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  • By Rev. W. Devivier, S.J.
    Edited by Rt. Rev. S.G. Messmer, D.D., D.C.L., Bishop of Green Bay, Wis.

    Devivier’s Manual sets forth both the truth and the goodness of the Catholic religious. Although very compendious in size and treatment, it is sufficiently complete for popular use. Under a modest title and in a simple and unpretentious form, this book has united in a single volume all the arguments which Catholic controversy opposes to contemporary irreligion. Exegesis, philosophy, theology, history, physical sciences, political economy, all branches of knowledge, human and divine, concur in your work to demonstrate incontestably the perfect agreement of reason and faith. May Devivier’s Christian Apologetics help to set more fully aglow the Catholic Faith in many minds, and to fan in the hearts of the faithful the fire of holy love for Mother Church!

    Impr, 1908, 583 page book.

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  • A textbook for colleges and universities, with the complete text of the four gospels having passages relating to the Divinity of Christ and the Church in Outstanding types and with a map of Palestine. Impr 1927.

    The purpose of this textbook is to furnish the advanced student with a scientific proof of the truth of Christianity. It is not for popular reading, but for the study of advanced students; and, again, the book is a textbook, supposing the presence in classes of professors who will explain clearness in the presentation of the matter and a scientific completeness that will satisfy the student.

    The study of Christianity can accomplish no higher purpose than this; namely, to make the student know Christ personally.

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  • Imprimatur, 1954. 256 page book.
    Father Grace, in the 1950s, offered a series of lectures for those inquiring about the Catholic Church and also for “cradle” Catholics who wanted a refresher course on the doctrines of the Church. The reader will appreciate that here is a book, composed of his lectures, that has converted tens of thousands to the faith in dozens of different countries and that the material is organized and easy and enjoyable to read; or, in other words, we can say it is both an effective and proper instruction of inquirers. In addition to the Catechumen or inquiring Catholic this book will be most helpful for the busy clergy or nun; it also is an excellent source for teachers of religion or theology in high school or college classes. May this book serve as a broad gateway, for numerous souls, to the truths that save in time and eternity.
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  • by Rev. Father M. P. Hill, S.J.

    Imprimatur 1914.

    A Popular Vindication of Christian Beliefs and Practices Against the Attacks of Modern Criticism

    This book is a translation from the German version.

    This book will first give and explain the Protestant or "Modernism" belief and then proceed to thoroughly explain the Catholic position. Very well indexed. The table of Contents alone is 16 pages and the Index at back of book 7 pages. Even though the book was written almost one hundred years ago the subjects are as important today as then. A small fraction of subjects include: Labor Unions and Boycotts, The Bible and Tradition (plus 7 other Chapters on the Bible), The Church of Christ and How to Find It, Apes and Men, Chance, Celibacy, Communion Under One Kind, The Church and Salvation, Cremation, Divorce, Education, Free Love, Latin in the Liturgy, Science and Faith and much more. 514 pages total

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  • by Rev. Martin J. Scott, S.J., Litt.D.

    Of the new spirit of inquiry that is sweeping the nation today, Catholicity is receiving a full measure. On the street, at the club, Catholics are met with challenging interest. With his customary vigor Father Scott meets this new opportunity to make the Church understood. In addition, busy pastors will find this volume a serviceable book to hand to those who seek instruction in our holy religion. Catholics generally will find it a storehouse of information for themselves, and also for the enlightenment of others. There are 37 topics discussed, to include: The Divinity of Christ, Does it Matter What we Believe?, Purgatory, Marriage, Marriage and Annulment, The Church and Divorce, Birth Control, Evolution and many others. Catholics who are able to give a convincing reason for their faith are light unto those who are groping after the truth.

    268 page book. Impr 1927.

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