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The Beauty and Truth
of the Catholic Church

5 Volume Set, 1858 pages total.
By Edward Jones. Imprimatur, 1911.
“These sermons of Heinrich von Hurter are highly prized, wherever they have been hitherto known. They are accepted by competent critics as masterpieces of sacred oratory - correct in doctrine, apt in practical application, lucid in form and style.  These sermons were preached in Vienna in the early 1870s, produced a profound and lasting impression in Austria, and cover practically the whole field of dogmatic and sacramental theology.” from Introduction and Forward. (The Table of Contents of each volume can be seen on our website to give some idea of the vastness of the topics covered).

These sermons, from the 1800s, have been highly prized, wherever they have been known.
Was: $110
Introductory Price $98

Slightly Defective
Our Country in Story
By the Franciscan Sisters of the Perpetual Adoration. Originally publishing in 1917. This little book will stimulate thought among youth and furnish an incentive for additional reading. It embodies, in a series of stories, many of the more notable events in the history of our country. A distinctive feature of the book is that while it deals with projects, and emphasizes the elements of cause and effect, it still contains all the ethical value of a biographical work.  Lots of beautiful illustrations. 336 page book.
Slightly Defective! Some are missing pages 61 & 62, some are missing pages 136 & 137.
Was: $17.95 Now: $10.77
War & Guilt
by Rev. Fulton J. Sheen. Nineteen addresses delivered in the nationwide Catholic Hour. This series of talks is a call to America to return to God; not by lip-worship, but by prayer, penance, reparation, by re-kindling in our consciences the Justice of God, and by emblazoning before our eyes the Christ of Judgement in order that all of us, Jews, Protestants, and Catholics may, by a re-birth of the moral law, save America and salvage the world. Impr, 180 page book. Book is Slightly Defective. Some pages have a printer defect, a smear of toner.
Was: $12.30 Now: $8.61
Christ and Women
“Writers have sometimes stated that women had little place in the life of Christ.” What is the answer to the question mark that this statement by Father Lord puts in your mind? Will you remain satisfied with such a pronouncement? Or will you, with Father Lord, go back to the life of Christ and see what women really meant to our Lord... and what He should mean to you today? Impr 1928, 32 page booklet. Slightly Defective
Duplicate page 29, no missing pages.
Was: $4.95 Now: $3.48
St. Anthony's Treasury
“Make him loved!” The inspired command of the illustrious Pontiff was heard not only by his Paduan visitor, but by lovers of St. Anthony everywhere. Desirous of assisting in such a glorious undertaking, the compilers of Saint Anthony’s Treasury have selected a number of beautiful devotions and prayers, gathered from every available source, for this little book. We believe it is indeed a “Treasury,” containing as it does a series of each form of prayer, so that you may find within its covers the particular devotion which will bring you closer to our beloved Saint and Wonder-worker. We are grateful to be able to offer this book. We have never seen anything to compare. Impr 1928. 367 page book, 3”x 4.5” SLIGHTLY DEFECTIVE! Text cut off of top of pages 212, 213, 214, & 215. Some may show shelf wear from being stored.
Was: $15.90 Now: $7.95
NEW Closeouts

Pewter St. Michael Badge
1.25"  tall with 24" chain.
Was: $10.95 Now: $8.95

St. Francis of Assisi Pet Tag
"St. Francis of Assisi Protect My Pet."
1.5" tall including clip.
Was: $7.90 Now: $5.90


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