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St. Thomas Aquinas
Feast Day is March 7th - Save 10% on these books!
Summa Abridged
“We have aimed to give the gist of the Summa to clergy and laymen, that this immortal work of St. Thomas may come to a wider and wider public, especially needful today, when truth is so much obscured. For I am persuaded, just as at the Council of Trent no other book was so frequently consulted for the renewal of Christian life as was the Summa Theologica of Aquinas, so today we can offer no better book as a code of life to all who seek the truth than this same Summa, which indeed is a summation of all life."  790 pages Impr 1950.
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Angel of Aquino
Meditations and Prayers in Honor of Saint Thomas Aquinas. First published in 1887. Impr 1924. During the canonization of St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope John XXII remarked: “Thomas performed as many miracles as he wrote articles.” “Behold I send my Angel that he may walk before thee.” (II Moses, 23, 30) May the Angelic Doctor deign by means of this little book, to lead many souls into the companionship of the angelic spirits. 325 Pages.
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New Book Sets

Child Rearing Set
7 Book Pack on Child Rearing and the Catholic Home.
Pack contains: Catholic Child Guidance, Leadership in the HomeTraining Your Child, Unreasonable Mothers, The Christian Home, Parenthood, Christopher’s Talks to Catholic Parents.
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Book Set for Children
7 Book Pack contains:
  Angel City, Catechitical Stories for Children, The Book of the Holy Child, The Catholic Picture Dictionary, Their Hearts are His Garden, My Mass Book, Confession Prayers for Children.
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New Books
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Rose of America
Imprimatur, 1943, 143 page book. This portrait of Saint Rose of Lima is not intended as a formal biography for adult readers. Rather it is the story of a child told for children. At the age of four St. Rose began her life of mortification, and by the age of twelve she had reached the stage of perfect union with God; therefore she may truly be called a child saint. The facts and legends of her life have been interwoven, but there is no incident in this story bearing directly upon her life which has been invented.
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A Novena to Pope Pius X
By Father Lovasik. First printed with Imprimatur in 1954, 40 page booklet. This booklet is written to further devotion to one of the greatest of modern saints, Saint Pius X. Even in his lifetime he was called Il Santo - the Saint, and Pope Pius XII justly calls him “The Providential Saint of Our Times.” There is a very close relationship of spirit between these two glorious Pontiffs of the Church. Hence the reflections used in the Novena are taken from the writings of both. These writings beautifully portray the great heart of Saint Pius X.
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The Secret of Happiness
The Fifteen Prayers Revealed by Our Lord to St. Bridget in the Church of St. Paul at Rome.
Imprimatur, 1940, 15 page booklet. Jesus attached the most Magnificent Promises to the performance of these devotions in favor of those who carry on this Holy practice with faith and devotion. At the time of St. Bridget in the XIV century, printing had not been invented but recourse was had to copyists. Pope Urban VI encouraged the multiplication of the number of  copies of the revelations of St. Bridget, which Kings, Bishops, Universities, Convents, and Libraries were clamoring for.
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Thoughts on the Patient Endurance of Sorrows and Sufferings
Compiled and Edited by Rev. F.X. Lasance
Originally printed by Benziger Brothers in 1937. “The patient man is better than the valiant: and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh cities.”
 Very useful for meditation and to help us understand the meaning of patience! Contains beautiful poems and prayers as well as stories, councils, and maxims. Impr, 1937. 148 page, softbound book.
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