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  • To The Holy Family Model for Catholic Parents and Children this books is respectfully dedicated “What greater task is there than training the mind and forming habits of the youth?” - St. John Chrysostom This book has been written to help you in that task; but you must remember that no book can succeed unless it has behind it your effort and your whole-hearted cooperation, together with prayer and good example. No matter how good the education in any particular Catholic school may be, it can never take the place of the training which the children receive in their homes.

    Impr, 1951. 274 page book.

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  • By David Greenstock
    This book is an attempt to help and guide parents in caring for their children’s soul during the early years of their lives. It contains very useful instructions aimed at teaching children while they are still very much in the infant stage, before school age.  What you teach them during that time will certainly remain with them for their whole life. 
    Contains interesting stories and stick people drawings that can easily be recreated on a blackboard by teachers or homeschoolers.
    160 page book, Impr.
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  • Retreats, Meditations, and Conferences.

    Imprimatur: James A. McNulty, Bishop of Paterson, 1956.

    This book is respectfully dedicated to all those who are engaged in the apostolate of juvenile character building; and also to adolescents themselves during their academic years and after, when the battle for eternal life will be lost or won. The writer has had exceptional opportunities to study youth and shows his love for helping them in this book.

    Recommended for ages 12 and up.

    201 page book.

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  • by Fr. Edwin C. Haungs, S.J.

    Father Haung is convinced that if every husband and wife were to make this examination of conscience once a week, unhappiness in marriage would be cut down to practically a vanishing point.

    32 page booklet, Impr 1945

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  • A complete Exposition of the Catholic Doctrine, Together with a Full Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Including The Triumpths of the Church in Every Age; The Spread of the Gospel Throughout the World; The Church in America; The Duty and Value of Patriotism and The Encyclical Letters on the Study of the Holy Scriptures to The Defenders of Our Faith and the Rulers of the World by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII.

    Lavishly Illustrated with Exquisitely Engraved Illustrations. Volume Two.
    (Note: The above is the book title and the numerous subtitles!).

    Impr. 1894, 368 pages.

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  • by Rev. J. Roger Lyons, S.J.

    From the Introduction: “The home, because it is a “world within a world,” cannot be relegated to a secondary place in the  planning of the world of tomorrow. World problems affect the home; the home cannot escape them. Home and family hold a  unique place in the many complicated problems confronting America today. The home has much to offer to youth, who must  meet these problems. Youth in turn has much to contribute to the home.”

    32 page booklet, Impr 1947.

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  • Lectures for Boys 3 Volume Set
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    By the Very Rev. Francis Cuthbert Doyle, O.S.B.

    3 volumes.

    Anyone who has had to deal with boys will know how little hold on their attention the spiritual works seem to have on them. Father Doyle worked with boys his entire life to overcome this problem. He was convinced that "my labor would be thrown away, unless the grand principles of the Moral Law were brought straight home to their hearts." He did this effectively by "making the abstract - concrete, the theoretical - practical." The method he uses was to address to the boys every morning a short, homely exhortation or lecture proportioned to their intelligence, and adapted to the circumstances of their lives. "Their attention was arrested; their curiosity was aroused; and it was gratifying to observe the earnestness with which they strove during the day to practice the lesson which they had been taught in the morning... If they serve to direct heavenwards the thoughts and the aims of the young - if they encourage them to walk in the narrow way and help them, be it ever so little, to make their hearts the temple of the living God - I shall consider any labor that I may have expended upon their composition most amply repaid."

    3 Volume Set
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  • The Catholic Ideal

    by Rev. Thomas J. Gerrard.

    Impr. 1911.

    Here’s a book that every family should have, since it imparts valuable information both to those about to be married as well as those having been married a lifetime. Chapters include: the Sanctity of Marriage, Choice of Mate, Mixed Marriages, Conjugal Restraint, Before and After Childbirth, The Blessings of Many Children, Between Parents and Children, Sexual Instruction for the Young plus 5 other chapters. Will make a great gift from parents or grandparents!

    179 page book.

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  • A manual of instructions and prayers adapted to preserve the fruits of the mission.

    By the Very Rev. Ferreol Girardey, C.Ss.R.

