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  • Devotion to St. Michael, most suitable for our times. Lucifer has placed his stamp upon the present age. Open and secret revolt against God and His Church, the spirit of criticism, unbelief and immorality are rampant. As a remedy against these frightful evils, we are urged to invoke the aid of that glorious prince of heaven who rendered all glory to God by conquering Lucifer and casting him into the abyss.

    64 page booklet, Impr. 1946.

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  • 32 pages, 8.5” x 11”. Most pages have a beautiful line drawing and story on opposite page.

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  • Explaining the teachings of the Catholic Church, including the Sacraments, the Precepts, Prayer, Virtues, and much
    more, this manual is written in question and answer format and is an attempt to meet the preliminary needs of the non-Catholic inquiring into the teachings of the Catholic Church. It is hoped that this little book will help explain the teachings of the Church in such a way that the reader may be induced to inquire for further knowledge.
    Impr 1927, 90 page book.
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  • For the Parochial and Sunday Schools in the United States. By Rev. James Groenings

    This Catechism was written principally for Parochial and Sunday schools. Its subject matter is partly for the intermediate classes, partly for the higher classes and the Sunday school. Originally published by Benziger Brothers in 1900, this Catechism is unique as it is both advanced and intermediate. Younger students can omit the smaller type that is intended for advanced students.

    160 page book, Impr 1900

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  • By Ruth Hannon.
    Illustrated by Ted Chaiko.

    Imprimatur 1956, 58 page book.

    A Catholic Child’s Picture Dictionary has been planned as a first dictionary for the young Catholic to use at home or in school. This beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read book will be an invaluable tool to aid the child in his search for the exact meanings of religious terms and in their understanding of the Catholic faith. Among the many attractive features of this book are:

    • Definitions of more than 400 words of Catholic interest.
    • Simple words, short sentences, and large type that make the book easy to read.
    • More than 350 beautiful, full-color pictures that aid the child’s understanding of the definitions.
    • Emphasis throughout on Catholic practices in daily life.
    • A carefully selected list of words chosen from Catholic sources: prayers, Bible stories, the catechism, and Catholic school books.
    • Facts concerning the life of our Lord.
    • Interesting text that defines words, encourages the child to read, guides them to correct spellings, and aids them in creative writing.
    • Explanations of important truths of the Catholic religion.
    • Simplicity of arrangement that introduces the young reader to the mysteries
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  • by Fr. Joseph A Fischer.

    Originally printed in the late 1940’s, this book is full of information and inspiration for Cub Scouts from the Catholic perspective. Includes information on St. John Bosco, Patron of Cub Scouts as well mention of many Special Patrons; the Cub Scouts Week, Month and Year; Prayers before and after Holy Communion; Investiture Ceremony and much more.

    96 page book, Impr. 1948.

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  • All over this unhappy world the cry is rising: “Lord, give us leaders!” Men of character, principle, and Christ are in desperate demand. The world of today is pitifully short on such leadership, while the false prophets are all too plentiful and running wild. If we are to ensure such leadership it becomes our solemn duty to intensify the spiritual in Scouting. Every Catholic youngster should have and use this manual religiously as a handbook to the nobler life both here and
    110 page book. Imprimatur 1943
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  • By Robert Hugh Benson.

    Big children and small will be inspired by the rhymes and the profuse use of line drawings, to make it both simple and smart, throughout the book. The child is invited to “learn by heart” the whole Rule, not only a part. The beautiful line drawings follow a brother and sister throughout their day, when they awake, go to Church, eat their meals, learn their lessons, and have family time. The simple yet charming rhymes will teach a child how to act in Church, what to do when tempted, what to do when troubled, and much more. A real treasure for young and old!

    28 page book.

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  • The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ as Described by a Surgeon by Pierre Barbet, M.D. Very inspirational! Examines the physical tortures that Our Lord endured on the cross for our sins, all from modern medical analysis. A heart-rending account that goes into deep detail of exactly what occurred during the crucifixion, what the Romans commonly did to prisoners. Clearly separates facts from theory. This book will make you have a deeper appreciation for The Passion. You will never be the same. 192 page book, Impr 1953

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  • By Fr. Gales. Impr. 1952. Mary speaks to children about the story of Jesus from the very beginning to the time of his resurrection into heaven. Each page is beautifully illustrated with a total of 32 pages. Age range from 2-10. 

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  • A very touching , special Holy Hour to honor Mothers.

    "For A Mother Watching Beside the Bed of Her Child."
    Impr 1953.

    Taken from Holy Hours
    by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.

    Quotes from the book:
    “In the name of my child and of my family: I believe, I believe in Your love... I adore, I adore Your Heart, O Jesus!”

    “Remember Jesus, Your heavenly rest in Mary’s arms, while her maternal heart grieved in secret. By that grief, to repay her solicitude and tenderness, save my child likewise entrusted to the arms of Mary. 41 page booklet. ”

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  • by Albert A. Murray, C.S.P.

    Imprimatur, 1949.

    Compiled and arranged for private and congregational use. The most beautiful way of showing Almighty God how grateful you are for the gift of the Catholic Faith is by helping to share it with others. It has been said that the most divine of divine works is to cooperate with God in the salvation of a soul. This opportunity is open to all, including the laity. This booklet was compiled to stimulate interest in conversions and as a practical prayer aid. Converts come into the Church through prayer, hence this booklet can be of immense help.

    32 page booklet.

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  • By Fr Daniel A Lord.

    Nine chapters on the virtues of the Saints, with a special prayer for each day. From the introductory prayer: “Lord Jesus, who hast given us the saints as our models and patrons, we offer this novena to Thee in honor of Thy chosen Little Flower, St. Therese.

    47 page booklet, Impr 1927.

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  • By Father Lovasik.

    First printed with Imprimatur in 1954, 40 page booklet.

    This booklet is written to further devotion to one of the greatest of modern saints, Saint Pius X. Even in his lifetime he was called Il Santo - the Saint, and Pope Pius XII justly calls him “The Providential Saint of Our Times.” There is a very close relationship of spirit between these two glorious Pontiffs of the Church. Hence the reflections used in the Novena are taken from the writings of both. These writings beautifully portray the great heart of Saint Pius X.

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  • By Rev. Pere Liagre, C.S.Sp.

    From the preface:
    The object of this book is the exposition of the spiritual teaching of St. Therese, known as the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood. It contains the very essence of St. Theres’s teaching expressed in the simplest manner possible, and is therefore excellent material either for our own meditation or for teaching the Little Way to others. This book will be found to be a useful summary of the main lines of St. Therese’s teaching. It expounds them simply and shows how they must be at the basis of every truly spiritual life.

    125 page book, Impr 1947.

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