfaction and delight. There are 30 fun chapters to keep your children interested and help them grow in appreciation for good moral stories.

    Impr. James E. Kearney Oct. 23, 1944. 123 pages.

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  • By Rev. David E. Rosage.
    Impr 1952.

    Just as the title suggests this book contains letters to an Altar Boy named Jimmy, but it’s meant to address all God’s Minutemen with the hope that in them you can find some encouragement to be loyal and faithful in your service of our Lord. It is hoped that in these letters the altar boy you will find inspiration to continue as a loyal Knight in the service of our Master. It talks of the ups and downs, how being “on call” and getting up to serve an early Mass can be difficult.

    93 page book.

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  • Imprimatur 1913. 80 page book.
    By Grace Keon
    “Every little child must love the cross on 
    which our dear Lord died for us.”
    This book has been prepared to teach the chief events in the life our blessed Lord on Earth. As all of our educators agree, the training of a child in the knowledge of God can not begin too early. A brief general account is given of the life of Our Lord, to serve as a connecting link between rhymes.
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  • By John S. Kennedy

    Through his own research and readings, John S. Kennedy creates a fantastically visual and accurate profile that slowly transports the reader to the very day of the apparition. Our Lady reveled herself to two iron-willed, overworked, discarded, and uneducated shepherd children. In her choosing of them, she chose all of us, for these children, were, in essence, a mirror for what we all were and unfortunately continue to be.

    Impr 1953, 205 page book.

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  • Talks on the Creed and the Commandments by Reverend Raymond Gribbin. Throughout His life on earth Our Lord always had a special fondness for children, welcoming them joyously and advising His disciples, and us, to become like unto them. In this book, Father Gribbin succeeds in expressing the basic beliefs and practices of our holy Faith for Christ’s “little ones.” Impr 1954, 116 page book.

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  • By Nita Wagenhauser.

    Cum permissu superiorum. Originally printed in 1942.

    Fifteen stories told in simple language so that children can read and understand. From Jesus’ first miracle to the Boy and His Basket, the story of the fish and the bread, to the Resurrection. Average of 6 pages per story, black and white illustration for most of the stories. Entertaining even for adults!

    104 page book.

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  • What the Very Young Need to Know for their First Holy Communion

    by The Most Reverend Louis LaRavoire Morrow, D.D.

        This book was prepared for children just beginning school:  five or six of age. It contains all that a child of that age needs to know before receiving his first Holy Communion. It tried to avoid all technical definition and abstract terms. It attempts to teach the child the loveliness and the truth of the Catholic Faith by telling only a few of the simplest facts, and presenting them in story and pictorial form. It is not so important that he memorize theological terms; it is very important that he learn to love God.
        Most lessons are divided into three parts: (1) a narrative, (2) informal questions based on the narrative, and (3) a few numbered questions with answers, of which those marked with an asterisk should be learned by heart.
        It is hoped that this little book will attract the interest of children and help them go to their catechism lesson with the eagerness of one about to listen to the most wonderful story in the world.

    Imprimatur 1941, 112 page book.

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