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Way of the Holy Cross

The Way of the Holy Cross
according to St. Alphonsus Liguori.

 An 1887 reprint.

Beautiful, traditional, full color pictures of the Stations of the Cross!

We think this is the most complete Way of the Holy Cross available today.
Benediction prayers and Stabat Mater in both Latin and English, music notes for Stabat Mater, melody for Stabat Mater in Latin and English, and writings and history on Indulgences.
Printed on over-size stock. 4.5" x 7", 46 pages
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Thoughts and Counsels for the Consideration of Catholic Young Men
By Rev. P.A. Von Doss, S.J. A great many pernicious thoughts and counsels are imparted to young men now-a-days, in books, newspapers, familiar conversation, and in the more studied effusions of the lecture-room. Evil counsels are given them for the very purpose of effecting their ruin. Each chapter is complete in itself; all, however, have a common purpose and significance. The book is by no means to be skimmed. It is to be read little at a time. 630 pg book. Original copyright 1886! This is the best book we have seen on this subject!
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Paradise Hunters
We once had paradise here on earth: we lost it and we want it back. Not even the promise of heaven dulls our hunger for happiness here on earth. We crave wealth, comforts, renown and power: we think these will make us happy. We are paradise hunters by our inborn demand for happiness here and now. We even risk losing happiness to get happiness here and now. This great drama of our lost paradise and our restless striving to get it back is the theme of this book. The curtain will not fall on this drama until one by one we shall have gone forth into everlasting success, or everlasting failure, in our search for happiness. It is the part of wisdom to study the problems that arise from our being paradise hunters. Impr 1946, 291 pages.
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Behold Thy Mother!
Nine Discourses Illustrative of the ‘Hail Mary’. By Rev. Alexis M. Lepicier, O.S.M. Impr 1955.
There is no prayer, except the Our Father that is more frequently used by the faithful than the ‘Hail Mary’. Properly analyzed this sublime prayer, commonly called the ‘Angelic Salutation,’ will be found to contain nine distinct portions, which a devout child of Mary may liken to nine precious gems adorning the diadem of our celestial Queen and corresponding to the wonderful privileges with which it has pleased the Holy Ghost to endow His Immaculate Spouse. 167 page book.
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Religion in the Home
Monthly Aids of the Parents of Pre-School Children. By Katherine Delmonico Byles. This little booklet of lessons is designed primarily for the parent in the home, where all religious instruction should begin. The character of the future man or woman is largely formed by the training received in childhood and youth. There are over 200 topics covered in this booklet as well as virtues for parents to practice themselves. Imprimatur 1938, 62 page booklet.
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