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Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament Through the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary
Rev. A. Tesniere, S.S.S., D.D. Impr 1904.  262 page book. Full of stories of Our Lady and the story of her joys and sorrows and glories, they are yet more redolent of her Divine Son in His Eucharistic life. Its depth of spirituality, its wealth of love, clothed in so great simplicity of style, are seldom found even in the choicest books.  While increasing devotion to Our Lady, the reflections of the following pages can not fail to draw the prayerful soul to a deeper, fuller appreciation of the reality of our Emmanuel, our “God with us.”
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Sacred Heart Book
Father Lasance. Imprimatur, 1903.    We purpose, by means of this book, to inculcate the proper spirit of the devotion to the Sacred Heart, to assist souls in cultivating the interior life in the midst of the distracting pursuits of the world, and to foster a fervent yet reasonable devotion - a love that is both affective and effective - not a mere sentimentality, but a robust and practical piety.   It is this that lives become self-forgetting, devoted, according to the Heart of Jesus, and, through, union with Him, are hidden in God. 638 page, softbound book.
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True Men as We Need Them
A Book of Instruction for Men in the World.
With the Cordial Commendation of Archbishop McCloskey, 1878. Rev. Bernard O' Rielly, L.D.
460 page book.
From the Author’s Preface
    “The hearty welcome given by the public to the Mirror of True Womanhood, encourages the author to send forth this volume as a companion to it. The same plan, so far as the subject-matter would permit, has been followed in both.
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Patron Saints for Catholic Youth
Imprimatur 1906. 198 pages. This book is written in language that a child can understand and yet will be appreciated by adults as well. Includes the stories of St. Bernard, St. Martin of Tours, St. Blasé, St. Michael, St. Cecilia, St. Helena, St. Monica and St. Bridget, told with suspense and excitement. Also includes a black/ white color picture for each saint.
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Great Closeouts
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Our Lady of Fatima Tapestry
gold thread detail, 15"x21"
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Sacred Heart of Jesus Tapestry

gold thread detail, 15"x21"
Was: $27 Now: $17
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Our Lady of Grace Plaque
7"x9", laminated, pressed wood plaque
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Communion CrossCommunion Cross
3.75" tall, made of wood
Was: $6.25 Now: $4.25
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Guardian Angel Decorative Plate with Stand
Plate will stand or hang. 7" tall bisque porcelain. A NICE GIFT FOR CHILD'S ROOM! Great as a First Holy Communion Gift!
Quantity discount available!
Was: $8.95 Now: $4.00 $15
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Crown of Pearls First Holy
Communion Veil
A delicate pattern lace is carefully attached to an extra fine quality nylon tulle VEIL and a beautiful crown of pearls!
Was: $24.95 Now: $9.95


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