    This book ought not to be used as a mere prayer-book, but it should also be used frequently as a book of consideration, of serious reflection. It would be well if a chapter of it were read every evening or, at the very least, on Sundays and holydays. This book contains many necessary prayers as well as many unique prayers. Part I deals with special instructions for the married, then for all Christians.

    480 page book. Impr 1897.

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  • Imprimatur, 1938

        These notes are an amplification of a course given during the summer of 1937 at the Sodality’s Summer School of Catholic Action.
        We make no claim that these notes cover the field of youth guidance. We do not pretend that they are even mildly technical. They are simply observations and experiences of a priest who, by a series of happy providential circumstances, has spent most of his active life working with young people. Those notes are presented as some slight aid to those whose equally happy lot it is to work among the young Catholics in the present generation who are growing to manhood and to womanhood.
        Young people - men and women, boys and girls - are far more anxious to be guided and counseled than is the most zealous priest or religious to guide and counsel them. They wait. They look up hopefully. Will they be answered?

    174 page softbound book.

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  • An Exhaustive Exposition of the Christian Religion with Special Reference to the Present State of Society and the Spirit of the Age. A Practical Manual for the Use of the Preacher, the Catechist, the Teacher, and the Family.

    This large Catechism is divided into three parts: The first part treats of faith, the second of morals, the third of the means of grace. In the first part Our Lord appears in His character of Teacher; in the second in His character of King; and in the third in His character of High Priest. This Catechism is in fact nothing more nor less than an abstract of Our Lord’s teaching, and may be called a guide book for the Christian on the road to heaven. This Catechism aims at cultivating, to an equal extent, all the three powers of the soul: the understanding, the affections and the will. It is an amazing book and should be in every home.

    Original of Rev. Francis Spirago, Edited by Rev. Richard F. Clarke, S.J
    Impr, 1899, 752 page book.


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  • What he should be, and what he should do.
    Together with a collection of Prayer Suitable to his Collection.

    Translated from the German of Right Rev. W. Cramer, D.D. by Rev. L.A. Lambert.
    This book will naturally instil Christian habits, impart a moral tone, and infuse a religious spirit into his family; and as the family is the foundation of society, we must make the father truly Christian would we reform society. It is no mere ideal father we have here, aspiring after unattainable or fanciful saintliness. It is a father such as God intended all fathers to be, such a should and might be found at the head of every Christian family.

    Impr, 275 page book.
    Originally printed by Benziger Bros in 1883.

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  • By Right Rev. W. Cramer, D.D.

    Translated by Rev. J.P.M. Schleuter, S.J.

    with an Introduction by
    His Eminence Caridnal Gibbons
    Archbishop of Baltimore.

    The Christian Mother has been charged with a two-fold mission with respect to her children; namely, the securing to the nourishment of both soul and body. For if she has been fitted by Nature to give to her children the milk which sustains the life of their bodies, so likewise has she been peculiarly designed by the God of Nature to dispense to them for the nourishment of their souls the rational milk of which the apostle speaks, and which will make them grow unto salvation.

    Impr 1880, 288 pages.

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  • A small prayer book, perfect for a child, with words easily understood. Contains simplified Mass prayers, Litanies, Prayers before/after Communion and Confession and many more, even Vespers for Sundays.

    9 full-page line drawings.
    Impr, 1924. 92 page book.

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  • How to Live an Ideal Christian Life as a True Follower of Christ. Comprising Instructions and Devotions in the Holy Catholic Faith with Glorious Lessons from the Light of the Cross. Prefaced with an address by Archbishop Feehan on the Catholic Education of Youth. The Whole written in simple language and beautifully illustrated for the instruction of The Catholic Child at Mother’s Knee, The Catholic Youth in the Steps of Jesus, and the Catholic Parent in Defense of the Faith. The present work has been specially designed as a cyclopaedia of household instruction in the doctrines and practice of religion for Catholic families. As such, it is presenting in a simple, charming, and beautiful form, suited to persons of every station - young and old.

    From the pens of Monseigneur de Segur, Thomas A Kempis, Rev. Joseph Deharbe, S.J., and “A Monk of the Order of Saint Benedict”.
    594 page book, Impr 1900.



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